Solo Meeting
April 11, 2017
Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Gretchen Weidemann, Dick Willy, Keith Brown, Brent Vitolins, Joey Jones, Brian Williams, Aaron Pailthorp, Amy Coleman, Jim Zhu, Tim Naugler, Kit & Jessy Gauthier, Joemar Roman, Jean Clayton, Charlie Culliance, and Kevin Dietz.

Last month’s minutes review – Minutes were approved as written. 
NWR Board Report (Gretchen Weidemann) – Tim and Gretchen were unable to attend the meeting.  Nothing to report. 
Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown) – Essentially the same as last month.  No major expenses.
WWSCC Report (Keith Brown) – TS events #1 and #2 were held at Emerald Downs on April 1st and 2nd. One close incident with a car spinning out near a pole, but fortunately everything was fine. Nice having events this close to Seattle and both events had a decent attendance.  Lot was extremely slippery, and oddly got more slippery as it dried after early morning rains. Moss layer seemed to worsen after the rain. Dawg Dash was held the past Saturday. It seems the UW group is learning from past events, but still could not pull off these events without help from key players in other groups.  Big shout out to Larry Carnahan for all of his help with timing.  Low turnout, but those that were in attendance appreciated the fact they could run all four sessions if they hired a worker from the club.  Motion was made and all three events were approved for Championship status.
Equipment Report (Kevin Dietz) – Kevin purchased a new generator.  He is still looking into a cable to lock the generator down while in the bus.  Did not find anything that seem effective for our needs.  He did purchase a CAMO cover that hides it very well.  Gretchen actually saw an item covered by the camo and wondered what it was.  Had no idea it was the generator.  Still having issues with radios. We also need more lumber crayons for the bus. 
Recruitment Report (Joey Jones) – They have distributed all of the schedule cards.  Still have some magnets available but are saving those for display in the strongest locations.  Tasha is ordering another box of business cards.  Joey would like write up a list of suggested talking points that keeps everyone aligned in the message we are sharing with new people.  It was suggested by at least one person that most people with experience understand how to communicate with the novice and rookies, but would be open to reviewing what he suggested.  
Old Business
Still need a few Specialty Chiefs positions – We are currently still looking for a couple more volunteers to cover all positions.  We need a Chief of Waivers, and also a S and NS Chief of Set-up/Tear Down. Anyone interested in helping fill these positions should contact Gretchen at

Looking for event chairs and course design – We are still in need of Event Chairs for several events this season, and have a few slots open for course design as well.  Remember this is one of the few ways to get an invitation into the Core Workers Practice in August.  Thanks to those that have stepped up to volunteer.  Please see the opportunities below.  We all need to remember that without these key volunteers, then we will not be able to hold events, so please step up and help out your club.

Event #1         April 9       BMP            Jean Clayton/Gretchen
Pro Solo #1     May 6        Packwood        Aaron Pailthorp
Event #2          May 7        Packwood        Karl and Amy Coleman
Novice School   May 20       BMP             Bill Zerr and Allen Anderson
Event #3            May 21       BMP             Joel Ferguson
Pro Solo #2     June 10      Packwood        OPEN
Event #4          June 11      Packwood        OPEN
Open Practice   June 24      Packwood        OPEN
Event #5            June 25      Packwood        Joe Goeke
NT                     July 7 -9    Packwood        OPEN
Pro Solo         July 14 – 16 Packwood        OPEN
Event #6           July 30       BMP                 OPEN
Core Practice   August 19    Packwood        OPEN
Event #7          August 20    Packwood        OPEN
Event #8          October 1     BMP            OPEN

Need volunteers to Chair National Tour and Pro Solo events – Many of the core worker positions have already been filled but we are looking for the figure head Event Chairs.  Please contact Gretchen if you are willing to help out. 

