SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 4/11/06

Members in Attendance – Erika Cowan, Karl Coleman, Amy Olson, Keith Brown, Dick Willy, Tom LeCoque, LouAnn Christensen, Kevin Dietz, Gretchen Everett, Jerry Lamb, Jake Nygaard, Joe Goeke, Brian Norton, Mike Leuty, Jodi Fordahl, Annie Bauer, Bud Bohrer.  Visitors: Joel Ferguson, Brian Chambers.

Minutes Review – The minutes were approved as written with the following additions– Mike Leuty was in attendance and Amy Olson is the 2006 Chief of Trophies.

Board Report – Kim needs to know where the money from our CDs has gone.  Xbox games Rally coming out soon. Doo-wop was in February.  Race has money in the bank.  Time trials had an event that conflicted with one of our Solo events, and they basically lost their shirts.  They had a financial issue with the Ambulance provider, but seem to have things worked out now.  The July event fee has been raised to $175.  The newsletter has been revised significantly.  People at the meeting said they liked this new format better.  Anyone with any comments should get them to Sherri Masterson.  We were experiencing some issues with the website.  Joe is aware of this and is working to find a fix.  There was some discussion regarding a drifting event on August 19th at Monroe Speedway.  There were some concerns raised regarding minor waivers but someone will continue to research the situation.

Treasurer’s Report – Please see attached report. 


WWSCC Report – Coneheads practice last year was done to help offset the costs of the year-end banquet.  There was a total of $400 leftover which will carry over to the 2006 banquet.  The Coneheads practice this year will be on July 15th.  The first event will be May 14th.  They believe that JAC is actually building the timing system and it should be available by the first event.  WW has decided to implement the “four wheels off” the pavement rule in Bremerton for all events from hear out.  Kevin has volunteered to renew his sponsorship of the WW council.  Thank you Kevin!


Equipment Report – The bus was delivered to EKC where it having all of the final work completed (radio, steering wheel, etc.).  The repairs should be completed by the end of the week.  The bus now has all three gears!  Yeah!  The trailer still needs to be repaired but Kevin has found a place to take it.  He will need to get the keys soon so that things can be taken care of before the next event in Packwood.  Everything should be good to go, but he has not confirmed that the fire extinguishers have been replaced.




2006 Specialty Chiefs – We now have volunteers for ALL specialty chief positions.  Thanks to David Lewis and Brian Norton for filling the final open positions.


Course – David Lewis    

Waivers – Joe Flores     

Equipment – Still Need Someone 

Timing – Glen Austin & Enrique Garcia    

Scoring – Jodi Fordahl    

Workers – Keith and Kristi Brown                

Registration – Jason Spore & Dick Willy               

Tech – Abe Douglas      

Grid – Trever McDermott & Glen Hernandez        

Novice Chair – Jackie McInnes   

Trophy Chair – Amy Olson                     


2006 Pro Solo – Not much activity happening right now.  All paperwork should be turned in at the Atwater event.  Alan is looking for a Chief of Impound, Chief Safety Steward, Chief of Workers, and Chief of Tech.  Keith and Kristi have volunteered to cover Workers and Jerry has sent individual emails to people with the proper experience to cover the other positions.  If someone is interested in any of these positions, please contact Jerry.


2006 National Tour – All of the Chief positions have been taken care of.  We need an Operating Steward for training with the National Office.  This is an all-day job and will require many different hats to help get things done.  Kevin Dietz has volunteered for this position.  Erika has volunteered to help Jason with registration (i.e. she will take care of it if Jason doesn’t really want to.)  Keith and Jerry have decided to run with a Lumberjack theme. A decision was made to have a t-shirt design contest with the winner receiving a FREE entry to National Tour.  All entries must be submitted to Jerry or Keith no later than the June SCCA meeting.  The winner will be responsible for providing camera-ready artwork that can be used by the printing company.  If the winner chooses to provide the design AND be responsible for coordinating the t-shirt order they will also win a FREE entry to the Pro Solo. 


