NWR Solo Meeting Minutes

March 12th, 2019

Meeting called to order 7:07pm

In Attendance: Aaron Pailthorp, Mike & Carol Leuty, Charlie Morales, Theron Langel, Taylour Wargo, Nick Johnson, Joey Jones, Crystal Stegman, Tyler Corbin, Adrian Martinez, Tim Naugler, Karen Babb, Gretchen & Tim Weidemann, Karl & Amy Coleman, Kevin Dietz, Geoff Thomas, Dick Willy, Kurt & Lisa Rehm, Ron Baur, Keith Brown and Zach!

Meeting Location: La Hacienda Renton

Last months minutes approved as written.


NWR Board Report (Charlie Morales): Gretchen, Tim and Karen attended. Solo needs to take an inventory of the bus equipment. Race is having their Memorial weekend race, and during so there will be a time trials. This event will be at Pacific Raceways and is likely to be races only event this year. Its encouraged that conference drivers come and join as SCCA will be accepting their licenses to make the transition from conference into SCCA seamless and easy. SOVREN will be joining at this event, and counting it as one of the events in their series. New website is in the works, its cell phone friendly and in its fine tuning stages.

Treasurerís Report (Kristi Brown): Weíve also paid all our site fees for the year. This does not include paying for using BSCC timing equipment. Motion was approved for $200 for helmet tech stickers that will not need refreshed every year, but instead lasts the life of the Snell rating.

NORPAC Report (Jessy Gauthier): Not in attendance.

WWSCC Report (Keith Brown): 1st Event of the season, Dawg Dash, in shelton April 6th with the fabulous Rent-A-Student program. Get all those runs!

Equipment Report (Kevin Dietz): Van is staying in Packwood at Kevinís. New timing stuff is on its way after being lost in snowmageddon 2019. Motion was approved to allow for a $300 check up at Polonez Auto which may include some exhaust work and fuel filter.

Recruitment Report (Crystal Stegman): Still waiting to hear back from the school, but paperwork and emails are in the works. Tasha is also looking into some leads. Solo is looking to have a booth at the car show race puts on for charity. Motion was approved to allow for an $80 purchase of more cards.

OLD Business:

Nick Johnson Is Chairing the March 17th practice, Kit G has designed the course, and Scott E is our safety steward. Joe G has posted the event on the website.

Timing training is a worry that will be of focus throughout the year, people interested in getting trained in those positions should contact Tim N and Joemar R to get trained at an event.

Cone trailer taskforce still in the works, volunteer incentive is still in discussion. The goal is to have the trailer sorted after the first packwood weekend. The trailer tires are a concern that we will have to fill and check to ensure they are still okay.

Bring any and all NT themes to next months meeting as the T-Shirt team would like to have a head start on production.

NEW Business:

We are looking for an event chair for the April 14th event #1. Tim W has designed the course.

Geoff Thomas is starting up a NWR SCCA Rallycross program. Locking in locations in is a current challenge. We can contact him with any and all leads on sites.

Ladies Day at BMP, with a date TBD (theoretically July 6th), motion was approved for us to contribute our part.

Reminder to specialty chiefs to recruit people for upcoming events as needed. Also former chiefs please help train up those who are stepping up!

Karen and Kit are co designing a course for the ProSolo Tour!

Meeting adjourned at 8:21pm

Minites revised 3.29.19