Notes from the NWR Solo II Meeting of 3/9/99:

NWR Board Report: Rally had 150 people at their banquet. They had 24 entrants at Doo Wop, bad weather on Saturday. NWR cleaned up (Large Region Gold, Newsletter Silver) at the National Convention. NWSCN transfer to Brian Horne may not be ready for March. Tim Dutton wants a focal point for NWSCN for each venue. NWR is considering putting together a "show kit" with stuff to use when we do a display at a car show, so itís all at one place and we know we have one. Race Committee is talking about providing "Solo Bucks" for officials/workers, good toward entry fees etc. Any venue could use it.

Visitors: Jim and Jerry; a long-time member and a new guy who just did Weather-or-Not, respectively. Richard Partridge was back, his first meeting was in January. Introductions all around.

Treasury: Bud reports Coneheads was the only big activity in February. Total assets including site fund, CD, and money market account add up to $xx.xx. Region Treasurer Dan Miklovic is having a meeting to cover overall Region budgeting concerns. We have paid the trophy bill since this report, so we actually have lots less than that (by about $xx.xx). Bud brought the Registration change (cash) for the 3/14 practice, and gave it to Glen H.

Equipment: no change reported by Ron. Val bought plastic tables and is loaning us two chairs. We allocated $200 for tables and chairs, he spent $108 so far. We authorized him to go a little over for four chairs. Karen asked if she could donate the old-old dot matrix printer and the old-old (dead) NEC laptop to somebody like Goodwill. Consensus is yes, go ahead.

Novice program: instructors are needed for the school in April, and Novice focals are needed for the upcoming events. Sean asked for funding for new name badges for the instructors (some specific, some generic). Heíll get with Victory Awards to find out how much. They can use last yearís leftover material. We need about ten of them. They were $5.50 for named ones, under $3 for generics, which just said Novice Focal. McCooey, LaCombe, Green, and Dodson are volunteer focals so far. Consensus is to do eight generic ones with Novice Instructor, with a couple that say Novice Co-Chair and the personís name. School format will be similar to last year, and use Cindi Bellís handbook. Instructor meeting will be held before the school, time & location TBD. School date is 4/24. Joy and Karen and Glen and Bud volunteered to help. Mark M. will find out if heís available to do the classroom on 3/24, heíll cover the driving part but we need someone to do the how-to-survive-an-event part, and what-is-SCCA. Sean has the outline from last time; weíll also need someone to talk about Safety and Tech and such. Mike L wonders if Sean and Bret are going to do pre-registration for the Novice school; if people would send money and signups they could be pre-assigned to instructors. Sean will talk to Bret about it.

Old Business:

Corvette show: Solo had good people but we were "almost invisible" due partly to size of SOVREN overshadowing us. Dave Bell says we need to have a way to get more attention for SCCA, like cars and banners. Bud actually went to the show, and reports that we did share a booth and show Solo videos on a TV. The SOVREN guys wanted to show their videos on our TV and we let them. What we need is some sort of a stand-up graphic (display board) that can hold material that explains what SCCA is. Vintage guys had posters from past events, this probably drew attention more than what we had. Several people came by and took the Hotline phone number, some took membership applications. Val indicated that it would have been nice to have schedules (a la tri-fold business cards). Glen remembered that in the past we had a National Tour course display. Vintage videos tend to run long. Val wondered where the Speed Freakz video was; Glen has one. Craig Anderson took some pictures at the show and will send them to Brian Horne for the newsletter. One of the new guys (Dan C.) builds display boards and offered to help; Joy will get with him and get contact info.

Coneheads: 106 people paid, 111 total attended Coneheads (sponsors were paid for). Brianne would tell them next time to keep the bar open longer downstairs. Food was good and plentiful. Islands with varieties of food were a good idea. Sharon indicated that it might be good to designate which tables went for food when, rather than having everyone go all at once, which made it hard to see what there was available. Location was good. Might have been nice to have more "plain" food. There were lots of pastas, not much for meat and vegetables. Presentations were good. Mike would like to see the whole thing done earlier. Show of hands for who would go back: a majority would favor it.

Computer: Joe has figured that we want good warranty coverage (3 years should do) and durability. We have the mail-order outfits such as Dell and Gateway. Two batteries and a converter should keep it charged and going anywhere. Local stores charge lots for extended warranties, which drive their prices up. Accessories also add up for them, so that prices tend to be similar. He has four candidates in the $xx.xx-$xx.xx range: Dell, Gateway, Toshiba (eraserhead), Compaq are his choices. Panasonic "drop-proof" ones are too expensive. Jerry volunteers to see if he can get us a better price through his contacts in the industry. Jerry also knows somebody who has great deals on Microns. Joe will get with him and see what he can do. Jodi works at Sound Tire, and they have a relationship with CompUSA and get a discount. Sean indicates that heís never had a Gateway computer that worked right. Bill has been using Dell machines with no trouble. Joe will get with Jerry and Jodi, and get the Dell unless they can come up with a better deal.

Results s/w: Bill reports that Scott has about 90% of the data entry forms done for what weíll need. It may not be ready for the first event; they will use the old software if they have to.

