Solo Meeting Agenda
March 8, 2016

In attendance: Kevin Dietz, Jean Clayton, Joey Jones, Ron Bauer & Alyson Bauer, Keith Brown, Tim Stake, Kurt and  Lisa Rehm, Bud Bohrer, Charles Aggenbach, Kit and Jessy Gauthier, Karl & Amy Coleman, Mike and Carol Leuty, Alisha White, Aaron Pailthorp.  

Last month’s minute’s review - Moved to approve with some minor edits. Correct 1000 copies not 1000 dollars. Keith B will review interest in EVO class.


NWR Board Report (Gretchen Everett) – Rally Cross is going to have an event at DirtFish on April 22nd. Currently 772 members. Tire Rack Street Survivor class was held at Pacific Raceways. Tim Irwin is looking for volunteers for next class in October.  John Taylor has made some recruitment posters for the region.  The Solo posters are currently sitting in his garage.  Gretchen will send him a reminder to bring them to the next board meeting. A request was made to see a region treasurer’s report on paper that can be reviewed by the Solo committee.  It has been months since our region treasurer has been in attendance at a board meeting and we have seen an official report of the region dollars. 

Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown) - New account is set up and working. Site fees for Bremerton and Packwood coming up soon so the balance will be going down until we get some income from events.

NORPAC Report (Keith Brown) - Conference call will be tomorrow so nothing to report at this time.

WWSCC Report (Keith Brown) - First event coming up the weekend of April 2nd and 3rd at Emerald Downs.

Equipment Report: (Need New Chief) – Mike Leuty reported that the oil change and brake job is going to happen this week. Equipment that was borrowed for the XXX show hasn’t been returned yet but it is in Joey’s garage getting dried out from all of the rain at the event.

Recruitment Report: (Joey Jones) - Joey and Brent attended XXX import Meet on March 6th.  It looked like approximately 1500 people attended the event. They believe they were able to talk to about 120 of the attendees, which is a decent chunk of those people.  They felt that the tent and setup they had on-site still wasn’t grabbing enough attention. They have some ideas on how to improve the next event, maybe two tables and definitely a bigger television screen. They were also hurt by the four or five burst of rain throughout the day, as nobody wanted to stop and chat and get soaked. Someone suggested we leave room open under the tent for people to hide if this happens again. 

Joey was able to collect about 20 names on a mailing list for people who would like to be notified of upcoming events and when registration opens.  He needs to figure out how he is going to set that up. He would like to add a larger sign and also some photos of Packwood and Bremerton next time. There was a 50/50 split for people approaching the tent on their own or the guys coaxing them over to say hello Joey would like to develop a script for future events so there is a structured idea of what people should say.  He felt there are many important things to say and it is easy to forget some. Joey is going to come up with a survey for novices to complete to gather more information about how they are hearing about our events. 

Joey has been in connection with the General Manager at Pacific Raceways. They are holding Hondafest on April 10th. They are planning on having a small autocross type of course about 200’ x 400’ and are looking for assistance.  They have asked for our help to manage the event, but Joey declined since we do not have the resources.  He did offer assistance in course design, directing them to our SCCA course design manual, and Kevin Dietz volunteered today at the meeting to help as well. Kevin felt even with such a small area, these people would not understand the difference compared to something like Packwood and this could be a great opportunity to introduce them to our sport. 

Joey and Tasha will be attending, and will be looking for a couple of additional volunteers. Pacific Raceways has asked if they can use our timing equipment to run the event. Joey has asked for permission as long as he is in attendance working the equipment, and that Pacific Raceways agrees to replace it if anything happens. At motion was moved an approved as long as track management signs an agreement to replace broken equipment. 

Hot Import Nights (HIN) is being held on Saturday May 7th at Evergreen Speedway. This is a conflict with our regional Pro Solo #1, but Joey will not be attending this series so he can attend the car show instead.  He will need one additional volunteer since Tasha will not be able to attend.  He also requested $150 dollars for expense to purchase a 10x10 tent and 2 cars. Motion moved and approved. 

