Solo Committee Meeting
March 13, 2018

In attendance:  Gretchen & Tim W, Joey S. Karen B. Karl and Amy C. Kurt and Lisa R. Keith B. Ron and Alyson B. Aaron P. Bud B. Joey J. Mike and Carol L.

Minutes Review – postponed till next month due to copier error.  Next meeting at MOD pizza.

NWR Board Report (Gretchen) –Karen was at the meeting of 3 people. Working with Secretary of state Office to get reinstated at a LLC. Deadline to get this completed was Monday the 12th. Waiting on information from John on if it is completed. If not completed we will form a new one by the end of the week.  Karen has taken on the chore at this time, and will work with John to get it completed. The race program has one event this year on Memorial Day weekend. Scotty B is doing a good job to get this supported and trying to awaken the race program.  

Treasurer’s Report (Keith) – paid for trophies. No invoice for first practice yet. Always remember to save the entry list at any event we have. 

NORPAC Report (Jessy) – Not present. Nothing to report.

WWSCC Report (Keith) – next event April 7-8th.  Shelton on 7th and Emerald Downs on 8th. 
Scorekeeper may have their full schedule available.

Equipment Report (Kevin) – Not present. Nothing to report.  

Recruitment Report (Joey) – Not present. Nothing to report.

Old Business 

Open Practice#1 – Event Chair Gretchen Weidemann.  Very cold and windy. Many chiefs showed even though they didn’t have cars at the event.  Thank you for that! Most people ran both halves of the day, and we had about 25 people each half of the day.  At least one new entry at lunch time. Did a chase truck to pick up cones rather than have course workers or penalty box.  Need to see if we can recover some of the cost of renting BSCC equipment since we could not use our Solo bus. Definite loss of entry numbers due to weather, but the event went on regardless.  

Some discussion of cost and weather or not to do these practices quite so early in the season. Maybe reduce it to one pre-season practice event in March.  Possibly go to the operators to offer a reduced cost for early season events.  Brett was able to find a barcode reader that works a long ways away.

Open Practice #2 – Event Chair Tim Weidemann.  Same course as practice one, basically. Kit is doing course set up. We will be trying the barcode system at this practice event so make sure your barcode is up to date. Much thanks to Brett. Possible trouble with the announcer microphone from BSCC. 

Season Event Chairs –   We are currently looking for volunteers for season event chairs.  
Specifically Event #1 in Bremerton.  IF we do not have event chairs, then these events will NOT happen.  Gretchen and Tim are not going cover all these events, so please think about what you can do to help our club and step up to cover an event. We have a great Specialty Chief team, and running the events are very straight forward. 

NT/Pro Solo Chairs – Looking for Event Chairs for our National events in July.  Please let Gretchen know if you are interested in helping out. 

Update on New Site – Karen, Mike. Gretchen and Tim went to the Spirit Peaks raceway and found that it would be possible to hold events at this site. The pavement is not is horrible condition event considering the fact that it is currently being used for drift events. At this time we are suggesting that we possibly hold a joint event with Oregon region. Maybe a work day/event weekend to make sure we can get the site to where we need it, but ultimately the site owners has been very responsive to what we might need and will probably do most of what we request.  It is privately owned, and the young man running it has a very clear idea of what he wants the infrastructure to be.  Our thought is to hold enough events there that he stays viable until it can be upgraded to truly suit our needs. 

Concessions for BMP – We are down to one active Lions Club covering the Bremerton site. They will support our regular events for lunch only, so nobody should depend on them to provide breakfast. They are limited on volunteers, and want to try to do more events for a shorter period of time so that people do not get burned out. 

New Business
Asphalt at BMP – Joey or BSCC has not made much forward progress in terms of getting a quote to pave an access road to grid at BMP.  We need to reach out to Fast Mike again to see if he is willing to help with this. 

Solo Bus Insurance – Solo bus insurance has gone up $1000 for the year. One possible option is to rent Bremerton’s equipment and park the bus at Packwood.  The total cost for BSCC is $1900 per year. Our bus insurance is 3k year. We would also save on fuel and providing free entries given out for bus driver. 
Gretchen is going to reach out to insurance companies to get some quotes for insurance in both scenarios.  Full time and part time. 

Open Discussion – Ladies practice being held jointly with BSCC/SCCA/Torque Steerers.   Event cost is $2400 for the day this includes the site fee and sanctions.  There was a discussion that this was rather expensive and we should consider running the insurance through WWSCC since would it would be cheaper.


Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm