New Folks:                Scott Miller, Dick Willy, Kevin Dietz, Steve Halladay, Deane Beardly


Board Report:                Short meeting.  Folks out of town.  Rally did a successful event.  Road Race had a school at Bremerton.  All OK.


Treasures:                We are positive on the accounts.  Still fighting problems with Quickbooks.  Still downloading/updating entire database for updates.  Bud imputed some suggestions to the board that would help with these problems.  We look to still be profitable with the expense of the new site.  Bud is not sure yet for events 2 and 3 but it looks marginally profitable.


Equipment:                Solo bus is working out well.  Much thanks to Kevin Dietz of  “Jim’s Detail” for cleaning up the rig.  They plan to add decals for both SCCA, series sponsors like Jim’s Detail and Fordahl Motorsports, and a web address.  Kevin is designing a layout for the bus to be reviewed by all and then will get some bids for the vinyl.  Plan to be implemented by National Tour if possible.  Need document signed to use SCCA logo on van.  All tires on van are not all bad.  Right Rear is cracked.  Have a new generator.  New Honda 1000 watt.  Quiet and small.  Only uses about 1 gallon for the day of gas.  Only using about ˝ it’s load ability.  Need to get bunting and saw horses.  Barricade tape might be a cheaper way to go than bunting.  For bunting, get metal reels instead of plastic ones so they will last.  Some metal folding saw horses are not to expensive.  Kumho might have some bunting they could donate.


Old Business:     


Site Committee:    POT only available till end of month.  Ron has talked with POT, and we have a great record and have been good tenants.  Noel site report:  no new info, will regroup.  Found potential site near POT with close to similar overall size.  Will ask POT about it.  No reply from Sagaly site near Andover West.


National Tour:                Greg doing course.  Still working hotels, about 65 rooms blocked.  Denise has been helping Glen on hotels.  Prices are about $50 to $70.  Closest hotel has only single kings.  Will be able to camp on site.  No open fires.  BBQ ok.  Still working chiefs.  Operating Steward; Mike Leuty, Tech; Aaron Pailthorp, workers; ?, Impound; Joe Goeke, Timing; Jodi Fordahl, Course; Greg Fordahl, Party; Gretchen Everett, Registration; Kirkpatricks, Steward; ?, Announcers; Ron Bauer, Grid; ?, Protest; ?, Safety; ?.  Need to post “entry speeds slow” on all publications.  John Quartermass knows some police, maybe we want to inform them of the event to watch for speeders.  Course needs to be lined.  Check with BSCC on needs of club during NT.  It is a combined event with BSCC.  Run BSCC people in regular SCCA classes.  Best if BSCC would do there own pre-registration.  Maybe have separate class for all Bremerton entrants.  Need to discuss at next Bremerton meetings.  Pit and grid locations hopefully on end of runway.  Flyer to come out soon along with website.  Try to do SCCA #3 event like NT in grid and such.  Rally to do breakfast and local Bremerton site outfit will do lunch.  Maybe Rally to cater sat dinner.  Mention distance to airport.  Kumho plans to be their, and maybe a sponsor.  Should we add Open Street?  Joe says Howard is willing to add whatever classes we want.  Maybe we could add the regular Bremerton classes to the mix for the Tour.  Those that just want to run Bremerton could run in their regular class, while those that run the Tour and Bremerton would run in their SCCA class.  Why do we need separate insurance for BSCC when SCCA is covering weekend?  Jodi doesn’t know, but the officers are covered under the BSCC insurance.  Maybe we could add them to as “additional insureds.”  Gretchen will check into.  Glen needs an SLDO person for garbage and sanican stuff.  Party expenses need to be tied down earlier.  Sponsors are good, we should get as many as we can (door prizes, etc.)  We need T-shirt person!!


Practice:       went good.


April 16th, event:     went well, we had $70 worth of fun runs!


Solo Bucks – Joe, made up $500 worth of Solo Bucks.  We need to hand out!  Gretchen says she has Taco Time paper that can’t be duplicated if we want to use.


Intermediate School – 26 people attended.  Might want to increase the fun run cone $ penalty.    Michael Lee chaired. 


Event #3, Dick Willy chaired.  168 people attended.


Safety Stewards:    Val doing most events.  Sharon covered the training requirments.  Need to two events a

year to stay current.


Mckamey schools filling up.  Maybe also GEEZ school.  Might be right before NT.  New Phase III school.  NWR paper had new schedule and web site.  Thanks to Linda m an Brian H for that.  Still need a head person.  One person volunteered by wanted free entry.


New Business:


Event #4:   At Bremerton.  Jodi is chair.  Greg doing course.  Memorial day weekend.  Bremerton event on Monday. 


Event 5:     Need chair and no site yet.  Various Boeing lots don’t look to have enough space for an SCCA event.  Maybe split run area from pits.  Old Kent site is still there but is it available.  POT may be available for #5.  June 4th date.  Kevin Dietz and Karl Coleman “volunteer” to chair.  Update chair list info on web with new info, like carting equipment to site and van and all. 


Sacramento Divisional info.  Reg is $55, after June 9th $82.50.  SCCA members only.  Must mail in form.  McClellan AFB.  New site.  Rough concrete.  Boise and Seattle NT are other 2 of the divisional series 3.  Divisional info linked on calendar. 


Rent our equipment:  Rent the bus to WW.  Mustang club wants to rent for June event.  Should we rent it out.  Several folks are resistant to renting it, for it tends to get abused.  Would need SCCA people to  oversee.  Need to make it expensive so care is taken to make sure things are in ok shape.  Need to keep events easy to run and putting up road blocks will make events disappear.  Need responsible person to oversee use of equipment if loaned out.  WW groups can do it the old fashioned way.  Two events have requested use of equipment and we need to reply to that.  Arrive and drive wants to rent equipment also.  We need to decide to rent equipment or not.  Need to have an agreement and plan for renting if we do this.  We also should keep cooperation open between groups that have been helpful in the past, like BEAC.  Proposed we not rent expensive stuff.  Vote for renting cones and old PA.  Nothing new this year except for site.  BEAC equip is available for rent as usual.  Say no for now and create a committee.  PCMC has old equipment that may be available for other clubs to rent or buy.  Retrieve equipment from Walla Walla and sell/rent to WW.  Karen and Carol, Jim, Dick, Alan volunteer to be on equipment rental committee.  Timing equipment is about $2k from JAC.


Good Of Order