The meeting is April 14 at La Hacienda in Renton.

SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 3/10/2015

Members in attendance – Gretchen Everett,  Tim Weidemann, Keith Brown, Laurie Hyman, Mike Leuty, Carol Leuty, Jerry Lamb & Allison Lamb, Dick Willy, Kurt Rhem, Kevin Dietz, Jean Clayton,  Ron and Alyson Bauer, Kit and Jessy Gauthier, Tim Stake, Joel Ferguson, Arika and Brandon Nadeau,  Charly Spyksma, Val Korry, Karl and Amy Coleman, Charles Aggenbach.


Meeting Minutes – Motion was made to approve as written.  Motion passed.


Northwest Region Board Report (Karen) – Nothing to report at this time

Treasurer's Report (Kristi) – Some new equipment for the bus.  No recap from practice yet. Will be next month. The weekend should be profitable.

NORPAC Report (Keith) –

Convention report. 15 degrees in Charlotte NC. Solo started in 73 with less than 10k per year now over 72k per year, some drop off during the recessions. Solo on the rebound. Starting line School, very similar to an Evo School targeted at car nuts. One of the main goals in to add/create more fun for SCCA events. Signed a 10 year contract with Lincoln Air Park. Renewed with Tire Rack as major sponsor. Focus on safety and sound is a problem nationwide. Wondering if there is a national static testing process? SCCA has 10k membership turn around yearly. Possible making sure that our info is getting to National office. Upcoming total redesign of national website, with intent to keep content relevant to the community by creating ways to ensure that local, individualized information is getting to National Office. Cam class being presented to good guys and other car clubs to bring them into solo. SCCA investing in more solo equipment to run multiple national style events. Opportunity to have a charity event once a year. Held a Solo Town Hall. It was determined that floor mats must be removed no options. Working to update site acquisition handbook.

WWSCC Report (Keith) –

First event on Sunday the 8th. 135 entries. Event was voted on and approved for Championship status.

Equipment Report (Mike) –

Fire extinguishers need to be checked and recharged.  Block rockers verify charged before events. Bus starting problem needs to be addressed. Bus is currently at Kevin’s shop. Generator has been serviced this spring.

Old Business

Practice at Emerald Downs (3/7) –

102 entries. 6 runs. 3 group format. For future use, is it possible to use more parking area? Next practice run a 3 group format with single group runs and fun runs at the end. Computer crash problem.  No data to post. Possible upgrade necessary, specifically computers. Gretchen has the secretary lap top that can be used, but could potentially be needed in registration.  Kit has on old laptop he would be willing to sell Solo. Gretchen will follow up.  Reminder e-mail/Facebook to dress for the weather and bring what you think you will need for the whole day, including water.


Over 20 cars over on course.  Measurements when the cars are going away from the meter were 20 dBs or higher. How do we address this when we were getting 120db readings?  This will be detrimental to our access to certain sites.  Do we use a second meter to measure site total dBs as a back up to conserve site access?  Tim purchased some new equipment. We now have a new meter and calibration device. Old meter was way out of calibration.

Solo Retreat –

No info at this time. Putting together an advertising committee and Gretchen would like to continue working on a NWR Novice Membership program. First year SCCA membership sign up at registration.

Event #3 –Jerry Lamb suggested that we set up a fundraiser at Event #3 in BMP.  If you are an organ donor we will offer a 5$ discount on your entry.   We will then encourage people to donate 5$ to the Kmetz family fund.  Motion approved.

Need Specialty Chief Volunteers - We are still looking for volunteers to cover the following positions listed as OPEN. Anyone interested in helping to fill the positions for the 2015 season should contact Gretchen Everett at Remember this is one of only a couple ways to gain entry into the Core Workers practice.

Course: OPEN

Grid (Street): Keith and Kristi Brown

Grid (NS): Jessy and Kit Gauthier

Sound: Tim Stake

Novice (NS): Kurt Rehm

Registration (Street): Laurie Hyman

Registration (NS): Brent Glad

Safety: Tim Weidemann

Insurance: Gretchen Everett

Set-up/Tear Down (Street): Arika and Brandon Nadeau

Set-up/Tear Down (NS): Caitlin Snell

Tech (Street): Dieter Beldi

Tech (NS): Charles Aggenbach

Timing (Street): Scott Dixon

Annie Gill

Timing (NS): Charly Spyksma

Waivers: Ryan Barg

Workers (NS): OPEN

Workers (Street):  Amy and Karl Coleman

Event Chairs - Still looking for Event Chairs for a majority of the events this season.  Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Gretchen.  This is the OTHER way to gain entry into the Core Workers practice.

Practice (Emerald Downs) March 3/7: Gretchen Everett – Course Design: Tim Weidemann

Event #1 (BMP) 4/12: Joel Ferguson – Course Design: Kevin Dietz

Regional Pro Solo #1 (Packwood) 5/2:

Event #2 (Packwood) 5/3: Karl and Amy Coleman – Course Design: Joe Goeke

Novice School (BMP) 5/23: Kurt Rehm

Event #3 (BMP) 5/24: Course Design: Brent Vitolins

Regional Pro Solo #2 (Packwood) 6/6:

Event #4 (Packwood) 6/7:

Open Practice (Packwood) 6/27: Kit & Jessy Gauthier

Event #5 (Packwood) 6/28: Jerry Lamb

National Tour (Packwood) 7/11-7/12:

Pro Solo (Packwood) 7/18-7/19:

Event #6 (BMP) 8/2:

Core Worker’s Practice (Packwood) 8/22: 
Event #7 (Packwood) 8/15:

Event #8 (BMP) 10/4:

New Business

First Aid/CPR Class for Safety Stewards - It is time to renew the first aid/CPR cards for our safety stewards. Gretchen will contact the organization and get a few dates for the group.  Was given as the contact information.

Chris Kmetz end of the year award? – It was suggested that we create a special year-end Solo award in honor of Chris Kmetz, somewhat similar to the Craig Anderson Heart of the Sport award for WW.  Gretchen will keep this on the list for future discussions.

Bus Drivers into Core Worker’s practice – they are in.

On-site Credit Cards – square phone that will work at Packwood. Laurie and Gretchen will figure it out.

Unfortunately, we’ve had a couple members pass in the last few months. We would like to send our thoughts and warm wishes to the families of John Forespring, Sharon Reuter and Chris Kmetz. We will miss you all!

Meeting adjourned at 08:40 pm