NWR Solo Meeting Minutes

April 9th, 2019

Meeting called to order 7:07pm

In Attendance: Aaron Pailthorp, Scott Engler, Gretchen & Tim Weidemann, Theron Langel, Tyler Corbin, Adrian Martinez, Tim Naugler, Charlie Morales, Bud Bohrer, Mike Leuty, Annie Gill, Keith Brown, Tasha Mikko, Karl & Amy Coleman, Dick Willy, John Barber, Kenny Richens, Ron & Allison Bauer

Meeting Location: Claim Jumper Tukwila

April minutes approved


NWR Board Report (Charlie Morales): Gretchen Tim and Charlie attended the meeting. Assistant RE and Secretary positions are open and if interested in stepping up contact Scotty. Gretchen is also now the treasurer! Race is now having independent meetings, and their first event is coming up memorial day weekend at Pacific Raceways. The friday night of memorial day weekend is a Track Night in America, followed by a Time Trials on saturday. The offer still stands to honor your conference license and will permit driving with the SCCA for the rest of the year.

Treasurerís Report (Kristi Brown): Treasury needs information from registration for the past event for insurance purposes. We are starting ahead of where we have been in years past. Current total balance is $31,535.71

NORPAC Report (Jessy Gauthier): Not in attendance

WWSCC Report (Keith Brown): DawgDash went great despite rain. Moved to count as a championship event.

Equipment Report (Kevin Dietz): not in attendance

Recruitment Report (Crystal Stegman): Answered questions regarding our season and starting line.

OLD Business:

2019 event chairs and course designers are needed for most events on the calendar but we are early in the season and have people stepping up. Contact Charlie if your interested. First event in Packwood is May the 4th (star wars pun intended). Joey Jones is designing a course and Aaron Pailthorp is chairing the event.

Equipment task force would like to clean the cone trailer and bus to inventory and clean our supplies either friday or saturday night of the May 4th weekend in packwood. Some supplemental cleaning may happen the weekend of a more likely warm packwood practice weekend.

NT theme Cone Fiesta!!

NEW Business:

Fun runs at the practice did not go as desired. Our safety steward for the event Scott stuck around and turned out to be the last chief around. Standards and prerequisites need to be put in place for event chairs to follow if fun runs are desired. As NWR doesnít partake in fun runs often this misunderstanding doesn't come as a surprise but must be clarified for future events.

Timing cards were not available for the practice. This posed issues with testing out new timing workers and generally having a smooth going event. A breakdown in communication lead to registration not printing timing cards to supply the timing crew. For practice events here on out the group agreed that we should not just practice driving but practice running through the motions of the event including timing cards.

We would like to be a solutions based team of volunteers, let's be courteous and professional. We need to communicate and voice our concerns, but be sure to listen without resistance.

Ladies day July 6th! BSCC, NWR, TS, and likely PCA are teaming up. Tasha and Annie would like to reinform and fully encourage our more veteran female drivers to participate with both setting the tone as drivers or volunteers. This is a women's practice day. Instructing is great but to be very clear any female driver is welcome even if getting the seat time is the only capacity they would like to be involved in. It's likely that this years ladies day will be formatted to look more like a regular event.

The Starting Line program is very interested in getting a site in Washington. Emerald Downs is a likely venue. Though the SL goal is to have their school the day following a SCCA event at the same site. SL benefits include a year membership, National Tour entry, and TNiA entry. 24 students defines a full school.

8 rounds of super challenge has been decided for the regional pro solo in packwood in May!

Meeting adjourned at 8:40