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Board Report

Board report. 

·         Race talked about the school which has already happened 15 drivers expected 20-25 actual.  High performance school can be taken with just about any cars (no roll bars for convertibles). 

·         Rally did their normal I-5 cleanup.  All city gimmick rally on the 28th.  Keith is the gimmick rally guru.  Championship North American rally, big time rally in North America, attracting top rally drivers in world.  John Forespring went to Cherokee trails 97 entries.  $20,000 rental for the site. 

NRW newsletter controversy, publisher and editor are not happy with each other.  We may change the publisher.  Linda may have resigned as editor.  May go electronic, cheaper for the electronic version.


1641 members in NWR in 1987 we had 699 members. 


Patches available from Lou Ann, by using coupon from mail.


Bylaws changes.  Votes to be counted.


Packwood is for sale.  It appears that it is ours to use till it is sold.  Need to have a cleanup party to pick up wood.  State dumptrucks come through there.  Packwood primarily has just hotels and eateries.  300 rooms, 5 eateries.  John Forespring has the contact. 


Replace stuff that was stolen.


2 board members stopped showing up. 

Treasurer’s Report

We gained some money this month from the event, not all the income is in.  Test N tune income hasn’t shown up.



Equipment Report

Trailer info.: Mike Leuty is looking, came to a consensus that a 7x12 tandem axle is the best alternative.  7x8’ is the size of the pile.  This gives us a 50% growth factor.  Tandem is more stable.  Looked @ 4 brands, recommended to go with the Pace Trophy. 

Interstate $5184

Haulmark $4197

Pace $5705

Wells cargo $6990

Lead time 10-12 weeks to 4-6 weeks depending on brand.


Mike Leuty moved that we buy the Pace trailer, Jodi Fordahl seconded it, no opposed. 

Kevin of Jim’s Detail said that he would throw in free labor for graphics.


Remodeling of the bus interior, remodel is done.  The bus has nice countertop. 


Stolen items.  The PA is on the back burner; we’re going to try piggyback with race.  The timer should be bought in the next month.  Cable from timing box to large display needed. 


Helmet container.  Don’t want them to bounce around.  Getting a storage container, will fit a large helmet. 


We needed a better mast for the FM radio.  PVC hold to drop the antenna into.  Have to find a place to stow it.  Same as what we had @ the first event. Clamp like the BEAC van’s.  Hinge proposed.  Keith is on the mast committee. 



Old Business


San Diego Tour - Kevin Dietz kicked butt.  Large course, very fast

Tustin Pro Solo - abrasive surface tough on tires.  Tons of grip.


Site Marketing Committee – Karl and Scott will be on the committee.  Roger Johnson gave a good presentation at the national convention.  Dick is ready to answer “what’s in it for me” to potential owners.  Who are the decision makers, who should make the pitch?  Dick want a summary of what we have looked at so far.  Once equipped with info we can re-approach them.  Joe Goeke and Gretchen Everett volunteered to be on the committee.  Michael Lee said he might be interested in joining the committee.


Emerald Down’s space is getting limited but we may still be able to use it. 


Cheney Stadium might still be an option but it may come with short notice.


Yakima Sundome – Kenny Richins is helping us get some insight as to what might be the problem with using the site.  Currently they don’t want us autocrossing on the site.  The Yakima group currently has 3 autocrosses scheduled for the site this season.  We may need to show how we are doing this for more than just NWR (we may need to start donating to some charity they like).


Mike has corresponded with Port of Seattle Terminal 91.  The guy who runs things is on our side.  The concern is the local citizens.  Mike suggested we make a pitch to the local citizens.  We also need to find out what charities they might like us to contribute to.


Timing software updates – The new software is ready for prime time.  Online registration works too.  Novices might use 100 for event #1, 200 for event #2

Solo Secretary – We need one desperately.  This will count as your work assignment for the year.  Gretchen Everett will be our new Solo Secretary.

New Business


Event #2 could possibly be in Packwood.  We need an event chair.  We already have the specialty chiefs.


Event #3 will be in Bremerton, on the north end of the lot.  May 26th is the date. Joe Goeke may be interested in chairing the event.  He’ll check into it.  Maybe run the PCA course backwards.


Event Trophies – We are strongly leaning toward having the same trophies as last year.  There was discussion about dash plaques.  Michael Lee motioned that we re-institute dash plaques that are event specific but not date specific or site specific.  Karl seconded it.  Motion passed.


Reimbursement of food costs for Solo Chair at meetings.  Discussion was had.  Motion was passed for the Solo chair to be reimbursed for up to $10 per meeting (WWSCC, SCCA Board, SCCA Regional).


National Tour – Bud will start working on it soon.

Shirts - Sharon mentioned that we hire Roger Johnson to make them.  Michael Lee said he knows someone who could make them.  Ron asked that Michael get him the details. 


Bremerton Motorsports Park issues – SOVREN/SCCA date selection snafu.  There is a meeting on Wednesday to discuss the issue that came up in March.  Bremerton Motorsports Park has not been the most communicative about these issues that they are trying to hold people accountable for.  Ron will have more info for us at the next meeting. 


Proper Accounting Practices – Test and Tune - $864.  Many of these charges should have been voted on at the SCCA meeting prior to expenditure.  Whether the expenditures were just or not isn’t the debate, it’s that it wasn’t discussed prior to spending.   Anything over $100 needs to be approved at a committee.  This has always been this way.  Expenses need to be submitted to the Treasurer for reimbursement.  The person incurring the expense can’t take the money out of the event proceeds to reimburse themselves.


Pre-registration – For Event #2, we will promote pre registration but not pre payment.


The Solo Bus needs the fuel gauge fixed and needs a new battery.  It was suggested Greg Fordahl, who is an Interstate battery dealer, procure a battery for the bus.  It was also suggested that the fuel gauge get fixed.


Good of the Order