05/14/02 Minutes


Brad Greco, Enrique Garcia, treasurer for BEAC and Jerold Lowe

Board Report

There were a number of people who were missing from the meeting.  Rally held an Oregon Trail event.  Blessed with good weather. They had plenty of workers and are working on another event on June 15 and 16.  Race had a double regional out at Pacific Raceways.  Go Ron!  We are up to 1690 members.  We are still having issues with our Newsletter.  Linda has official resigned as Newsletter Editor, so they are currently looking for volunteers for this position.  They are also looking at alternatives to the printed version of the newsletter, such as a web version for a $10.00 discount on SCCA membership dues.  This should help decrease the amount of work necessary for all parties involved.  The current location for the regional banquet will be at the Marriott hotel in Sea-Tac.  The 2003 convention in Reno has become our responsibility.  The entire NORPAC division will cover all expenses, so we will not be solely responsible for any money.    

Treasurer’s Report

Our profit & loss for April looks good.  Please see attachments.  We have paid Safeco for the Solo Bus insurance for the entire year.  There were also repairs for the bus this month. 

Equipment Report

Trailer Update – Estimated delivery is June 7th.  Ron has received and signed an invoice.  The question was raised whether the new trailer will be covered under our insurance.  The insurance we have is very minimal.  It covers the Club in the event that someone runs into someone else.  Basically, it’s just liability insurance. Ron will make sure he find outs the answer to this question. Mike is also taking care of getting the van trailer ready.     


Remodeling of bus interior - our second event was held and the changes were tested live.  Karl had the opportunity to look at things before the event started.  He said there was lots of desk space, but the space was a little smaller now than usual (cannot hold 5 people at a time).  Jodi also felt the space worked fine, but we need to get a taller stool for the announcer to use because there isn’t enough space at the table for everyone.  This would not be optimal for the announcer, but it would be an acceptable solution.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the new organization.  Thanks go out to Mike Leuty for coordinating these changes.


Stolen Items - Ron was happy to report that we have received the new PA, speaker and microphone.  Yeah!   Jodi has been working on replacing the timer.  She has an invoice and once the check is received they will ship the equipment.   This should be all taken care of by event #3.

We would like to give a huge thanks to Porsche Club and BEAC for helping us out during this time of need.  We could not have held our events without them.


Antenna mast - Keith had everything necessary at the site, but did not have enough time to install anything.  It will require a small amount of work, but will be much better than what we are currently using. 


Old Business

Site Marketing Committee – Sent out a proposal for our June event to John Forspring for the site in Packwood.  Paper work is in process for the Shelton site.  Scott Miller, who has been working with the owners and thinks there may be a possibility of setting up a 2, 5 or 10 -year lease that could leave the site open for us on a regular basis.  Ron will have further discussions with Scott regarding sharing the site with WWSCC, Porsche Club, Bremerton, etc.  Each of these clubs each has site funds and may be willing to join us in site improvement expenses.  One of the challenges we have faced when dealing with new site owners is the sound.  A motion was passed to allow the club to purchase a dcb meter.  Dick will do some research so that a good purchase can be made.

Timing Software Updates – Event #2 was the debut of on-line registration.  Everyone seemed to appreciate the opportunity to use this process.  The pre-printed timing cards were a huge success in the timing vehicle.  It seemed to ease the work for each competitor AND the timing crew.  Big success!   There is an issue with using a laptop computer, other than Jodi’s to store the timing database.  Right now, Jodi does not currently have a problem with us using hers.

Event #2 – Kelley Picasso and Karina Miller volunteered to be event chairs with only 8 days notice.  Thank you ladies!  There were a total of 175 paid entrants.  Because of a quick course and good organization they were able to sell 88 fun runs.  The FM transmitter was not used, because there were no instructions on how to install anything.  We may want to change this in the future.  Kelley and Karina have some suggestions for updating the Event Chair checklists for future events.  Kelley and Karina were able to make arrangements with a port-a-potty company to leave three units at the site for the remainder of the season.  This will allow all clubs using the site to seek up to a $150 savings benefit.   


B.M.P. Update - Ron met with the user’s council last month.  It was an eye-opening experience for all involved.  Ron wants to make it perfectly clear that nobody on this board gets paid a salary.  They are all volunteers just like we are.  No one had any idea how much work they were getting into and are trying their best to help everyone get what they need.  The user’s council has made an arrangement with the Port of Bremerton and must pre-pay the site fee prior to the event date.  Unfortunately, in the beginning of this year there was some confusion regarding dates that were being held by SCCA through the SOVREN Club.  Solo was unaware that we actually had the site or were able to use it, but since the expenses were paid up front, someone still needed to cover the cost. It was agreed that SCCA would pay for half ($450).


Event #3 (May 26th) – Joe Goeke is our Event Chair.  He has all chief positions filled. The social function will most likely be held at the Silver City Brewery.  Jeff Winchell will be making his first attempt as course designer. Scott Miller will be driving the bus over.   


National Tour Update – Bud has distributed a written status summary.  Please see attached handout.  Peninsula Suburu has agreed to sponsor the WRX challenge again this year. He feels that the organizational side of this event has been coming along very well.


Atwater Tour and Pro Solo (May 4-5 and 11 – 12) – Events were held in California.  Good weather.  Overall things went well.  Note for Bremerton Tour – Good SLDO officers.


Bud inquired as to whether or not SCCA has ever paid Boeing for the damage done to the fence and property during an event in 2000.  From what Bud remembered the cost was approx. $1100 and we were awaiting a proper invoice from BEAC.  Once the amount has been paid, Bud will work with Kimball to ensure that we receive a letter from Boeing confirming the charges have all been cleared.

New Business

Pre-registration – The region is currently doing research to determine the most efficient way to use Pay Pal for future events.  Until then, Solo will hold off on any pre-payment options. The benefits of pre-registration are quite apparent.  It helps with determining total entrants, how many in each class, etc.  We will continue to move forward with this process for future events.


Evolution Schools – Will be held July 23 – 25.  Cost is $200 person.  Geoff Newman will be the event coordinator.


Good of the Order