5/13/03 Minutes

Visitors - None

Board Report

A Rally event was held in Reno.  Event seemed successful.  Next Rally is June 7 & 8.  Rally folks did a liter pick-up event.  Held a TSD gimmick Rally as a fund-raiser with proceed going to SSCC.  Working with city of Seattle to help facilitate the big world rally.  Also receiving lots of support from organizations worldwide.  Rally has lost the use of the ORV park down by Shelton due to abuse by motorcyclists.  They are currently working to regain access to the site.     


Minutes Review

Approved and seconded.


Treasurer’s Report

See attached sheet.   


WWSCC Report

They are still looking for a VP.  Anyone interested should please contact Jerry Lamb.  They are still looking at buying a laptop.  Events have been scheduled for May 18 (BEAC), June 15 (NWDE), June 29 (Miatacross), and

July 12/13 (TS).

Equipment Report


Bus fan status –  Tom LeCoque has been doing plenty of research regarding the bus in general.  The engine in the doghouse inside the bus is so tight that there is no way for the hot air to escape.  He feels the problem is not with getting colder air i.e. fan, on the radiator.  It is more important to determine a way to get the hot air out of the engine compartment.  He has received recommendations about actually cutting holes in the fenders to help achieve this, and also installing an air dam.  It was also recommended that we could control the situation by using more patience while driving the bus by using less gas once it becomes obviously that more gas will not help the bus go any faster.  People who drive the bus feel this is not a viable solution and something should be adjusted.  Tom suggests we determine the actual weight of the bus and then work on eliminating anything extra we can.  Tom has agreed to determine a way to add an airdam and also cut some ventilation where possible.  Scott will take the bus to Kenworth commercial and get some estimates. 


Wireless card and extra laptop status – PCA did not have a chance to test this system.  Jodi would still like to maybe try it at the Memorial Day event.


Display status –  Karen Babb has it and will give it to Kelley P.  Kelley has ordered a new charger and will attempt to charge it over night and see if that will eliminate the problem.


New timing sensors/equipment -   Kelley continues to work with JA Circuits.  Once they receive the payment they will send the new lights.  She has been working with Doug Braun who will change the existing connectors for us.  She will also have Doug make a new adapter in case something happens to our new lights, which force us to use the old lights.  Doug has volunteered all of his time to help the club run smoother.  Thank you Doug!


Radio Equipment -  Karl and Keith noticed that the National Office is using an expandable flagpole to use as the antenna base.  They felt this would be a much more stable base for our antenna.  The antenna also needs to be fixed.  This should be a relatively inexpensive purchase.  Tom found one very similar in a camping catalogue.  They will be at the business tomorrow and would be happy to purchase one for us.  A motion was made and approved to purchase the stand and the pole for no more than $200.  Thank you Tom and Jodie!  Also, the antenna has been damaged by being run over at the last event and will need to be fixed.  

Novice Program Report

Everything has been going well.  Jodie felt that it was important to remind people that there was a ladies novice class.  She has returned all ladies trophies so far to date.  Karen also felt it was important to remind Novices about course walk-throughs even making a course walk through mandatory for all novices. 


Old Business


Site Marketing Committee Update  -  Dick needs to call Shelton to see if they talked about it at their retreat.  Scott has requested that we get June 21 and June 22 for the Port of Seattle. 


Event Trophies – Jodie says that we’ve been giving out more trophies than we’ve allotted money for.  So, we either need to stop giving out trophies, or give more money to Wayne and Sharon.  Sharon would like it to be a per trophy amount rather than an amount per event.  Sharon’s thought is to up the current trophy budget from $6.50 each to $7.50 each.  Comment from Jerry that we need to at least have enough trophies to give out to everyone that wins one.  Maybe we can split the difference and do $7.00 per trophy.  Scott suggests that we pony up the money to buy the “trophies” in bulk up front and then order as needed.  A motion was made and approved to up the price for each trophy to $7 and then purchase a total of 4 events worth.


Kentlake Car Show –   There were six vehicle in attendance not including the bus at this high school event.  The only problem discovered is that it would have been helpful having a video to show at these types of events.  Had they had more than two or three to put things together it probably could have happened.  Unfortunately, the high school was in Black Diamond and NOT Kent. They had a few people stop by and visit, but it was difficult competing against the fire department and their “Jaws of Life” display.


