Notes from the NWR SCCA Solo II Meeting of 3/10/98:

NWR Board: Rally had an event, DooWop 1 & 2, on Valentine’s Day weekend; DooWop 3&4 is coming up this next weekend. Went well but had a couple of rollovers. A Rally was cancelled in Michigan, so they are expecting a great turnout for DW3&4. Also this coming weekend is a Race school in Bremerton.

Advertising on the NWR Web page was discussed and fees were set. Anybody who’s interested should contact Orin O’Neill. Ads are supposed to be approved by the NWR Board before inclusion on the page.

Bids are being requested for publication of the Region newsletter. Tim Dutton thinks he can act as Editor and get someone else to publish and thus the Region could get advertising income.

Another car show will be going on in June at Puyallup. John Forespring is the focal for people who want to volunteer to help.

Budget Report (Bud): Not much action since last month. We did deposit receipts from Coneheads, and have paid for our year-end awards. Total assets including checking, savings, and site fund are $x. We still need to bill WWSCC for their part of the banquet expenses (there were overruns). We need to have a budget for the April Board meeting, and a copy of the check register for the upcoming audit; Bud will take care of it. Jodi reports that the paving at Bremerton is now done, and thus the money we pledged is now due. The relevant minutes show that we agreed to $1,000. Money will come out of the site fund; that’s what it’s there for.

Novice Program (Cynthia): Sharon and Wayne delivered the nametags for the focals this evening. Cynthia looked through the files from last year, and wondered if we really need to do the completion certificates for the school (if she’s there, Sharon does them in calligraphy but it’s a lot of work). Discussion on whether the certificates mean very much to the new people. Bret: he thinks that the younger, brand new people really do appreciate this sort of thing. Could we do them on a computer and mail them out afterwards? Val: if you mail them it costs money for envelopes and stamps. Consensus is to do them the day of the event. Gretchen and Joy volunteer to work on this. Lots of Novices are expected this Sunday, so we’ll need to be ready. Rick is working on a Novice display stand; he managed to find an extension pole to use as a marker (it’s 8’ tall so it should be easy to spot).

National Tour (Gretchen): The chiefs had a meeting. Hotels have been contacted; it looks as if Hawthorne is still willing to work with us. The rooms are expensive but very nice. We can also have our party there, though there have been comments about the space available for the party. Discussion on having the party somewhere else: this would be more expensive since the Hawthorne gives us a break. Larry: the Hawthorne seemed fine to him. Kimball: why worry about all being in one room when we can only talk to three people at a time? Gretchen is trying to get Roger NoSheep to do a T-shirt for us, perhaps a combo shirt for Tour and Pro. Brianne is working on Solo Week, the week between the Tour and Pro. Mike: there is no Friday school with the Tour this year, but there is supposed to be a practice course set up. We’ll need to provide 7 workers for that. Brianne reports that people have expressed interest in having a day down at the kart place. One of their options is doing what they call a Super Prix. Minimum of 25 people, and they want $60 per head to do this (and want half up front). At this point it looks like we’ll just call in and book a set of sessions. We’ll need to reserve it about a month in advance to make sure we get the night we want. Other ideas for activities included providing information about tourist stuff, on-your-own stuff, phone numbers and addresses, etc. This could include a page of recommended restaurants in the area. Discussion also about having a Rally (TSD or gimmick); we could do this during the week if it works out. Alan: Miata club has talked to ORCA about having one; they can re-use an old one and it wouldn’t cost much. Mike: another thing which is available is via the arrive-and-drive kart guy. Bill: don’t we have a Bremerton day reserved? Jodi: yes. We could also do a rally from the Bremerton site to the Silver City Brewery. Joe: the a&d kart guy will be here for a week; if we could get a focal to coordinate a kart event of some kind we could have such a thing. Jodi: Greg might be interested. Raman Sarin also discussed. Mike: this guy would need to know what the format is so he knows what to expect. Another possibility is that the Hawthorne Suites will provide free passes to Emerald Downs and to the Indian Casino in Auburn—we could see if we can get this expanded to more people. Val: that Thursday is a Corvette Marque Club track day at SIR; applicable marque cars are invited to come. Mike: that’s the day we have Bremerton booked. Sharon: regarding parking for people who are staying/leaving rigs, Aerofab racing has a warehouse, and they rent space which we might look into to find out if it’s affordable. That would be indoors, which would be preferable to parking at Boeing. Mike will try to go talk to them. Joe: most people looking for parking are more interested in security than being indoors. Jodi: Greg might be able to negotiate something with Aerofab if we let him know. Joe: he’d guess we need parking for 10-15 cars.

Pro Solo (Joe): He’s looking for Safety Stewards. He’ll coordinate with Wayne and Sharon for scheduling people who need to get their event quotas in.

Old Business (Mike): Fordahl Motorsports has agreed to sponsor our series; their name will be on our stuff.

Regional Series(Mike): Still need a chair for Event #2, April 25/26. That’s the one that goes with the school. Jodi will take #3, Memorial Day at Bremerton. Dave Bell agrees to chair event #5 at Everett. Craig and Larry will do the last one of the year if it’s at Kent (it is, that’s #8 on 10/18). Still need someone for #4 in June (the 21st). Labor Day weekend will be at Bremerton, maybe Glen Hernandez would be available.

