Solo Meeting

April 12, 2016

In attendance: Joey Jones, Ron and Alyson Bauer, Keith Brown, Kurt Rehm, Charles Aggenbach, Kit and Jessy Gauthier,

Karl & Amy Coleman, Mike and Carol Leuty, Joel Ferguson. Tim Naugler, Tim Irwin, Tasha Mikko, Tim Stake, Tim

Weidemann, Gretchen Everett.

Last month’s minute’s review - Moved to approve with some minor edits.


NWR Board Report (Gretchen Everett) –The Rally Cross program is proceeding. Some discussion about them not

including our region in their website or documentation. Race needs $7100 to lock in the dates for the race season due to

tracks wanting deposits. Race group does not have the funds available so looking to borrow the funds from region. With

the race program borrowing this cash they have 3 months to pay back and if they fail then the region will owe the solo

program the equal amount in outstanding balance. This was the only way that Gretchen could come up with to try and

hold them accountable to the funds and keep things fair between the venues.

Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown) – Currently low due to site fee payments. The square deposits are coming in and may

be causing problems with treasurer keeping track. We might look into a separate account for square and do money

transfer to the main account on monthly basis.

NORPAC Report (Keith Brown) – Conference call nothing new to report. Keith did discover that the Alabama region lost

their site due to a supercar event being held with cars that were too loud. Because of this one single event the City

Council has banned motor sports activities in their town. We were reminded to be sure to reach out to our site owners

to make sure they know that we are very proactive about how much sound we make, and if they are allowing other

groups on-site that they are different from our group and should also be held accountable to reasonable sound


WWSCC Report (Keith Brown) – 3 events so far. Good turn out and great course at Emerald Downs. Fun courses

although there seemed to be some confusion on Saturday for novice drivers. But Kevin did well putting out extra pointer

cones. 139 and 149 entrants for the weekend. Event was approved for championship status. Dog dash in Shelton some

slow turn over between run groups. Some delays in the timing van due to lack of workers. Also seemed to be a lack of

energy on the timing workers part might need some help from experienced workers. Conditional approval as

championship event with another reminder that once again things need to be addressed, and they must be willing to

take feedback and allow involvement from experienced entrants in key positions such as timing rather than saving those

position for club members who may not truly understand procedures. The next event will be TS events in June.

Equipment Report: (Kevin Dietz) – Mike and Carol reporting for Kevin the new Equipment Chair. Bus is in shop getting

new brakes and alternator. The equipment that was borrowed for the Honda Fest will be brought directly to the next

event. Some issue with the display at the Honda Fest. Will be looked at in the morning at next event on the 17 th . The

group commended Mike (and Carol) for doing a fabulous job as Equipment Chair. We appreciate all of their hard work.

Recruitment Report: (Joey Jones) – Honda Fest at Pacific Raceways. This was the first time Pacific Raceways has held any

type of autocross event. The SCCA members stepped up and put it together for them and made it work and we put on a

show for the huge crowd. Tasha and or Tim rode with people and gave pointers whenever invited. Handed out a lot of

cards. Some possibility in working with the Performance School/Audi Club to merge a skills day and SCCA Novice School

in November. We will wait until later in the season to see if this is something Kurt and Jessy are interested in doing.
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Emails were sent out to those who signed onto the mailing list to touch base right away with those who attended the

event. Some discussion that Pacific Raceways might be looking to replace their lead/follow events with autocross at

more car shows.

At the first event that Joey and Brent went to they gave away to free ride along with Geoff. The winner of that award

has not claimed their prize, so this probably isn’t something that will happen again. Joey is working on a draft of a

survey to have weekend members fill out to gather more info. Some ideas were brought up in discussion – some felt it

would be a decent idea to post course map on FB prior to events because this may help new people gain excitement.

This is something that happens for the events in Monroe, which continue to draw 100+ brand new entrants. It was also

brought up that the Mustang Club would be interested in doing a provisional class at one of our events.

Joey has paid for a 2 car and 1 tent spot area at Hot Import Nights. This is happening the same time as our Pro Solo #1,

so Tasha will not be able to join him. He is currently looking for volunteers to help man the booth. We need to order

more calendar business cards. A motion was moved and seconded.


Chief of Sound – Tim Weidemann has volunteered to cover this position. He felt that since a majority of his

responsibility as Chief of Course would happen prior to the events, it would allow him the opportunity to take care of

this during events.

2016 Specialty Chief Job Descriptions – Setup teardown still open. Gretchen is still looking for a volunteer.

Need Event Chairs for the Season – We are still looking for Event Chairs for several events this season. The first open

event is #3 at BMP on May 22 nd . Alisha White volunteered to cover Event #6 in Packwood. Tim is also looking for course

designers. Kit Gauthier volunteered to design Event #2 (5/8) in Packwood. Tim will design courses for Pro Solo #1 (5/7)

also in Packwood.

Event Plans – We will continue to run normal four run group events at BMP, but the time has come to make some

changes to events run in Packwood. As discussed at our last meeting, we are continually short on workers, and this

creates stressful and unsafe conditions. Gretchen has proposed that for Packwood events we have one registration and

tech session, and then run one large group broken in two if we have less than 100 entrants. If we do have events with

more than a pre-determined number of entrants, then that run group may be broken into three sessions. Those in

attendance began a second detailed discussion with several suggestions. The first being have a longer registration time

to allow more time for longer lines since there would be a larger group of people registering. There were still people in

favor of this change, but a few that were not in favor of this change. The group decided that we would wait to see IF the

recruitment efforts of Joey and Tasha, along with the great energy going with our Novice program actually produced

results. IF we see more people attending events in Packwood, this could no longer be an issue. At this time we are

going to run a typical event schedule with two registration/tech sessions and 4 run groups for at least the first two or

three events then review how it’s going. The group agreed that if we did not see an improvement after that, then we

would need to commit to making a change to the event schedule in Packwood.

Pricing – Our new Square is set up and ready to operate. Currently running for Novice School entries. For regular events

there will be a 1$ surcharge for the people using this method of payment. Moved and approved. There is some concern

regarding this new process and how it will impact the work flow for our treasurer, along with additional transactions on

a limited bank account. We will need to monitor and see what the impact will be. Gretchen reminded the group that

once we get past the Novice School, we will only be receiving one deposit for each event, so hopefully this will not have

a huge impact. Kristi will need to review current bank limitations and get back to the group.
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Novice School – Jessy and Kurt are working hard communicating with the public to get some people out for the school.

Those who help at a Novice School will receive an invitation to the Core Worker’s Practice. This has been happening for

the past few years, but what typically happens is most of the instructor already receive invitations based on additional

core work assignments, so it was not apparent. Jessy and Kurt will be sure to communicate this to our group. The

website is up and running with info about the novice program, and once Tasha receives some confirmation on a couple

pieces of information, see with get it posted on our FB page. The current entry numbers are up for the novice classes so

far this year, so it seems initially something very positive is happening. Thanks for both Kurt and Jessy for all of their

hard work with this program. It is great to see these new faces at our events. Tasha also suggested they make sure the

IST class is mentioned to the former novice people, and also to point out the Novice Class has a year-end trophy now

which will be awarded at our banquet.


Porsche Club Borrow Cone – 100 $ charge for Packwood cone rental. The Porsche Club would like to rent our cones for

an event in Packwood later this summer after the National Tour/Pro Solo events. The group agreed this would be a

$100 charge for each day, but did not see any reason why we shouldn’t accommodate the request. Mike Leuty will

follow up with their President, Paul.

New cones before the Tour - Someone reminded us that new cones should be purchased before the next National Tour event.