SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 3/11/2014

Members in attendance – Gretchen Everett, Aaron Pailthorp, Mike Leuty, Keith Brown, Bud Bohrer, Charles Aggenbach, Ron & Alyson Bauer, Tim Stake, Brian Williams, Tasha Mikko.

Meeting Minutes – One correction was made to place the Rock Blocker discussion under open business, not GOO. A vote was taken and approved. Ron did not volunteer for anything.

Northwest Region Board Report – Karen was not present to report.

Treasurer's Report (Kristi) – Documents were presented and discussed.

NORPAC Report (Keith) – Keith's official title is now Solo Development Coordinator for the NORPAC Division. His main responsibility will be to step in and help any regions that have questions. He admits that our Division is currently very strong with a majority of our regions with active Solo programs.

Keith recently attended the National Convention. There were several meetings to go over the SCCA “Cook Book” he received from the National Office. The book includes best practices that were developed by Velma and Raleigh Vareen. One of the ideas Keith felt was important for us to review was a section covering the Novice program. They discussed the number of contacts that someone receives during their participation. This could be accomplished with an actual conversation that happens during the day at a Novice School, but it also includes follow-up phone calls, or a postcard. The return rate increases to 80% with at least five “touches”.

It also seems that other regions have access to more sites than we do which gives them the opportunity to hold “Training Days” where we can mentor and have job shadows while an actual event isn't happening. National office is reviewing the age limitations for ride-alongs with the intention to create a program focusing on 11-12 year olds with the limit potentially dropping to 10. There also have been no major safety incidents in the past five years.

A motion was made and approved to create a “Good Guys” CAM class. This is something that the National office is campaigning for on a National level. They feel this is a group of cars/people that we can actively seek out and invite to participate in our local events.

WWSCC Report (Keith) – Events coming up this weekend. The Ladies Practice is on Saturday and TS St. Patty Cross is on Sunday which will be event #1 for the season. The rule for changing the indexes did not pass. They will be using the 2014 published indexes.


Equipment – Mike took the Solo Bus to Scarff dealership in Auburn for a maintenance review. Other than the leaky roof and delamination of doors they discovered the following issues – Drive belts $203, 9 markers and running lamps $200, Left tie rod end, drag link, radius arm bushings $784, Wiper blades $22, six tires $1,472. Mike had them take care of the safety issues and replaced the drive belts and the steering parts. He will coordinate with Karl about getting some tires ordered and setting up a work party.

Mike will do a better job of tracking how things will be packed into the bus so that our Setup and Tear Down Chiefs can consistently put things away. He will also get a Good to Go Pass which will make it more convenient for drivers coming back from BMP.

Tim Stake had some ideas regarding the “Solo Bus”. At this point, the repairs are relatively inexpensive, but at some point it may become necessary to replace it completely. There are several options available to us. We could save money to buy a new bus, we could create a timing chalet and leave that down in Packwood, or try and find a trailer that could be towed behind someone's car. Tim understands that what we have right now is okay, but it is important for us to start making plans for the future so we can start saving money and preparing now.

AED – We need to replace the battery and pads. Installed this would be a total of $349.

FRS radios TBD - Dick has them in his garage and he will be doing a field test to find out exactly how many of them are working.

Chiefs, Event Chairs – Right now we are doing great with Event Chiefs, but we have a few very large holes in the Specialty Chief area since we are missing a NS Timing Chief, and a Set-up/Tear-down chief for Stock & NS. Dick has sent out several emails to some of our newer people and gotten some very good results. He has tried to come up with someone for the Timing position, but has not had good luck. He is hoping that someone else can step in and shout out for some new volunteers. He also wants to make sure that everyone understands exactly what the Chief of Tear Down and Set Up will be responsible for. This is strictly loading and unloading the Solo bus. Timing will still be responsible for shutting down the timing equipment, but it would then be handed over to this person to be packed away.

Novice School – Kurt has done a great job of recruiting helpers. The instructor to student ratio is coming along nicely. They have limited it to 50 students and they would like to have 25 instructors so that each student can have some quality time and instructors would not be forced to run around and swap cars, etc. The school will be held just like a regular event with two groups in the morning and two groups in the afternoon with half the students running and half the students working course.


2014 Budget Draft – Year-end budget balance 2014. $17,436 (loss $11,343).

Critical assumptions: Event fees $25. Entries/event, 60 Pro, 110 Solo (conservative Solo). 125 instead of 110 adds $3,000. Event trophies $100/event. Actual past two-years has been double that amount. (-$1,000) A proposal has been presented from Chief of Trophies for $2000. No margins for “unk-unks”.

A detailed discussion was held regarding each of these projected budget items. It was clearly stated that this is a very conservative projection. The group also discussed the idea that our economy is improving and things may be better moving forward.

A proposal was presented and approved to spend a total of $2000 plus tax for regional event awards. It was also discussed that we can make some adjustments to the projection. The first would be to increase the average event participants to 125 rather than 110. It was also suggested that we increase the amount allocated for bus repairs to $4000.

A motion was made and seconded to increase our event fees by $5 per event.

Movie being filmed in Packwood in July – It will be important for all of us to reserve hotels in Packwood now because the lodging is going to be taken up quickly.

Run orders - Tasha would like to print business cards that show the run/work orders so that we can eliminate confusion. A motion was made and seconded to spend up to $60 to make this purchase.

Rule Books – Charles is placing order and will get four additional books for use by the region.

Meeting adjourned at 8:58 pm.