Joey also spoke to John Ramsey (GM for Pacific Raceways) about the potential for a small novice school at their location sometime in the future.  They schedule their cull calendar year of events in August, so if we are interested in this option, we would need to contact them prior to August 2016.

He feels the flyers and business cards are working great, and anticipates running out of the schedule cards by May at this current pace of distribution. The group agreed this was fantastic and felt good about ordering more.  Getting rid of all of them is the ideal goal.  He would also like to get SCCA shirts for those who attend these car shows and man the tent. The group agreed this would be fine.  He look online at SCCA and see if we can get something setup.  He can coordinate with Gretchen to make a purchase less than $100.


2016 Specialty Chief Job Descriptions – Gretchen has developed a full set of checklists for our Specialty Chiefs this season.  The idea is that we have made some moderate changes to how things run, and she would like a complete write up that can be handed over to the new chief to ensure there is complete transparency for the work each person is responsible for. This will hopefully eliminate confusion moving forward and create a more efficient system. She distributed packets for review and asked for any feedback by March 15th, specifically from current or prior Chiefs.

The question was also raised as to whether we needed to continue on with having a Chief of Sound. After much discussion, a decision was made that we do need this position.  Mainly to have someone responsible for setting up the equipment and training the use of it.  Tim Weidemann has volunteered to help cover this position during the events.  He is currently the Chief of Course, and felt that a majority of his work will be done outside of events, which will leave him time to work on this area the day of the events. IF this changes, we may need additional volunteers, but we will try it out and see how it goes. 

Need Volunteers for Chief of Specialties – We currently need volunteers to help cover the following positions: Chief of Equipment, Chief of Grid NS, Chief of Stock Tear Down/Set Up, and Chief of Waivers.  Volunteers for these positions will earn an invitation into our Core Workers practice. 

Need Event Chairs for the Season – We need to fill out Event Chair positions, and also need to start recruiting for course designers.  Gretchen is truly hoping someone will step up to chair the April 17th event because she is going to be very busy that weekend.  Kevin Dietz has volunteered to do the Course Design for Event #1. We also have the following volunteers for Event Chairs: Karl and Amy will Chair Event #4, Aaron Pailthorp will Chair Event #5, and Kit and Jessy will Chair the Open Practice.  

Event Plans – The group discussed upcoming changes to our Event Plan.  There are no expected changes to an event held at BMP, but we will be moving events in Packwood to a one session schedule.  

The group discussed moving the start time for the first car on course to 10:00 am. This allowed enough time for cars to arrive on Sundaymorning from Seattle if necessary. There was much discussion around this topic, and a couple people in attendance were against this change due to reducing the number of runs available, the confusion it may present for novices, and also difficulty Joey may have in bringing a marque class to Packwood that early in the morning.  A majority of the group felt this would be a positive change as it would create a much safer environment, and also increase the number or workers available for each heat. Hopefully allowing people to ctually enjoy themselves more because the amount of work would be spread between more people, and the run group wouldn’t be frantic for two driver cars that barely have time to swap drivers.  Gretchen tabled the conversation for further discussion at our next meeting.  

Novice School - Kurt and Jessy asked for time on the agenda to discuss new ideas on how to run the Novice School this year.  They would like to simplify course layout and use only a few key elements such as a slalom and figure eight. There was good discussion and many ideas were shared about this type of format, but in general the group recognized the value this would provide for the students.  Kevin Dietz suggested using tape on the windshield to help people to look ahead. Kurt and Jessy took notes and will determine how to proceed with the event plan.  A decision was made to keep the cost of the school at $50 which would include entry to the event the NEXT day.  This free event would not be something that could be used throughout the year, but ONLY at the following event. 


Heritage Classic Class – Tim Stake reminded the group that this class had just become been announced in the last Fast Track. The agreed that the logical place for it would be with the CAM class, but we would hold off on actually placing it regionally IF someone showed up to run in it.