SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 5/10/05

Members in Attendance – Bud Bohrer, Lou Anne Christensen, Keith Brown, Mike Leuty, Jerry Lamb, Scott Miller, Shelbi Zigler, Tom LeCoque, Dick Willy, Val Korry, Mark McCooey, Steve Roberts, Kevin Dietz.

Visitors: Mark McCloskey, the new Time Trial Chairman

Minutes Review – Approved with the following changes. Evolution School will be the week before National Tour, not as stated in minutes.

Board Report  The Rally group has decided to get sanctioning for future events with Rally America.   They may not be able to staff the Rally Café for our National Tour this year, so this is something that we should stay on top of.  The Race group held an event April 23 & 24.  There were not many people present, so basically it has come down to the fact that if something radical doesn’t change in the next six months there may not be a Race program next year.  There is an Auto Accessories Expo the weekend of May 20th.  The region still needs volunteers to help cover the booth.  If you are interested please contact Jerry Lamb.  John Forespring has been loaning money to the rally program for many years.  He has decided that he will forgive all debt owed if the current equipment will be donated to the Pacific Rally Group.

Treasurer’s Report – Lou Ann was not in attendance.  She is currently waiting for the CDs to clear until she pays for the bus repairs. 


WWSCC Report – Slight change on the schedule.  BEAC Autopilot has moved to June 5th. The Understeer/Oversteer events will be held July 9th and 10th.  The first UW event was discussed and a decision was made to approve it as a Championship event.   One note was made about how important it is that we remind these clubs how important a true stop box is, and also how important it is to notice and change things that are incorrect before the event starts.


Equipment Report – The bus is FABULOUS! The drive home from Yakima was good, although there are some seat issues that need to be addressed.  Kevin is going to try and reinstall the original seats.   A discussion was held as to whether we purchase some new cones for National Tour.  The guys will take an inventory of the current cones we’ve got at Packwood this weekend.  Jodi bought the new long-range radios to be used in Bremerton.  The new laser heads have arrived and are in Steve Robert’s possession. 



Specialty Chiefs - We still need a Co-Chief of Registration to cover the non-stock half of the day.  We also need a Co-Chief of Novice to cover the non-stock half of the day and a Chief of Course.  Scott Brenamen will be the Novice Chair for this weekend in Packwood. 


Time Trials -  Mark McCloskey showed up to introduce himself to our group. He appreciates receiving the open dates that Solo has given up by moving events to Packwood.  He would like to remind people that he is independent from the current Race program.  There are four levels that fall under the Time Trials experience – Lapping Days, Club Trials, Track Trials (old Solo I), and then the last is Hill Climbs.  Due to insurance restrictions and missing hills, the fourth level will probably never happen here in the Northwest.  Right now the attendance levels for the third tier are definitely down from last year.  In August there is an event the Saturday prior to our event on the 14th.  This is also the day of the Port Orchard Cruise.  Last year the event drew over 30,000 people.  For more information regarding this program you can visit the region website at




April 17 (Yakima): Dick Willy was our chair.  The weather was good and we had a good event.  Everyone had fun.


May 14 – 15 (Packwood): Glen Hernandez will chair the event on Sunday.  Kevin and Karl are chairing the practice on Saturday.


May 29 (Bremerton): Tim Irwin will chair this event.  He needs all of the standard positions filled. 


June 18 – 19 (Packwood): Event Chair – Steve Roberts.  Still need a chair for the practice on the 18th.


July 16 – 17 (Packwood): Pro Solo – Alan Dahl is the Event Chair.  The event will be structured with National NOT regional classes and will use the same bumping order as National office.  Jerry needs some help to finalize the entire Christmas tree lights and timing system.  He needs someone to help determine how to safely store the light bulbs and also how to suspend the timing wires above the start line.  Kevin Dietz said that he would help coordinate these efforts.  Scott Miller will take care of getting the telescoping pole. Thank you Jerry for all of your efforts in preparing this entire system.  Jodi will work on figuring out how to time and score this event.  She will need someone to email her the index used for both the open and ladies classes.


July 23 – 24: National Tour (Packwood): Karl Coleman/Scott Miller are the Event Chairs.


August 14 (Bremerton): Kevin Dietz/Gretchen Everett are the Event Chairs.


September 4:  (Bremerton): Still need an event chair.


September 24 – 25 (Bremerton): Still need an event chair.


October 16 (Bremerton): Still need an event chair.


National Tour – The event agreement has been turned into National Office.  Karl is currently having conversation with Packwood about getting the site contract taken care of.  Abe Douglas has agreed to be Chief of Tech.  Greg Fordahl will design the course.  Jason and Brett Spore will be Chief of Registration. Jodi has agreed to do a map of the area. Dick Willy has agreed to be Chief of Course.

George Wilder of the Oregon region will be Chief of Impound.  A decision was made to hold the party on-site and we will be using out of town catering.  Scott is working on gathering a list of local lodging choices.  Scott is concerned that we have a huge perimeter that needs to be protected by bunting.  Dick will check the Boeing container to see what we’ve got available. 


Novice School   No chief present. Discussion held until next meeting.


Evolution School – Will be held July 18, 19 ,20 at Packwood.  Keith is getting ready to begin advertising but wants to finalize details with Jean Kinzer.  He is also working on finalizing the entry fee.  Everything is moving forward and he will send an information sheet to both Joe and Alan for posting on the region websites. 




Indexed class car changes - A decision needs to be made regarding what happens if a PAX competitor’s car breaks down and they move to a new car which has a different pax index.  The WW rule states that if you switch cars mid event you get the harder of the two indexes.  This WW rule was written for a very specific person who made some very specific choices. The following proposal was made and approved by vote:  In the event of a mechanical failure any competitor running in an indexed class requiring a car switch mid event will be required to declare at the point of switching which vehicle will be used for scoring purposes.  The competitor will be required to DSQ the times documented for the car not chosen.


 Meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.