Solo Meeting

Meeting Minutes

April 2015



In attendance: Gretchen Everett, Tim Weidemann, Fast Mike L., Keith Brown, Charlie Spyksma, Karl & Amy Coleman, Joel Ferguson, Tim Stake, Kurt Rehm, Mike and Carol Leuty, Alison and Jerry Lamb, Kevin Dietz, Jean Clayton

Ron & Alyson Bauer.


Minutes Review – Minutes were approved as written.




NWR Board Report (Karen Babb/Gretchen Everett) – Race had first time trial on March 29th and then will be holding the last time trial at Bremerton the Saturday before our first event.  There was an issue with the event fee that was charged for registration so they potentially lost several hundred dollars, but this should be addressed by the next event.  The new website is in Word Press and we will be given administrative access so that we can start working on the Solo section. Rally cross may be able to hold at event at the field across from where we hold our events at BMP.  Race group has requested a loan of up to $3000 for buying scale ramps for running their events.


Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown) – paid site fees up to Tour and Pro.  We did not lose any money at the Practice held at Emerald Downs.  Kristi will finalize an expense report to determine what should be shared with TS.


NORPAC Report (Keith Brown) –nothing happening.


WWSCC Report (Keith Brown) – Event on last Saturday at Shelton. Weather was varied with both wet and dry runs depending on when you ran.  Motion moved to approve for championship. Seconded and passed.

Mustang club running at Emerald Downs.


Equipment Report: (Mike Leuty) – Loaning the bus to other clubs may need to be addressed. The bus was an absolute disaster after being returned from the Practice and TS event.  The equipment chairs spent three hours cleaning up and reorganizing.  This will need to be addressed before we loan it out again.  It will need to be returned packed correctly and cleaned.  There was no actual problem with the starting of the bus, it was only a flaw in the process in which we started it. Karl also clarified that generator will need to be serviced.  He will coordinate with Mike and Carol to get this accomplished.  We need to check on location of defibrillator. Gretchen believes that Dick Willy has it stored in his house for the winter.




Event #1 (4/12) - Event Recap – Some review necessary for sign up procedures in registration.  We had individual novice entering both am and pm. Registration process still needs some tightening up. Important to review registration processes to keep people from skipping paying. List that comes from registration that shows who has paid wasn’t available this last event.  Short on workers for the first run group was noted.


Jr. Karts – Some issues with timing as one kart was not tripping the lights. Possible lowering the lights for carts. Or cardboard fin behind seat. Number plate? Youth steward training happened at the event with Dick Willy Caitlin, Laurie and Dan in training.


Sound – first event lessons?  Old meter way out of calibration. Got a new one for less than $600. Course design was had a good flow to it. Good course for sound as there was a natural spot for the meter. Four cars were near sound limit. Static reading limit is real low compared to on course. Might need to change what limit works for static timing. 95db would fail about half the cars. More data is needed before we change the limits on static sound.


Paying on site with credit cards- waiting on square device to use to accept credit cards at registration.  Charlie has one he can donate.


Kmetz Family activities on-site for Event #3 – some special things planned to remember Chris. Gretchen will be working with Jackie, and a few key volunteers to get this accomplished.


Specialty Chiefs – Only ONE spot remaining as we still need a volunteer for Chief of Course.  Big thank you to all volunteers listed below:


Course: OPEN

Grid (Street): Keith and Kristi Brown

Grid (NS): Kit and Jessy Gauthier

Sound: Tim Stake

Novice Chair:  Kurt Rehm

Registration (Street): Laurie Hyman

Registration (NS): Brent Glad

Safety: Tim Weidemann

Insurance Sanctions: Gretchen Everett

Set-up/Tear Down (Street): Arika and Brandon Nadeau

Set-up/Tear Down (NS): Caitlin Snell

Tech (Street): Dieter Beldi

Tech (NS): Charles Aggenbach

Timing (Street): Scott Dixon

                              Annie Gill

Timing (NS): Charly Spyksma

                        Joe Goeke

Waivers: Ryan Barg

Workers (NS): Amy and Karl Coleman                                                                                                                                  

Workers (Street):  Joel Ferguson


1.      Event Chairs  - The following blank events are open


Practice March 7th: Gretchen Everett – Course Design: Tim Weidemann

Event #1 (BMP) 4/12: Joel Ferguson: - Course Design: Kevin Dietz

Regional Pro Solo #1 (Packwood) 5/2: Gretchen Everett - Course Design: Tim Weidemann

Event #2 (Packwood) 5/3: Karl and Amy Coleman – Course Design: Joe Goeke

Novice School (BMP) 5/23: Kurt Rehm - Course Design: TBD

Event #3 (BMP) 5/24:  - Scott Engler - Course Design: Brent Vitolins

Regional Pro Solo #2 (Packwood) 6/6:  TBD – Course Design: Brett Wilson

Event #4 (Packwood) 6/7: Ron & Alyson Bauer - Course Design: Brett Wilson

Open Practice (Packwood) 6/7: Kit & Jessy Gauthier – Course Design: OPEN

Event #5 (Packwood) 6/28 Jerry & Alison Lamb – Course Design: OPEN

National Tour (Packwood) 7/11-7/12: OPEN – Course Design:  “The Real” Roger Johnson

Pro Solo (Packwood) 7/18-7/19: Geoff Clark & Caitlin Snell – Course Design: OPEN

Event #6 (BMP) 8/2:  OPEN

Core Worker’s Practice (Packwood) 8/15: OPEN
Event #7 (Packwood) 8/16: OPEN

Event #8 (BMP) 10/4: OPEN




First Aid/CPR Class for Safety Stewards – Gretchen will try to get a date scheduled for our Safety Stewards and a few other key members.


Four wheels off – Rule Definition and execution – After review it was determined that we will fix Nicks runs. This means his prior runs will count.  Gretchen is going to review old meeting minutes to determine exactly when the rule was changed and present revision at the next meeting.


Registration request – purge the numbers from the database. So it opens up numbers that people seem to be holding on their saved cars. Clear time only and novice numbers.


Grid Procedures – A discussion was held regarding the decision to flip a coin to determine which line in grid runs first at the last event.  After discussion a motion was made and seconded vote to determine if a coin flip at the beginning of each heat would occur at all future events.  The motion failed.  We will continue running grid as previously, with no coin flip.  It was also discussed that we should only scan a few cars in grid at a time.  Scanner should not walk down the row and scan ALL cars.  Need to allow time and space for reruns, etc. 


Event trophies – New event trophy invoice brings total to $300 per event and almost $7 per glass. Pay for current engraving and move to another vender. Next meeting with info on alternatives.


New laptop available for $225 from Kit Gauthier – Lenovo Think Pad Edge Intel Core 13-235 OM. CPU 2.30 GHZ. Ram 4.0 GB. 64 bit Op system. Win 7 Home Premium. Office 2010.


Motion made to adjourn the meeting.