SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 04/08/08

Members in Attendance – Gretchen Everett, Dick Willy, Dieter Beldi, Lou Ann Christensen, Russell O’Connell, Charles Aggenbach, Val Korry, Jodi Fordahl, Mike Leuty, Glenn Austin, Jerry Lamb, Amy and Karl Coleman, Keith Brown, TJ McGeary, Bud Bohrer, Tim Irwin, Rick Vomenici, Allison Moffet, Ron Bauer.

Minutes Review – Minutes were approved as written.

Board Report – We have hit the cycle of our region where we actually start building membership, we have increased 50 people since year end.  The region paid all outstanding bills and still has $1998 in the bank.  The first race will be held April 26th & 27th in Bremerton.  Wild West Rally will be held the weekend of April 19th – 20th.  All-City Rally will be April 20th in Olympia.  The street survival school was held with 7 students.  None of the students had any auto sports background and the difference in their driving skills after six hours of work was astonishing. They were 100% better drivers than they were when they started. So all in all, it was a very successful event.  BMW CCA organized the event. The intent of this school was to teach the students to be safe, not fast.  The event was underwritten by the SCCA Foundation, so there will be no out of pocket expenses for our region. 


WWSCC Report – There has not been much activity since last month.  There have been no events since there are still no viable sites available.  Karl has been speaking with people at Emerald Downs, and also looking into a new site in Kent owned by Union Pacific. The UP site would be a great place to race, but the contact person did not have the ability the make a decision without contacting his corporate office.  Keith drove by Muckleshoot Casino and there is a large parking lot that is vacant and may be an option.  He will also try and drive by the Amphitheater to see if the back lot there has been paved because it would be a great option as well. 

Treasurer’s Report – March was a slow month with a few simple reimbursements.


Drifting Report - The Novice school was held on April 5th.  Dick wanted to congratulate Russell on holding a fantastic event.  The organization and effort put forth for this event was incredible and made a huge impact on the opinions held by some of the “crusty” old autocross folks.  Great job!  This was a big undertaking for the first official NWR Drift event.  There were 23 SCCA weekend memberships purchased. Russell wanted to thank all of the people that helped put on this event.  Jackie, Jerry, Bob, Gretchen, Tim Monk, and several other drift enthusiasts. There were six students that did not show up for the school.  This made it difficult to manage the event at times due to lack of core workers, etc.  All of the students enjoyed the box lunches, so the new vendor worked out great.  Jerry Lamb wanted to add that he overheard a couple of the students commenting on how well the “SCCA” event was organized and how much they enjoyed themselves, so he felt the event was a great success.


His only suggestion would be for Russell to delegate more and spread out the responsibility so that he is not running around trying to get everything done.  Another suggestion was made to do pre-registration and require payment prior to the event.  Russell is interested in holding an actual event on Memorial Day weekend, but BSCC typically runs a practice in that area, so he will need to make different arrangements. It may be possible to hold the event on Monday, while BSCC holds their event on the normal event side.


Novice School – Dick congratulated Jackie and Chris for a job well done! There were 19 cancelled students. Everyone felt the event was a great success.  Jackie wasn’t feeling well, and thank goodness had help from some incredible people.  A HUGE round of applause and a gigantic thank you goes out to Brett Spore.  She went well above and beyond the call of duty and things couldn’t have gone on without her.  Everyone loved the box lunches.  Bud made a comment that one of the goals of a Novice School is to help get new people introduced to our sport and also the people competing in these events.  He felt that it is important that the instructors get introduced at the beginning of the event so that students will have a better idea of who everyone is.  He also felt that it was extremely important that an actual schedule was distributed to each of the instructors so they had a better idea of the flow of the day.


Glenn Austin had a few suggestions regarding the course.  He felt the second slalom should never have been optional.  Several people agreed that adding the pointer cone in the afternoon was a good idea.  He felt due to some very “advanced” teaching it left students no option in case there was an error.  A couple of people felt that it was very harsh to actually DSQ a Novice School student who has gone off course. The group felt this rule should be put on hold during Novice School since we have students trying to learn how to drive. It was also suggested that we not use the same course for an event for a Novice School.  The elements that are important to teach in a school are much different than something that should be used for an event.  A course should consist of a basic set of elements that are controlled which would eliminate any of the above DSQ’ing issues.  A suggestion was made that someone design a basic course that can be used over and over each year.  Another suggestion was made that we not give our instructors and workers entry into the event the next day. We have lost insurance costs and sanction fees for each of those free entries. A free entry is going way above and beyond considering people receive free lunches, and runs at lunch time.


