SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 4/12/05

Members in Attendance – Bud Bohrer, Lou Anne Christensen, Keith Brown, Alan Dahl, Mike Leuty, Jerry Lamb, Scott Miller, Shelbi Zigler, Tom LeCoque, Dick Willy, Val Korry, Mark McCooey, Steve Roberts, Kevin Dietz.

Visitors: None

Minutes Review – approved as written.

Board Report – Race has decided that they no longer need to borrow any money from Solo.  They will be borrowing enough money from John Forespring to start their season.  They held their first event and only lost $1500.  Time Trials also held their first event and broke even.  Time Trials are looking for Safety Stewards to help run their events.  Our region will be getting a both at the Auto Accessories Expo.  Unfortunately, it’s the same weekend as Wendover, so there will probably not be much Solo support available. The region is also looking for good venues to hold rally crosses.  If anyone knows of a possible site please let Jerry know.  Mike Leuty suggested looking at the Segale site down behind Claim Jumper in Tukwila.  There was a lot of discussion about supporting the Northwest Outdoor Coalition which is a group that has been put together to help fight against the legislation being created to try and stop a lot of outdoor Motorsports activities. 

Treasurer’s Report – BMP practice funds were deposited. Several misc. expenses paid. Year-end trophies, Yakima site fee, partial bus insurance, misc. bus repairs, and laser photohead/aligner.


WWSCC Report  Chuckanut Sports Car Club held the final slush event in March.  The event was a little slow to start and had timing issues throughout the morning.  It was passed and approved as a championship event.  There was discussion to hold a fund-raiser on the Saturday before sportswear Spectacular.  After the low attendance at the Coneheads banquet (85 people), the idea was discussed to hold an SCCA event with funds being used strictly to offset the costs of the banquet.  The chairs felt that at $35 a piece, it was beginning to reach the threshold for what people could afford, but with costs rising in the future this situation would probably only get worse.  We don’t need to make a final decision tonight, but there was a strong level of support for this type of situation.  Bud suggested there might be an issue since we may be supplementing an event that would help a limited number of people.


Equipment Report – Solo bus is repaired!  Scott was able to deliver the bus back to Kevin’s place and also negotiated with the repair shop to drop the total cost of the invoice by $1,000!  Thank you Scott.  The engine is very tight, so it’s not making as much power as it will after it’s broken in.  The transmission was also replaced, along with the remanufactured Ford engine. 



Specialty Chiefs - We are still looking for a NON-stock Co-Chief of Registration, a Non-Stock Half the day Novice Chair, and a
Chief of Course.  These are very important positions and we really need to fill them before our season gets going.  Anyone interested please contact Jerry Lamb.




April 17 (Yakima): Dick Willy is the event chair.  We are preplanning an event with Sand & Sage on Saturday.  There will be a social event at the new location for Grant’s Brewery.

May 14 – 15 (Packwood): Steve Roberts will tentatively be the event chair for Sunday.  We will not be holding a Novice School on Saturday, but we potentially have a practice.

May 29 (Bremerton): Tim Irwin will chair this event.

June 18 – 19 (Packwood): Event Chair – Karl Coleman.  Still need a chair for the practice.

July 16 – 17 (Packwood): Pro Solo – Alan Dahl – tentative Event Chair.

July 23 – 24: National Tour (Bremerton): Karl Coleman/Scott Miller

August 14 (Bremerton): Kevin Dietz/Gretchen Everett

September 4:  (Bremerton): Still need an event chair

September 24 – 25 (Bremerton): Still need an event chair

October 16 (Bremerton): Still need an event chair.


Trophies – Brent has everything taken care of and should be receiving all of the trophies by the end of the week.  The trophies ended up being a bit more expensive than he was anticipating, but he adjusted the inventory levels to make up for this and things should be flush by the end of the season. Brent will be coordinating all of the trophies for each of the regional events and this will be his work assignment for the year.



National Tour – The chief’s list is coming together nicely.  There are a couple of holes in the line up – they still need a Chief of Teardown, a Chief of Course, and Scott needs to confirm with Oregon that they will be responsible for Impound.  It would also be nice to include a site clean up focal.    The event contract needs to be signed by John Forespring and returned to Topeka by April 29th. We also need to confirm that Greg Fordahl will design the course by this date also.  Scott feels he is generally ahead of the game with most of these things.  Fast Mike suggested that we actually find a local organization to help cover the worker positions for the Friday practice. We still need a Chair for this event. 


Slush Banquet – April 23, from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. at Bison Creek.


Novice School – Brett and Bud will be holding a Novice School.


Evolution School - Keith Brown has volunteered to Chair this whole situation.  His original intent was to hold the school over a weekend, but unfortunately there are no site available for any weekends this summer.  Cheney is available during the week, or he could hold the school the weekend between the Pro Solo and National Tour in Packwood.  Dick reminded Keith that there might be a possibility of holding the event at the new White River Amphitheater out at Muckleshoot Indian Casino.  He will continue searching for a site other than Bremerton, but will fall back on the weekend at Packwood.


PAX Class – 26 people registered for the first event out of the 138 entrants.  A question was raised if we needed to address this situation.  Keith our Chief of Workers says that the worker situation will be just fine, as the PAX class is basically it’s own run group. 


Time Trial Venue - They would like to pick-up our dates the weekends we move to Packwood.  The group agreed that we would not release these dates until we receive a final – signed contract from Packwood.  They are also looking for any Solo safety stewards who are interested in upgrading their license to cover Time Trial events also.  Anyone interested should contact Gretchen or Jerry.


Specialty Chiefs – The question was raised as to whether our Specialty Chiefs are actually responsible for covering practices too.  The group felt that the Chief should really be responsible for finding someone to cover these events too.


Annual Tech – We will be holding annual tech again this year.  Keith has suggested to Abe that he hold sessions this weekend in Yakima. Unfortunately, 2005 rulebooks will not be available for the event so an announcement cannot be made to the public list.  Abe is interested in holding a session someplace off-site also.