SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 4/10/12

Members In Attendance— Gretchen Everett, Kevin Dietz, Fast Mike, Mark McCooey, Karen Babb, Val Korry, Tim Irwin, Glenn Austin, Jerry Lamb, Mike Miller, Peo Orvendal, Ron & Alysn Bauer, Tasha Mikko, Bud Bohrer, Russell O‘Connell, Dick Willy, Travis Boyle, Keith Brown.

Meeting Minutes-  Approved as written with one amendment. Russell would like to clarify that Oregon Drift will be run through the race program.

NWR Board Report (Glenn) -  Not many people in attendance.  There was a little bit of discussion regarding canceling the first race planned at The Ridge due to the high rain we had in March, and the fact that the run off areas are very unstable. 

NORPAC Report - (Keith) - Nothing new to report.

WWSCC Report - (Keith) - Slush Event #1 held the end of March.  It did snow a little bit during the day, but was mostly rain.  The course seemed fun, and everyone wished they could have run it in the dry.  It was a “true” slush event.
Drift Report - (Russell) - They had a date scheduled for last month, but they were unable to find a safety steward to cover the event.  It was a pre-paid event, so there was money lost, but they typically make money at events throughout the year and should be able to cover that loss.  There is interest in doing a two day event in Packwood.  Russell has been in contact with Angus to see what the availability may be.  They have lost one of their SSS volunteers, so he is looking for new volunteers to help out.  We will need to coordinate with Bob Forsberg once he has an appropriate person to get the proper training done.
Treasurer Report - Copies were passed around and discussed.  Lots of things have been pre-paid, but we did have a profit after the first event.
Old Business

Specialty chiefs -  All of the Specialty Chief positions have been filled.

Event Chairs - Still looking for volunteers to cover Event 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.  Ron & Alyson Bauer have volunteered to cover #5.  Travis Boyle has volunteered to cover #8.  If you’d like to get into the core worker’s practice, being an event chair is one of the few options you have left.  Anyone who is interested should contact Jerry.
Open Practice/Event #1 Packwood -  There were several people that came out on Saturday for the practice that had never auto-crossed before.  Unfortunately not all of them stuck around for the event on Sunday. The event on Sunday had 96 total entrants.  Lightest entries in a long, long time. It was difficult to cover all of the positions.  It is important to remember that if we have so few people to help cover positions, people may need to double up, or we have to drop the number of people who are working specialty positions.  Tasha wanted to make sure to give a big thank you to Brian Williams, who worked his butt off all weekend doing several assignments, and even working in the afternoon when he wasn't even running.  Everyone worked very hard last weekend, but he deserved a special shout out.  Thanks Brian!

Next Event - April 22 (BMP) - Will be held at BMP. Fast Mike is the event chair.  He is working with Eric to get a course designer. 

New Business

Equipment - The large canopy (EZ-UP) is missing.  The last time it was seen was at the NT after it was used by the senior center for waivers.  Peo thought it was returned to the correct spot, but also remembers that the truck/trailer may have not been loaded until the next day.  It will be difficult to cover registration without one, so we will need to come up with an alternative.  Jodi volunteered to find out if BSCC has one that we can borrow. 

Sponsorship - Mike Miller has come up with a proposal for different tiers.  Thank you for all of your efforts Mike.  This system is based on three different levels of sponsorship.  There was a discussion about the value our club actually has to offer a potential sponsor. It is important that we consider the accurate number of impressions that can be provided before we determine a final cost of the sponsorship. Gretchen volunteered to review the proposal, look into the cost per impression and try to determine if the cost is a realistic value. 
Pre-registration - Our Chief of Scoring feels that we have a problem with allowing everyone to pre-register for all events at the beginning of the season.  Jodi feels that we print over 300 cards per event, but then may end up with 96 entries.  People register and move away, or even change cars.  This discussion brought up the solution of having a computer at registration that could be used to enter these changes in the database prior to the event start.  This means that people with changes would need to stand in a line and people who pre-register and don't have any changes would be in the “short” line.  Jodi was soliciting suggestions, so she will now go back and talk with Brett about what might be possible for future events.

Solo Bus - When Brian got to Kevin’s shop after the last event it was extremely difficult to get it restarted after they stopped to get the gate open. The engine cranked over for at least 30 seconds, and they were concerned it might be an electrical problem.  Kevin said that the next morning when he went out to move it, it started up just fine, so that adds a little mystery to the situation.  Potential over-heating problem?

Classing suggestion -  One of our members had an issue with showing up in the wrong half of the day because he wasn't clear exactly what “ST” meant.  He was running in a ASP car in street tire.  A discussion was held regarding whether we should add a legend of exactly what all of the acronyms mean, or would it be easier to actually change how we label some of our classes.  A decision was made to change the street tire “T” class to “RT” for road tire. 
Meeting adjourned at 8:07 pm.