Solo Meeting
April 10, 2018
Tim and Gretchen W, Keith B. Joey S. Crystal S. Tim E. Ron and Alyson B. Brett W. Tim N. Charlie C.

Last month’s minutes review
Moved and approved.

NWR Board Report (Gretchen Weidemann) Our region is now reinstated as a non profit. SCCA NWR INC. looking into checking the bylaws to make sure they are current with the new name.
76 pre entrys for the Majors coming memoral weekend. Region has agreed to pay for half our cost of renting the BSCC equipment during our time of not having the region incorporation. The region is thinking of combining the race groups with the Oregon region. One option may be just merge the Race programs but leave the solo groups as to separate chapters. 
The upcoming SOVERN event the SCCA will have a tent at the event to show other options for the people that are attending the event.

Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown) Curreltly up to date on our site fee’s Nothing really to report.
NORPAC Report (Jessy Gauthier)
WWSCC Report (Keith Brown) 2 events over this last weekend both wet 1 in Shelton and 1 at emerald downs. Light turn out of both events due to rain.
Some problems with the finish lights due to wetness.
Moved and approved to be championship status for both events.

Equipment Report (Kevin Dietz) Need batteries barcode printers.

Recruitment Report (Joey Jones) possible setting up a spec class for the Avant car club.  

Old Business

Season Event Chairs – Tim N has stepped up to help with this event Thank you very much.

NT/Pro Solo Event Chairs
Joe Goeke Volunteered to cover the Pro Solo
Still need NT volunteer 
Joey S has stepped up to help put on the auction this year.
On-site BBQ Saturday night covered by 4H group?

Washigon Event – Spirit Peak Raceway
Spoke with Rio Oregon is VERY interested in a shared event
Hold it after Nationals or try to squeeze in August?
Shared event at Spirit peak raceway with Oregon/pnw. Aug 4th or sept 15 seem to be the 2 dates that are open. 
Bus Insurance 
Our region is back in good graces with the state
Working on getting quotes on new insurance. 

Was able to request quotes from multiple companies
Lowest was Progressive with a range from $366 - $628
Listing John Taylor as main business contact and mailing address
Need to understand exactly what coverage we had with Liberty Mutual

Leasing equipment from BSCC 
What do we need to make educated decision?
Have not found a good per mile company for temporary coverage

New Business

Updated Registration Process
New options available now for entering while in line?
Are we interested in using this?
Electronic Weekend Membership Forms 
Is Crystal prepared to deal with this for Event #1
Is there an issue with the sequential numbering?
Event #1 April 29th (BMP)
Tim N
Joey S.

Pro Solo #1 – May 5th (Packwood)
Event Chair – Aaron Pailthorp
Tim W. course
Brett W. will be helping with timing.

Event #2 – May 6th (Packwood)
Event Chair – Joel Ferguson

Oregon Region – NT and Pro Solo National Events
Can they help? Put on the banquett. 
Contacted Howard at National Office

Open Discussion
Brett has updated the software to allow for registration onsite for people to use to fill out the forms online from their phones while standing in line so they can be ready to go by the time the get to the desk to enter the event. So they can do the weekend memberships and other paperwork online while in line to expedite registration. This will help us do notification to national office through e-mail rather than paper mail. 
Also can be done online when they register for weekend membership at the same time they register for the event from home.
Motion to approve router and tablet for registration 100.00 total.
Scanning and barcodes. Having trouble with serial port. Software is inplace to diagnose the problem.
Provide Brett with free entry to events in SCCA.

Helmets need cleaned out and sprayed with Lysol. 
2018 NWR SCCA Solo Schedule

Open Practice    February 25    BMP            Chair: Gretchen Weidemann     Course: Kevin D.
Open Practice    March 18    BMP            Chair:  Tim Weidemann        Course: Kevin D.
Event #1    April 29        BMP            Chair:  Tim Naugler        Course: Joey S.
Pro Solo #1    May 5        Packwood         Chair:  Aaron Pailthorp                    Course:
Event #2    May 6        Packwood        Chair:  Joel Ferguson                    Course:
Novice School    May 19        BMP            Chair:  Theron and Bill Z.                Course:
Event #3    May 20        BMP            Chair:                            Course:
Pro Solo #2    June 2        Packwood        Chair:                            Course:
Event #4    June 3        Packwood        Chair:                              Course:
Open Practice    June 23        Packwood        Chair: TJ McGeary                    Course:
Event #5    June 24        Packwood        Chair:                            Course:
EVO School    June 30- July 1    Packwood        Chair:                            Course:
NT        July 13-15    Packwood        Chair:                            Course:
Pro Solo    July 20-22    Packwood        Chair:                            Course:
Event #6    July 29        BMP            Chair:                            Course:
Core Practice    August 18    Packwood        Chair:                            Course:
Event #7    August 19    Packwood        Chair:                            Course:
Pro Finale    Sept 1-2    Lincoln            
Nationals    Sept 4-7    Lincoln        
Event #8    Sept 30        BMP            Chair:                          Course:
Moved to adjurn 8:32