SOLO Committee Meeting Minutes 4/10/2007


Members in Attendance – Bud Bohrer, Joel Ferguson, Glenn Austin, Randy?, Amy Olson, Scott Miller, Dick Willy, Ron Bauer, Mike Leuty, Val Korry, Mark McCooey, Brian Norton, Jess ?, Jackie McInnes, Keith Brown, Charles Aggenbach, Mary Lee, Fast Mike, Kevin Dietz


Minutes Review – noise decimal sb. noise decibels, approved with corrections (see Dick)


Board Report –  Jay Shukla’s wife passed away Thurs. Evening. First gear maximum age increased to 24. Race had to move their storage facility from PR to South Sound Raceway. Rallycross has had a couple of good rallies. Travis ? threw out the first pitch at a Portland baseball game. Time trials national supplements are done, regional rules are MIA. Solo had a very good event. Region has completed newsletter, next issue needs articles by 5/1. Race got into trouble for barriers in the wrong locations. Lou Ann has updated bylaws and will share later. $2000 approved for e-crew kits. Communications


Treasurer’s Report – Lou Ann not here, Dick presented written report. Ron raised issue of $5000 from region.


WWSCC Report – Finished slush season with ACE event. Next event is Dawg Dash, Apr 29th. There are some other changes that are reflected from the website, Autopilot moved to June 3rd, NWDE still looking for date for Clothing Optional. Should slush events be a series? Idea tabled until later in year.


Equipment Report – Nothing to report, truck at his house. Gas cap missing, Brian bought three but none fit. Brian is keeping at his house for now since he’s doing the most driving. Question about Kevin’s free entries since the bus isn’t kept at Kevin’s.


Novice School – Jackie was really excited, 52 students, event went off without a hitch except for the lights getting hit. Still working on getting the money.


First Aid Kit & Resource List – We don’t have a kit in the van, Dick thinking about buying one (about $70) and keeping in the bus. Dick looking for certified First Aid people, will be sending note out on the list. Ron moved for up to $100, FM seconded. Passed. Val brought up issues about written emergency plan, this was an issue at the NT last year.


Review event #1 – Course was fun and fast. Ron brought up an issue about those who wanted to double-enter only were permitted those who had pre-registered. AutocrossScorekeeper either shouldn’t permit double-entry, or the cards should be held, or lottery for double-entries. Joel’s recommendation is to not allow double-entries. Keith suggested limiting to the last 10 minutes of registration. Dick suggested to use the mic for the drivers meeting. Joel needs to write his article for the region newsletter. Bud issue about section on taxiway to limit speeds on the taxiway. We need to make sure that the course designers are aware of that limitation, and it needs to be written down. Minutes from a couple of years ago should have the limitation wording. We need to keep in mind that another reported incident could cause the loss of the site. Bud brought up that its not the first correction, it’s the second or third that causes the problem.




Event Chairs – Still need event chairs for practice on the 19th, and NT. Brian and Jess volunteered to chair both the practice and the NT!


Course Designers – Call David if interested.


2007 Specialty Chiefs –




Amy, Karl, and Kevin had discussions with some of the Packwood locals, and there was some comments about the noise. Kevin suggested that we start enforcing the rules about sound limitations. Fastrack sound guidelines are being developed, this is primarily fallout from national competitors having “loud cars” so local competitors think that’s what it takes to be fast. We have a sound meter, Dick would like to have someone be the focal to get trained on sound issues. FM suggests that we put something out on the board to give people plenty of warning about sound limits. Ron suggested measuring and getting some numbers so that we can set some limits for next year. Ron and FM have volunteered to be those focals for now.


Course worker training and monitoring – Glen H. has an idea for someone who is in charge of training and monitoring. Someone who can float between stations. Bud mentioned that it only takes a minute or so for training. Ron suggested that we have it as a permanent work assignment or chief. Glen would probably do this as long as someone would take over grid. Joel F. will talk to Glen.


Scott and Brian have a tentative plan to go out to Packwood and survey the lot, and possibly mark a grid on the pavement. Kevin moves to $300 + free entry to survey, Jackie seconded, motion carried.


Keith – talked to Tim Irwin, his jacket is the wrong size, he’d like to have a medium jacket instead of a large jacket, Mark McCooey moved $80 to replace jacket, FM seconded, motion carried.


Carl – People are still looking for annual tech, opportunities at Packwood.


FM moved meeting adjornment, Ron seconded.


Meeting adjorned at 8:28 PM