New Business
Event #1 Recap – 160 total entrants. 92 in the AM and 67 in the PM. Saw the typical dusting off the cob webs of the first event, but in general things ran okay.  Got behind in the morning due to several issues starting with Registration.  A decision was made to try and bring back the bar code.  This required collecting full information from all entrants.  This becomes a very difficult and long process when there is only one truly working laptop.  We then ran into multiple issues with the radios, and communication with Penalty call in for the second heat of the morning. We were having random problems with some radios being able to transmit, but then not hear talk back.  A motion was made to purchase a set of good radios because we cannot continue having these issues.  Our inventory is low again, and the current radios are not dependable. Gretchen will look into which types of radios make sense for us to purchase.  There were so many cars in the AM that we needed to hold the event and move the finish to allow for a larger stop box and more space between the finish and the end of grid. It was also brought up that we had a double turn around that did not allow for enough cars on course. A decision was made to only allow three runs for the day.  

Several suggestions were made to help expedite things at future events.  Make sure that Novices are separated in grid.  The introduction of the “Novice Taxi” magnets was well received, but people need to be aware of where their car is in grid compared to the car they ask to ride in as things were held up multi times. Kit offered to donate a used laptop for registration.  This brought up a discussion about purchasing a pair of Lenova laptops since the batteries are interchangeable, and most of the laptops we have now are barely functioning.  A motion was made and seconded to purchase two new laptops with a budget of $400.  Crystal will take care of this prior to the next event. 

We had three or four people that did not show up to work their assignment. Gretchen will make a reminder to the group in general that people must work or they will be disqualified from the event.  Those that are confirmed to not have worked will be required to work twice at the next event they attend before being allowed back.

Novice School - A big thank you goes out to Bill Zerr and Allen Anderson who have volunteered to be our 2017 Novice Chairs.  Jessy has agreed to stay on the team and help with communications, and email distribution and Bill and Allen will take care of all of the on-site responsibilities. The Novice school is quickly approaching and they are looking for volunteers to help with instructing, and also a few that can help with logistics of running the event. There was a discussion about how to hold the event, with a suggestion to again break the course into multiple sections, and then have the instructors move opposite of the driver’s so that each student in exposed to multiple feedback and instruction. Jessy will share this with Bill and Allen and they will ultimately decide the format of the event. 

Pro Solo #1 and Event #3 Update - Aaron Pailthorp is the event chair for the Pro and Karl and Amy for Event #2.  We discussed any open questions in preparation of these upcoming events. 

Open Discussion – Ron shared with the group that Angela Moffet passed away from cancer this past weekend.  Angela was a regular competitor for many years and truly influenced a number of people to join in our club and start auto crossing on a regular basis. A decision was made to dedicate one of our upcoming events to Angela and make a donation to the Cancer Care Alliance in her name.  The group discussed several ideas, but ultimately it would be great to see a large card or cone or something displayed that people could sign and write short notes to LJ, Angela’s surviving husband.  We could also encourage people to make donations to match the SCCA dollar amount.  Gretchen will need volunteers to help make this event happen.  Angela’s Celebration of Life gathering is being held on June 17th, so doing these activities for our June 11th event would be very timely.  These things could then be delivered and shared with LJ that day. 

Updated Website - Joey Jones approached the group and suggested he may know people that are capable of updating the NWR SCCA website.  He was asked to bring quotes and a scope of work from the companies that he speaks with.  We do need to update the site, but we must be reasonable with our budget.

During this discussion it was also brought up that we should focus on integrated payments and online registration during this same scope of work.  We need to fully understand the options and again, the budget required to make this happen although streamlining registration would be a great help in running our events more efficiently. Hopefully someone will stepped up to lead this project.

Additional Equipment for timing - Joey Jones requested the following list of items for timing; a couple shorter extension cords, additional 9-volt batteries, clips for the bottom of the display, a splitter that goes three ways, and a battery tester.  A motion was made and seconded for Joey to spend no more than $50 for these supplies since he knows exactly what he wants to purchase.