Chiefs of Specialty: Mike has summarized the duties of the CoS people on the back of this month’s agenda. He still needs a CoS for Workers. Joe G. will be doing Chief of Workers at event #1, but is still looking for people to work the afternoon assignment position (a shift at Registration). Joy volunteers to do one of those.

Event #1: Gretchen needs a couple of people for Registration. Bauer may still need people for Tech.

Safety Stewards: we need to get people signed up for the various events. If you’re not an official at the Tour or Pro, we need you to do Safety if you’re licensed. Val: the big events are a big job.

Discussion on closing Grid: we need to make sure we motivate people to get their cars into Grid. Jodi: getting the first car out usually works well. Mike: we can’t put it into our Sups because they are already printed. It’s up to Tom (CoS for Grid) to decide what requirements he wants to use. Discussion on what the penalty is for people who are late to Grid.

Season entries: are we going to do those again? Charge the straight fee? Bob: the benefit is not standing in line. Sharon: bad thing is that people forget to sign the waiver, get their dash plaque, and get a work assignment. Consensus is to have them, charge $120 for the season for a member. Gretchen will line up someone to sell them. If a non-member wants one, it’s $160. Jodi: what if someone joins mid-year? Too bad, we can’t predict that.

Equipment (Ron via Karen): the JAC timer display, complete with cables and super tripod, will be no more than $2500 for the whole package. Jodi: we should do it. Sharon: are there other major expenses we have in mind for the year? Mike: we should computerize our registration and timekeeping. Jodi: the new BSCC Registration guy (Dan Woodman) was appalled at how ugly it is, and he’s going to write a Registration program. She thinks he would not mind having SCCA use it. It would be great to be able to add times to the Registration info at the end of the day. Jodi will see if he’s still interested. Bill: the system he has envisioned could be used for any type of event Registration. He also reports that our original volunteer to do a scoring program has decided they are too busy. He suggests that we offer a season’s worth of entries as an incentive to get another volunteer. Jodi: let’s wait until we hear from Dan. Discussion on the "season ticket" incentive—this seems like a good idea. Perhaps WWSCC could come in on this deal too. Bill: for the first event we’ll continue with what we’ve had. He has written a requirements document of sorts. Bill Kim will look into how complex it is; he may be interested and has someone at work who knows Access quite well. Mike: doing this would lead to investing in a laptop to run it on. Another thing we should think about buying is an EZ-Up shelter; it would be nice to have one for the scoreboard, one for Registration. Val: the small one was only about $120. Mike: Costco has some for about $300 which are large (8x8 or 10x10) but he doesn’t know what "grade" they are. Dave: what about the concept of buying a Junior kart for rental at the events? Mike: some Regions are doing this, as was discussed at a prior meeting. Jodi: they are fairly cheap, and she might know of one coming into the used market fairly soon. Price range was less than $2K. Jodi: there would be recurring maintenance costs. Suits? IKF requires only jeans, jacket, fully enclosed shoes. SCCA book says ages are 12-15. Joe: it would be a good idea if we have enough interest in it. Bill: we could rent one for part of the season to see if there is interest. Mike: the program requires some instruction, and by the end of the event the kid can run in the last run group. Jodi: some events are running the Jr's in the break between run groups. Gretchen: do we have enough interest? Joy: Dave should ask around at events to see if there is active interest. Raman Sarin is still our kart focal.

Back to the display motion: do we want to buy the display including tripod and cables for no more than $2500? Val: have we sold the old one? No. It’s for sale if someone wants it. Bill: should this affect our decision to buy one that works? We could offer it to Oregon. Discussion on the amount of money. Dave: if we buy the display will it preclude us from buying EZ ups? No, they are comparatively inexpensive. Consensus is to proceed with the purchase. Does the tripod come with sandbags and weights? We don’t know. Ron has approval to negotiate appropriately as needed to acquire the weights. Should we also get some EZ-ups? Joy: she has seen them at Costco. Val: they have three levels of quality. Mike: when we discussed it last year, two 10x10’s were thought to be enough. We should also ask Race Central in Oregon. Wayne: he called them last year and they were the cheapest source he found. Consensus is to buy an EZ-up. Mike will contact Ed LaPlante and see what he can do through Race Central. Joy will go to Costco and see what they have.

Regarding a programmer for the scoring s/w? Mike: we’d need the individual to agree to have it done by a set deadline. Bill: he’d like to see this discussed at the WWSCC meeting too, pertaining to a "season pass" for that series too. He has most of a set of specs for the s/w. Consensus is to authorize Bill to find a person and work with them, with the season pass as an incentive. He’d hope to see it done before July. Brianne: if the season pass is the 1998 season, it gives the person more reason to get done soon so they can begin to reap the benefits of their work. Bob: he’d recommend shooting for completion by the end of this year, with the season pass for next year. Bill: he thought about eight events, payable whenever it’s complete. Alan: you usually get what you pay for, and if you want talent you may need to provide better incentive. Bill: he’s only approached those who have the Access skills. Consensus is to approve the discussed arrangement; 8 free events upon completion.

Good Causes: Val is looking for donations to help with the paving expenses at Bremerton. Something like $12K has been spent, and he’d like to see the drivers pitch in. Small patches have been put in some areas, a large patch was added in the center of the runway to fix an area that was impacting course designs there. He says watch your mail, you’ll be getting a letter. Sorry, it’s not tax-deductible.

Meeting adjourned to general bull at 8:40ish.