Dates –

April 2 – Jackie and Erika were co-chairs.  Erika felt the event went well excluding a couple of different timing issues.  The new helmets donated from need to be marked up. Stickers have been ordered and should be available shortly.  Erika would like to give a BIG thank you to Jodi Fordahl and Enrique for all of their hustling to get the timing system back up after the incident.  The new Killer Bees concessions were wonderful!  It was also noted that all the suggestions they received from the first event were implemented for last weekend’s BSCC and Porsche Club events.  The April 1st Core Workers event was enjoyed by all.  A suggestion was made that the definition of a “core worker” be determined and publicly announced if we hold another event like this one.  A BIG thank you goes out to Enrique who worked his butt off ALL day long on Saturday as the Core Chair, and then was also the Course designer for both Saturday and Sunday.  Thanks Enrique! 


April 22 – 23 (Packwood) – Jake & Shalyn  - Saturday will be a co-hosted event with Sand & Sage.  For all purposes this will be an SCCA event.  We will be using SCCA insurance, and Safety Stewards.  Glen Austin will be responsible for supervising the Sand & Sage people while they tech cars. Karl brought it to our attention that we must remind ALL people involved that this is “officially” an SCCA practice event.  They just happen to be using our practice as an event in their series.  All expenses will be split in half for the weekend, with SCCA keeping the proceeds from Sunday, and Sand & Sage keeping the proceeds from Saturday. 


May 28 (BMP) – Karl & Amy

June 17 – 18 (Packwood) – Brett & Enrique

July 23 (BMP) – Karl & Kevin

September 3 (BMP) – Aaron Pailthorp

October 15 (BMP) – Shelbi & Kevin


Equipment Replacement – The generator has been replaced.  Val has gone out and bought chairs, tables, radios, and a TON of other stuff.  Thanks Val!  Karl went out and purchased the new helmets that are being replaced by Thanks Karl!  Bud has the waiver boxes all replaced and ready to go.  A big thank you goes out to everyone that has helped replace anything that has been stolen. 


Laptop Upgrade – This is all taken care of. Gretchen ordered the computer and will bring it to the May Solo meeting.


PA system Stolen/Replacement – This is all replaced and taken care of.


NEW BUSINESS          


Packwood Out of Bounds Rule - A proposal was made and seconded that if “all four wheels go over the yellow line” at the Packwood site at any given time then the car will be DSQ’d for the remainder of that day’s event.. After much discussion the group held a vote and the proposal was passed.


Novice School – May 13, Everett - We have confirmed the site with Boeing.  Fordahl Motorsports is not available for a ground school because Greg is going to be out of town.  Jodi did suggest that if another alternative location cannot be found then there may be a chance for one of the employees to open the doors.


Novice Jackets – One of the jackets was miss printed and they were both the wrong sizes.  Replacements will be received from the manufacturer.  We will expect that the one with the error should be replaced on their dime and NWR SCCA will replace the second.


Solo Bus Storage – Brian has done some research to try and find an appropriate storage facility for the Solo Bus.  The cheapest place he has found so far is $170 a month and that is for outside storage.  The bus is right in the middle of the average size range for most places.  Brian will need to get the exact measurements.  Mike Leuty currently stores his Motorhome at someplace in Sumner for only

$50 a month.  Something as large as 35’ would only be $65.  Brian also found a place in Covington that has on-site employees that actually live there.  Additional research needs to be done before a decision is made.  Lou Ann volunteered to visit the site in Covington.


Equipment Rental from PCA/BSCC – A suggestion was made that rather than trying to purchase a second set of cones that would need to travel back and fourth from all of our different events we would “rent” them from PCA and BSCC.  Jodi said that since she represents both of the clubs she would be happy to present the information.  SCCA would be willing to “rent” the cones for $100 an event.  She will report back at the next meeting.


Evolution School - The school will be held August 8 – 10 between the NT and Pro.  Since Phase 3 has been discontinued he needs to find something to fill that hole.  Keith has had some requests for some type of teen driving school.  This is a possibility.  He will send out a note seeing if there is actually enough interest.  If not, he will fill it with something different.


Website/Results - The original hosting site has been bought out and has now switched software programs.  Joe is aware of the issues and has been working very closely with the company.  He feels that the site should be up and running within the next week.  He reminded us that this is really the first time we’ve had issues over the past year. 


Meeting Locations - Ron suggested that we find a NEW place to hold our SCCA meeting.  Bill’s Bodacious BBQ is up in the Highlands and is more than happy to host our meetings.  He just held the ACE meeting there last week and felt that it would be a great place to try next month.  The group agreed that we could try this for the month of May.  Ron will organize it and forward the information to Joe for posting on the website.


Motion to adjourn passed at 9:17 p.m.