4/8/03 Minutes


Wendy Fee and Tim Irwin

Board Report

Kim Craddock our regional treasurer reported that we were in the hole $1500 from our 50th Anniversary banquet.  We are also in the hole regarding finances in general.  She is hoping that each venue will step up and help offset this deficit.  We will be audited this year to keep our non-profit status for a cost of $1800 and these funds would go to help cover those costs also.  Kim will be stepping down to a much smaller role and is looking for someone to take her place as regional treasurer.  Anyone interested should contact Karl.  There was a large number of champagne flutes leftover from the banquet.  They can be sold to raise money for $10 a piece.  Solo has agreed to sell 2 cases.  These can be sold at local events and/or purchased to use as trophies or giveaways.  Solo reported on the Novice School and our first couple of events.  There was no rally report because everyone was traveling home from an event.  There was some concern that the regional website was not updated on a regular basis.  The board would like Joe to attend the next meeting so that people will have the chance to discuss the process to get things updated on a regular basis. 


Minutes Review

Approved with the following changes.  The UW – WWSCC club should be listed as UWFSAE.  Under the rent-a-student section, the third amendment mentioned should read that novices will not be allowed to rent a student to cover their work assignment.  Finally, under the passenger clarification section it should read that PAX class entrants are allowed to ride any time they would like.


Treasurer’s Report

Please see attached report for details.  We received a bill for the 2002 year end awards.  The $3900 included the class awards and the new Specialty Chief Jackets that were purchased. Lou Ann is expecting a large amount of invoices in April and with only $800 in our checking account she would like to transfer some dollars out of the equipment fund to cover things until we start earning money on a more regular basis. 


WWSCC Report

The final slush event went well.  The slush banquet will be $5 per person and will be held at Bison Creek on April 19th.   There is a ladies practice coming up on April 12th.  Brianne is looking for help with this event.  The VP position is still open if anyone is interested in helping out. 

Equipment Report

The bus had the new radio installed.  This was very helpful during the ride to Yakima.  The temperature gauge seemed to be the problem with the temperature spiking.  They only charged us for the parts and labor since it was not caught on the last visit.  Scott had an eventful trip on the way to Yakima.  He feels the bus is being asked to do more than it is capable of.  He was forced to run with the heater running full blast the enter time just to maintain normal freeway speeds.  The temperature outside was only 40 degrees, so if it were any hotter there would be some serious trouble.  He feels that adding an additional electrical fan would help with cooling.  He is concerned that another trip to Yakima might do some serious damage and we should address the situation.  Scott has funds leftover from the last motion made towards repair and Karl would like to re-designate these towards new repairs.  Tom LeCoque has agreed to start looking in wrecking yards and/or doing some research to figure out what our options are.  The new motion to allocate funds will be done at the next meeting.


The plug for the large display quit working while in Yakima.  Jodi suggests that we buy a 110 fuse because she thinks that it blew an internal fuse.  Jodi is also thinking that if someone has another laptop with a wireless card, it would be fun to have the announcers screen outside the bus so that competitors can keep track of what’s going on.  This could also be accomplished by buying a wireless card for our current laptop.  This is just an idea for everyone to think about.  Keith has agreed to bring his wireless card in the future for us to try this out.  Jodi is going to check with Scott C. and see if he could try this out at the PCA event.  Kelly has ordered 2 sets of photo heads, two aligners, the rain cover and 2 cables.  She is working on getting these pieces by the May event.  It doesn’t seem possible for the April 20th event.  There is also an issue with the way the display actually sits on the stand.  Karen felt this could be address with some epoxy glue and/or bungee cords. 


Old Business


Event #2  – Nice little course.  Very quick.  People were a little irritated with the tight start.  Everyone really enjoyed the trophies.  There were several people at the awards presentation.  The pre-event function at Grant’s was a success, although it may be nice if we call ahead and warn them our group is coming next time.  A note was made that we should make better arrangements for toilets at all future events on this location.


Extra clarification for a passenger policy - It has been decided that as long as someone has signed the waiver and is over the age of 8 years old, it is OKAY for them to ride as a passenger, even if they are not competitors.


New Business


Solo Strategic Program Plan (SSPP)  – The subject came up at the National Convention regarding a strategic plan for SCCA.  This is an opportunity for us to influence the direction Solo goes over the next 10 – 20 years.  There are several things that the National Office is looking for.   Bud has put together a timeline to help ensure that our feedback can be sent to the proper people.  He would like to establish a committee to prepare recommendations/comments from the NWR Solo Committee to SCCA, Inc.  The charter includes soliciting and considering comments from NWR Solo enthusiasts, Solo Committee members and SSPP members.   Dick Willy, Keith Brown, Tim Irwin, Bud Bohrer and Karl Coleman have all agreed to be a part of this new committee.  Karen Babb and Mike Leuty have agreed to be advisors.


Kentlake High School Car Show – This high school is inviting racing organizations, car dealers, students and other automotive enthusiasts to attend a local car show.  This is a fun thing for students and will also be a fund-raiser as they are asking everyone to bring a can of food.  Jeff Winchell, Alan Dahl, Tom LeCoque and a couple others have agreed to volunteer.  Karl feels it is important that the Solo bus be on display since this shows our web address and all of our sponsors.  Bud could possibly bring it out, but has other plans and is hoping someone else might be able to.  Scott Miller has agreed to take the bus out there and Karl will pick it up with the help of Scott.  Thank you!


SCCA practice 4/19 Port of Seattle (POS) – The site has been confirmed for both Saturday and Sunday.  We will be holding a practice on Saturday before the event.  Karl has agreed to be the event chair.  A suggestion was made that we charge enough for this event to help break even with the site fee.  There will be a morning and afternoon session.  You will be able to register for both halves of the day.  Karl will determine how the format will be.  He will break each half of the day in two and run it as a regular event.

We will need a safety steward for this event.   Scott Miller has agreed to be a Safety Steward. 


Event #3 – 4/20 Port of Seattle (POS) – Scott Miller has agreed to be the event chair.  Karen Babb has already designed a course. 


Misc. Timing Issues  – a discussion was held regarding whether we need to continue using our standard posting sheets.  It is possible for timing to produce printouts in the middle and end of each run.  The two people who typically do posting could now be split.  One could be a runner for the timing van to display printouts and the second could be positioned at the finish line to fill-out sticky note.   It has also been brought up that it would be nice to have a timing auditor actually assigned for each run group.  In the past this has been the responsibility of the event chair.  Some felt this should be the timing runner.  Nash and Kelley will work together to figure this out.




Sharon Reuter has asked whether we will continue using trophies at future events.  A big yes was the answer!  Jodie will call Sharon.


Tim Irwin, Tom LeCoque, Tony Lemon and Jerry Lamb are all interested in learning how to be a safety steward.  Wayne will try to arrange a steward training school. 


BSCC is working very hard this year to hold more organized events.  They will be doing live scoring and also using run groups.