National Convention report: Joy picked up some information about Speed Freakz (some survey results), and a copy of the Andy Andrews Safety Presentation. NWR only reports 14 Speed Freakz members, itís apparently a market that we may be missing. This is good info for Sean and Bret to use. Mike received info from another Region which offers new people an immediate free event entry if they buy a Speed Freakz membership. One of Andyís points about Solo Safety is that you should have a Site Safety Plan for each location. We could use one for Kent, which is where we are most often. It might be a good job for a Safety Stewards committee. In theory we should also have one for Everett, Bremerton, etc. Some of the items a plan would have are covered in our Supplementals. It would probably earn us some brownie points with Boeing if we presented it to them. Joy asked about the CP bus for Nationals; Grayden Obenour is looking at it. She also suggested that up here in NWR we need "Geek Freakz" or "Speed Geekz" since we have so many computing professionals. Mike reports that Fred Slick doesnít work for SCCA any more. Karen reported on Andy Andrewsí Site Acquisition and Retention presentation; we need to take better care of the site we have. Discussion followed regarding litter control, passing out bags at Registration, reminding people to pick up trash at Driversí Meetings. Itís a real problem, and we need to be more pro-active about it. Bill suggests we put trash bags in the back of the pits as well. Discussion followed regarding having Litter Patrol as a work assignment. Craig volunteers to be Chief of Litter if someone else will do Merchandise. Regarding sites, Craig indicated that the Ocean Shores airport would be available to use for free. The Healey club is going to be using it next year. Sean indicates that itís not very wide. Joe commented on the Meridian event, where a runway at an active airport was used. Val reports that somebody stole Roger Johnsonís rental Neon at the Convention.

National Tour: we still need an event chair. Gretchen will assist, but somebody needs to step up. Itís not that big of a job; once the event actually happens the Operating Steward takes over. Volunteers are already in place for a number of the specialty areas.

Pro Solo: Joe hasnít had to do much yet. Ron Bauer is co-chairing. The Chief positions are about the same as last year. Volunteers are welcome, key positions are course designer and chief of workers. Joe would really like Ron Babb to do the Challenge workers again; Karen will ask and Joe will send Ron an email.

Merchandise: Craig asks that any merchandise we design for the Tour/Pro/whatever be more "generic" in that it could be sold any time during the year or later. Karen indicated that she has the Bobby Forsberg evolutionary shirt leftovers in a box in her den; sheíll get them to Craig.

Open Practice on 3/14: Glen will sell 20 cars per hour, an hour at a time. There will be six "blocks", 15 minutes between each "block". Fee is $15 for the hour, you can take as many runs as you can get in that time. Course will be last yearís National Tour. No multi-driver line; two drivers will have to buy two blocks. Room for 120 cars with this schedule. If youíre in Grid and not ready when itís your turn, you get skipped. Tour style Grid, assigned grid stalls. Timing display would be pointed at the course exit, not the audience. We need a clock; Greg will see if he can bring a big battery-powered one from his shop. Glen indicates heíd prefer to hold off on second-entries until he knows how many people heíll have. He will try to get the info to Joe to put on the Web site. He may take reservations via pre-registration (email or phone). This may be more trouble than itís worth. Mike L. is the BEAC focal. Glen needs chiefs (Workers, Tech, Registration, Timing); these folks would presumably get first choice of which hour they want. Craig will work in Timing. Ron will bring and set up timing but canít stay all day. Glenís phone number is 206-907-2341(Pager), 425-489-9288(home), email is

McKamey School: there is one. Status of NWSCN is a bit iffy during the transition of publishers. Mike L has sent a registration form to everyone who ran the McKamey school last year. The previous NWSCN had some information on the school but not details. Mike is concerned that non-Internet people need to have as much chance to sign up for the school as those who are connected. We donít know when the newsletter is going out. Mike will have forms at the practice this weekend. Heíll need a safety steward, and a coordinator, one per day for a total of 3 each (Fri/Sat/Sun). Coordinator makes sure the courses are set up and ready, handles logistics problems, thereís a checklist for that. McKamey will probably need Timing helpers.

NorPac Divisionals; SFRís Divisional is the first weekend in June (on top of McKamey). Reno is cancelled, so the series will be SFR, our Tour, and Snake River. Kumho Tires is sponsoring the Series. All of the schedules can be accessed via SFRís event is at Atwater. The Snake River event may be on top of the Canadian 2-day CanAm Challenge at Boundary Bay.

Regional Series: We need event chairs for all of our events. We also need an Insurance Focal. Ron has not gotten hold of Lynn Robillard yet to see if she will do it. Glen will make sure we are covered for this Sunday.

Solo Bucks: People who volunteer to work Race events could receive "Bucks" which would be able to be used toward merchandise, or event entry fees, or whatever. The idea is to provide incentive for working the races. Bauer knows more of the details. Turn workers have to be members, so the basic program is to help reimburse them for their membership fees in an indirect manner. Soloís angle would be to offer these "Bucks" as incentive to people to volunteer for Chief positions in our events. They would be usable for membership, merchandise, or entry fees only.

Regional Trophies: Do we want to continue the same thing (plaques and header boards)? Our first event will happen before our next meeting (itís 4/11). Ideas are welcome; Sharonís getting tired of doing the plaques and having people not pick up their boards at the end of the year. We do like still having the Novice classes get stand-up trophies.

Good of the Order: Much support for doing the "buy a Speed Freakz membership at the event and get the entry for free" program. Probably will be on agenda for next time. Have we heard from Susan Collicott about the artwork for the tri-fold schedules? No. How about Registration forms and Annual Registrations? Gretchen will ask Ron Bauer about these.

Meeting adjourned to general bull at 9:00.