Solo Meeting Notes 4/11/00


Mtg called to order 7:07 PM  (Note that the computer ran out of battery and died during the meeting.  So the notes are not exact, but done by memory after the fact….)


Visitors: Genia, guest of Michael Lee


Board Report:  Region Logo stickers (shield), more have been ordered.  Do we need to order as Solo?  No, Sharon still has some, be sure to bring them to events.  Sharon can now have a year long work assignment of peddling “stuff”.   Web page – we are seeking replacement for overall keeper of the website.  It would entail the overall region stuff, plus lately it has included doing Race’s portion.  Region has been giving out pins for membership – 5 year, etc.  It has not been going as well as it should lately, due to those who let their membership lapse at the wrong time of year.  Discussion of whether or not to continue the grand tradition – could be about $800.00 to get caught up with where we should be.  Bremerton paving costs – region paid $400.00.  Perpetual trophy coordinator for the region has fallen to Carol Leuty. Taxes- extension has been filed, 1999 should be not-for-profit pending discussion with IRS.  Race- had driving school/Solo1.  Rally – had Doo Wops 3&4 (no 1&2) – large turnout, a couple of crashes.  April 15 & 16 – 60% national event in Oregon. 


Treasurer’s Report:  Quickbooks working now, spent a lot of money for this month.  $895 from practice, $3485.25 from event.  Revenue, not net. Written report attached to the minutes.  Contributions to site fund? Bud talks about the Quickbooks system, currently has to download all books for the region to access the Solo Venue anytime he wants to make a change.  This could lead to trouble down the road.


Equipment Report:  PA very well liked by everyone.  Karen reported that the bus could use some new rear tires, as the current ones “suck.”  Additional items of note are that one of the tail lights is out, it seems to smoke excessively under load, and the steering may need some work. Jodi says we should talk to her about buying the tires from Sound Tire.  John Leuty is mentioned as someone that may be able to look at the other items and could possibly fix those.  All agree that storing the bus at Jim’s Detail in exchange for stickers on the bus sounds like a great way to go.  Karen also reports that so far, we have been using bunting, spools, and saw horses that belong to BEAC.  We should get our own.  We should also get garbage cans and barricades.  Talked about insurance.  Ron Bauer reports the annual cost to be $1883 to cover the bus.  Current drivers assigned to be able to drive it are himself, Karen Babb, Mike Leuty, and Bud Bohrer.  To put additional drivers on the policy, they must be at least 25 and have a clean driving record.  A couple of people say that there is such a thing as having insurance turned on and off on a daily basis.  We should check into this to see if it would save us money.  We still need a generator.  It has been narrowed down to a specific model.  Ron will look to purchase.  Talk about new radios.  Ron Babb mentioned outside of meeting that we should possibly look into getting new radios.  Current radios are apparently having some problems.  Ron Bauer reports that Ron Babb says that the person that used to tune them up is no longer in business.  Jodi states that he is, and that we should check that option first.  It is suggested that maybe we should use Talk Abouts for posting since they last so long, and have replaceable batteries.


Old Business:

                Site Committee:  Noel and others report that things are not as rosy looking as they had been.  At this point we don’t have any sites confirmed except for the dates at Bremerton.  Ron talks about the need for everyone to be flexible this year, as things may happen at the last minute.

                National Tour at Bremerton:  Glen (Tour Chief) not at meeting.  Everyone is curious about current Chief situation.  Do we need more?  How are we on hotels, etc?

                San Bernadino Pro:  We had about 20 people attend.  All had a good time.

                Practice, April 1:  Mike Leuty chaired.  The format seemed to work well.  One negative to some was that times weren’t posted.

                Event #1, April 2:  Chaired by Ron Bauer.  First “on the road” event.  The new equipment worked very well.  A public thank you is made to Colin Watson for the use of his generator to run everything.  The results showed 207 entries.  Problems noted were parking (it was a free for all,) and lack of a place to put the garbage that accumulated during the event.  Lots of ideas are brought up to help with these.  We should have a combined parking/waiver patrol at the gate to have people sign the waiver, and direct them where to park.  The trailer parking area was a good idea, but needs to be done differently.  It’s suggested they park diagonally for easy in and easy out, while also taking as little space as possible.  Gretchen will look into getting a dumpster on site for future events.  It’s also suggested that course maps be passed out at the time people enter the gate.

                San Diego Tour:  Again a large NW turnout. 

                Solo Bucks:  We need to have someone make some and put serial numbers on them so they can be passed out.  Noel and Joe volunteer to do this.


New Business:

                Practice, April 15th:  Jeff Winchell to chair.  Format will be similar to practice Mike chaired.  Additional items will be the handing out post-its at the finish with times, and using a parallel timing system to print out results in a quicker fashion.

                Event #2, April 16th:  Gretchen to chair.  There has been a lot of griping about changing/adding this event at that last minute.  It’s asked whether the event should be for points or not.  Ron again speaks about the need to be flexible, and that maybe no one should be counting on enough events for trophies this year.  It’s decided that it can be determined later in the year whether it should be for points or not.

                Safety Stewards:  We have been having a difficult time so far getting people to be Safety Stewards for these first events.  Need to coordinate with Wayne Reuter to set up a school.

                Region pyrometer & books for Novice Program:  Michael Lee would like to have these items.  It’s decided that he should put together a specific proposal with items and prices and submit that for discussion further.

                Trophies:  It appears that we aren’t going to be able to do exactly what was done last year since dates are up in the air.  Suggestions are to make the big stickers late in the year, when we have either run all of the events, or have confirmed all of the dates.  Other suggestions are to have t-shirts as trophies, or cash.  Tabled until next meeting.

                McKamey/Evolution schools:  We still need someone to chair/run this.  Carol Leuty has taken on the registration side of it.  Still unsure as to the actual dates.

                Annual Tech?:  Someone asks if it’s possible to do an annual tech.  It appears not to be according to the rules.