SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 5/11/04

Members in Attendance – Jerry Lamb, Gretchen Everett, Scott Miller, Aaron Pailthorp, Dick Willy, Bud Bohrer, Mike Leuty, Keith Brown, Kevin Dietz, Jodi Fordahl, Alan Dahl, Angela Moffet, Tom LeCoque, and Tim Irwin.

Visitors in Attendance: Steve Roberts, Hans Adomeit and Angela Moffet.  

Minutes Review – Approved as written.

Board Report – The region is in the black by about $1800 and they had not received the April dues, which will add to that total.  There was a racing event held recently 21 Solo entrants and 22 racers.  Although they haven’t collected all invoices, they though they were going to break even.  The Rally Cross is coming up in June.  Solo will be responsible for the grid and Kevin Dietz will be responsible for the course.  A few ground rules were set-up; including only two drivers per car per heat.  Registration fee will be $25 (members) and $30 -(non-members) for pre-registered competitors and then an additional $5 for non-registered entrants.  

Treasurer’s Report – Since she was missing from last month’s meeting she combined April and May.  Lots of activity.  The profit and loss statement for March and April shows a positive balance. 


WWSCC Report – The next event will be held by NWDE on June 6th.  A critique was held for WW event #1.  The group agreed that too many runs were given out in the morning session, especially considering the time they got started.  The group felt the course was good.  SCCA has approved the event for championship status.


Equipment Report – The only outstanding thing Kevin could think of is purchasing new tires for the bus.  He will give Tom the sizes if he gives him a call during the day.  Steve Roberts reports that the timing heads have been hit enough times that they are no longer lining up like they are supposed to. He was on the phone with JA Circuits while he was trying to fix them, but was told that they were damaged and couldn’t be fixed.  He has already sent them a deposit check for ˝ of the cost for replacements.  Moral of the story is that they are extremely sensitive and after being hit by various competitors, even though they seem to be working okay, they really aren’t.  A discussion was held regarding setting up a new procedure to help ensure that competitors who may hit the lights and break them will be responsible for replacing them. The tabs for the bus were paid for and Lou Anne has the tabs for the trailer and will take care of that. 


Practice (5/22)  – We still do not have an event chair for this event.  Steve Roberts has volunteered.  He would like to have pre-registration.  There will not be an event cap.  The event will be broken up into morning and afternoon run groups. 


Event #4 (5/23) – Jerry Lamb is the event chair for this event.  All of the chiefs are prepared and ready to go.  Scott Miller will be the course designer.  After event party will be at Puerto Vallarta. 


Event #5 with BSCC (5/30)  – Dick Willy will be the event chair.  Lou Anne needs to know who is going to be paying for the site fee since this is a dual event with BSCC.  BSCC will be running this event in conjunction with SCCA.  If a person is a member of both clubs, they will need to pay both SCCA and BSCC to compete in both series.  If a person chooses to run BSCC only, then they will need to register with SCCA and a “Club Class” will be available to them.  Scott Miller assured us that BSCC understands the exactly what needs to be done since it was gone over in great detail at their last meeting. 


Safety Steward Vests – Karl was supposed to take care of this.  We will have to deal with him next time.

Numbers for sale – A discussion was held regarding cheap, temporary numbers for entrants who show up at events with no numbers.  A total batch of numbers and letters split between black and white would cost a total of $320.  This is based on total quantity printed. 
A discussion was held regarding whom would be responsible for implementing and selling this type of a program.  No one attending the meeting was interested in developing this type of situation.  A suggestion was made that someone approach the list and offer this “business” out to the mainstream autocrossers.



Evolution Racing School – All involved with this event are absent from the meeting.  We will get an update at the next meeting.


Bremerton National TourAngela Moffet is the event chair and Gretchen Everett will be assisting her.  She has all of her Chiefs and they have been submitted to the National Office.  The major thing outstanding is the course design that is being handled by Scott Miller.  Karina Miller is working on T-shirts.  She is proposing that we created a turquoise and/or white T-shirt and tank top. She would like to see a design including a surfer dude, hanging ten on the hood of a car, while traveling through an autocross cross.  We are looking for people who might be able to create the artwork for us.  Anyone interested should contact Angela Moffet or Karina Miller.  Kuhmo will not be on-site offering support due to a race someplace elsewhere.  Angela is still working with them to procure prizes for the Saturday party.  She would like to hire the UW students to cover gate waiver patrol.  Last year we paid for three students to become temporary members and then watch the gate for the weekend for $300 total.  A motion was made and passed to hire UW students to take care of the situation.  Since waiver people must be SCCA members, temporary memberships will be provided for three students.  If UW wants to use more than three people they will be responsible for providing temporary memberships.  The Friday welcome reception has a budget of $200 total.  Driving sports magazine is interested in being a sponsor.  Scott Miller will get the contact information for Angela and Gretchen.


Novice QuestionnairesA questionnaire was created by Hans that may help us gather information from our current core of Novices that will help us determine exactly why these people are here, what their expectations may be, and also what my help them stay around and help out in the future.  It will now be necessary to set up a procedure on how we will actually gather this information.  It was suggested that someone actually handle this personally, rather than trying to hand them out at registration.  Hans has volunteered to gather and compile the information collected.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.




Lou Ann reported that the National Office has increased the fees charged per entrant at each event.  We are now paying $6 per car per entrant for each event.  A suggestion was made that someone approach Howard Johnson and see what he could do to help the fact that even though Solo has the least risk involved as a sport, we are severely punished when it comes to these fees, which have gone up 75% in the past three years.