Solo Meeting Minutes
March 14, 2017

In attendance: The Weidemann’s, John Barber, Karen Babb, Dick Willy, Jean Clayton, Keith Brown, Tim Irwin, Charles Aggenbach.


NWR Board Report (Gretchen Weidemann) - Still need more people to become more involved in the region. Meeting is 1st Tuesday of the month. The region will pick up the remaining cost from the Banquet, which ended up being just over $500, so they will be contributing $1000 total for the banquet. Track night in America is making a lot of money. I has been reported that many regions are tired of doing all of the work for these events, and not benefiting from any of the income. It sounds like National office is beginning to understand this, and rather than letting go of any of the profits seems to be stepping up to do more of the work.

Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown) – Report was reviewed and copies are available upon request.  Activity is starting up again, and sites fees were paid for the first half of the season. 
WWSCC Report (Keith Brown) – Sounds like about half the schedule is complete. The first events are schedule at Emerald Downs with TS on April 1st and 2nd, then April 8th in Shelton with the UW club. 

Equipment Report (Kevin Dietz) - Need to purchase generator and lock up cable.  Gretchen will communicate with Kevin to get this accomplished by the first event.  

Recruitment Report (Joey Jones) - Flyers distributed in shops in the area and in local cart tracks. Distributed magnets to those willing to distribute to their friends and car people. 

Old Business
Event Fee Increase – A decision was made to increase the fee to $35 for first run of the day, but we will be leaving it at $30 for second run of the day. This is due to increase costs for sites and national charges. Pro solo will be $45 and $50 for non- preregistered.  A vote was held. Moved and approved.

Still need a few Specialty Chiefs - NS Grid, NS/S Set up – Tear Down, Stock Workers, Waivers.

Coneheads Recap – The group agreed that the BBQ menu was good. Good parking, good location. The plan for next year will be to get the ball rolling faster and not rely on past relationships (Emerald Downs) and look for more possible locations.  Hopefully the rally group will be interested in participating next year. 

Street Survival - Had a total of 20 students, with four on the waiting list. The event went well. Had opportunity to use the infield of turn eight, so they were able to use a larger area at pacific raceway. Next one will be in October 29 or November 9th.  Street survival might be looking to purchase more cones, but will stay tuned to see if the club orders more for our National event. 

Need Event Chairs and Course Designers -

Event #1           April 9          BMP            OPEN
Pro Solo #1       May 6          Packwood        OPEN
Event #2            May 7          Packwood        Karl and Amy Coleman
Novice School    May 20        BMP            TBD
Event #3            May 21        BMP            OPEN
Pro Solo #2        June 10        Packwood        OPEN
Event #4            June 11        Packwood        OPEN
Open Practice    June 24        Packwood        OPEN
Event #5            June 25        Packwood        OPEN
NT                    July 7 -9         Packwood        OPEN
Pro Solo            July 14 – 16    Packwood        OPEN
Event #6            July 30           BMP            OPEN
Core Practice     August 19       Packwood        TJ McGeary
Event #7            August 20        Packwood        OPEN
Event #8            October 1         BMP            OPEN
New Business
What needs to be addressed before our first event? – Batteries and TP already in the bus. May need more TP soon. Tim Irwin has given us the radios he used for Street Survival, so we should have plenty for the first event. Timing equipment is in the bus, and Gretchen has the laptop, etc., for Joey tonight. Registration is open and Gretchen will work with Crystal to ensure she understands the complete registration process. We will need to determine a new source of internet access for the Square account.  Brett is working on a new version of Scorekeeper. Will not have most stuff done by the first event since he is leaving the country for a month.  
Once he has everything updated, and ready to go he would like to see SCCA test with a few key people to understand how all of the changes have been implemented.  He will keep us in the loop as things progress. 

Need volunteers to Chair National Tour and Pro Solo events – We are still looking for volunteers to Chair our National Tour and Pro Solo event in July.  Many people have already volunteered for core worker and chief positions, but we need a leader.  Anyone interested in this should contact Gretchen directly.