P.O.S. Practice (April 19) –  Quite a few people showed up.  The event made enough money to pay for the site for the entire weekend.  160 entrants had a very good time and no one went away unhappy.  Only suggestion was to place the port-a-potties in a place closer to where the people will be.  Another thought was to put cones down at the bottom of the hill so that people realize the pits are up above in the parking lot.  It was also noted that we probably should not use “Terminal 5” when we advertise the site location.  It would be better to use “Port of Seattle”.  Additional barricades may be necessary to help control the truck drivers entering the site.  They are unaccustomed to people actually using the site and feel they should be able to go straight through the course rather than down the side.  


P.O.S. Event #3 –  Bud talked with someone who happened to be in the area at a park up above the site.  He reported that the cars were not the noise problem, but the PA system was quite apparent.  The group felt it was important that we readjust the position of the PA and also rely more heavily on using radios to communicate.  When using the sound measuring device the PA was equally or louder than any car on site.  We received one complaint from a very vocal neighbor.  Apparently, this gentleman has approached the Port before complaining about the trains, so the Port was not too worried about him.  The Port of Seattle was happily surprised that the entire neighborhood of Alki did not come down to complain and have invited us back again.  There were very happy with the entire situation.  A discussion was raised regarding the organization of grid.  People feel that things have been very haphazardly put together and the people who are running grid don’t really understand the most efficient way to run things.  Someone will need to speak with Trevor to make sure that good communication is given throughout each group.  All competitors received 4 runs and were off the site by 6:00 p.m.


Strategic Program –  There has been a small challenge getting feedback from the masses.  See attached minutes from their committee meeting.  One big issue was a lot of people feel that road racing is held in a higher prestige than Solo although Solo is producing a much greater revenue.  The group felt that the venues should be advertised in terms of participation.  They also determined that developing relationships with good sites is a reoccurring problem throughout the country.  A suggestion was made to help develop some type of driver education program with the community.  There was also some discussion regarding the flow between the different class levels, i.e. street prepared to prepared.  Our group suggested that finding sites should be the - #1 goal should be finding good sites for these venues to run at.  Karen Babb felt that Kansas should have a National Staff member actually appointed to finding and supporting this function within each of the regions.  The National office holds much more clout to help to develop good relationships.  Basically, they need to find and train a mini Steve Johnson to travel around the country spreading the SCCA word.


Timing Issues –  The new timing position (auditor/runner) was tried out at the last event.  There was a minor amount of confusion regarding the results being posted, but once we got going things started working out fine.


New Business


SCCA #4 –  Jodie LeCoque has volunteered to chair the event.  YEAH JODIE!  Greg Fordahl will be designing the course for the PCA Saturday event and the group agreed to run that course backwards for Sunday.  The Leutys will be Safety Stewards. 


SCCA #5 –  Kevin Dietz is on the hook for this event since he has volunteered to chair the past 2 events and has had to cancel due to scheduling conflicts.  Thank you Kevin!  There is a very good possibility that the event will be held at the Port of Seattle site again.  There is a possibility that Jodi may be in France for this event and may need a timing chair replacement.  She will check in with Jerry or Karl when she confirms her plans.  Dick Willy has volunteered the chair the practice on Saturday.


National Tour – Bud will design the course.  Karen felt that it was very important to have a very well stocked course support vehicle with a good floor jack AND kitty litter for this event.  Road Race has a new truck and we may be able to use the secondary vehicle for this job, along with hauling cones and garbage.  Dick will find out how we can make these arrangements.  Scott feels things are moving along nicely.  He even has a volunteer for the SLDO position.  Thank you Karina!  He has been talking with the Oregon region meeting to see if they would like to cover one of the specialty areas.  He requested they cover impound and waiver patrol.  Karl is signing the contract on Thursday and that will be mailed off to National Office.  Joe suggested that we run the regional timing & scoring program in conjunction with the National Office program to allow the announcers to use the announcer window in our program.  This will also allow Scott to market the program to the National Office and test the program for a two-day event.  This has not yet been attempted. 


Evolution Schools - Bremerton Motor Park has decided that the Evolution School is a commercial venture and not a non-profit event. Because of this BMP has increased the fees for the Evolution Schools to $1200 per day.  Due to this increase Evolution will need to increase the fee for the schools.  Ron will make an announcement to the group once the new fees have been agreed on.  The schools will be the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the week before National Tour. 




The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m.