Event #1 – Jill Snell was sick and not able to make it as our temporary Chief of Timing.  Thanks go out to Karl & Amy, and Rick Vomenici who helped set-up all of the equipment. There was some discussion regarding how the cables should be set-up (spools out on course, or near the timing van).  This decision should be made by the Co-Chiefs of Timing. There was some difficulty getting everything together, especially since those with experience in this matter were not at the event.  Apparently, some of the cables were not labeled since they were not used last year.  Lou Ann volunteered to help create a schematic. 


Dick also suggested that if a decision was made and a vote taken to purchase a wireless timing system, this would no longer be an issue.  The total cost would be $2300.  Based on the year end P&L presented by Lou Ann, this amount is more than two season’s worth of profit.  Since we’ve already spent this year’s profit on free entries, etc. it seemed to most that this was too high of an amount to spend. Bud also suggested that a terrain map be created for the Bremerton site so that we can avoid “known” issues like permanently running water and large areas of paint. 


There were some timing issues because a few of the people appointed as data entry really did not know how to use the scoring program.  A precedent has been set the past few years that this is position filled by the Chief of Timing, when it actually should be filled by the Chief of Scoring.  Jodi will help coordinate this with the new Chief’s of Timing for 2008.  The issue of using fake names on the entry cards was also discussed.  A full first name and last name should be used for all entrants.  Jodi would also like to implement a second line at registration for anyone that has not pre-registered.  At that point those people would receive a separate form that would have first name, last name, car information and car number.  This way the information can be entered into the database prior to the start of the event.  Jodi will create the form and also communicate with the Chief’s of Registration.  It is also important they understand that the form MUST be filled out completely.  This includes a full address.


Packwood Site Report - There is a small issue with the June 28th & 29th event.  There will be a Stump Jumper event running at the same time, but Angus feels that he will be able to control the situation well enough that it shouldn’t be a problem.  The Packwood Youth Group is no longer available to serve food at our events.  Dick suggested that Bud contact the Senior Center to see if they would be interested in taking over this position.  It is important to remember that there is a restriction against “for profit” companies on site.  This eliminates the group currently serving us at BMP.  Dick had a discussion with Angus regarding sweeping the lot and also creating bird blockers.  He forgot to mention replacing the light bulbs.


Packwood Pro Solo TNT #1 – Jerry is looking for a course designer for the first Pro Solo.  Tim Irwin is also looking for a volunteer to help with waivers for the event.  He will be handling Event #2 on Sunday, but will not be around on Saturday.  Bud may be interested.




Year End Trophies & SCCA Membership – A question was raised as to whether or not someone purchasing a weekend membership for each event would be eligible for year end awards.  The group reminded Dick that it currently states in our rules that you must be a full member before the end of the fifth event.  A motion was made that nothing changes, and we should continue on as we have been.  A discussion was held and the motion carried.


Solo Bus Storage – Brian and Jess are now currently storing the bus.  They will also be driving the bus to most of the events for the season.  A motion was made and approved that the person who drives the bus to the event will receive a free entry.  A second motion was also made and approved that Brian and Jess will each receive a free entry for storing the bus.


Evo School - The schools will be held Tuesday – Thursday between National Tour and the Pro Solo.  A deposit check for $200 must be sent to Junior Johnson so that we can be added to the schedule.  Keith is currently working to determine the exact schools that will be held.  Phase I/Challenge Tuesday, Phase I and II Wednesday, Phase II/Challenge Thursday. They are also discussing how to best layout courses for each of the phases to fully utilize the space, and offer as many schools as possible.  A new school with a much smaller student to instructor ratio has been created.  If this school has been done enough times prior to coming to Seattle, Keith may offer this as well.


Helmet Stickers – New stickers are now available.  Before you take your run, the grid person/starter MUST see this sticker prior to being allowed entry onto the course.


Meeting adjourned at 9: 15  p.m.