SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 3/12

Members In Attendance— Brian Williams, Keith Brown, Tim Irwin, Travis Boyle, Charles Aggenbach, Karen Babb, Glenn Austin, Jerry Lamb, Bud Bohrer, T.J., Dick Willy, Ron Bauer, Mike Miller, Aaron Pailthorp, Jodi Fordahl, Tasha Mikko, guests: Tim Monk, Carlos Perez.

Meeting Minutes-  Approved as written with one exception - Fast Mike only volunteered for first event and practice.

NWR Board Report (Glenn) -  Meeting minutes passed.  No treasurer tonight. Trophies at convention!
Sherri got third in drawing, $500. Solo got trophy - 2011 Region Cup. Honorable mention 2011 region achievement communications Dick Templeton, Karen Babb, hall of fame. Tire Rack Street Survival - Michelin, Enterprise donated funds. March 25 solo event? (drift conflict).  Banquet 2012 - Nov. 3, 10? Suggest 3rd.  SCCA is official workers for F1US in Nov.  Awards needed by early Oct. Newsletter articles needed.  March 24 TRSS school.  Divisional meeting, Oct 27, Atlantis in Reno.
NORPAC Report - (Keith)  Missed last conference call, some desire to increase communication between regions in division. Some Divisionals still happening, but not NORPAC, elimination of req. for nationals.
WWSCC Report - Keith, slush event on Sunday in Shelton, second slush in early April.
Drift Report - Russell, drop 25th, conflict NWN Golden Gardens in Seattle, now is drift event at Evergreen Speedway. Looking for another club or smaller group to reduce losses. Russell scaling back his involvement, looking for new volunteer for chair. OR is looking at doing drift program, but not SCCA Solo - likely road race program.
Treasurer Report - Report presented, down slightly from last month.
Old Business

- Event chairs - FM for practice and event 1, Keith for Pro Solo 1, nobody else at this time.

- Specialty chiefs - Kmetz are still looking at stock timing, Brian covering first two events for now.
New Business

- National Convention - Keith, couple of weeks ago in LV, good Solo track of meetings, Rick and Kathy Barnes presentation on safety was good. safety -simple stuff that gives people a good impression of SSS. Roger Johnson and Karen on course design about bringing people back. Heyward Wagner video and may make the videos available later. Email Roger for PP presentation. MotorsportsReg had presentation. Heyward had presentation on data from survey - the choir responded. 70% focus is regional events. 25% wanted a larger role in running the region events. Session on site acq, tools are still available, not a lot of new info. Looking for different things to make region events more fun. Announcement of new program in a few weeks. Road tire will be supplemental at nationals this year. Converting customers to members session, get more to come back as members. Getting them back the second time is the important part. Phone follow-up or postcard follow-up on first time attendees. Discussion about novice programs and ways to increase activity. Build a community around the events. Solo storytelling - getting the word out about your events. Add opt out box to registration in order to contact people about events. 90% are there to have fun with their cars. TES Golden Circle presentation is a good example in this area.
- Equipment - Aaron, visited timing van, defib is there and seems to be OK, Brother printer is done, Samsung printer is with Jodi. Timing equip may be with Dan Podhola? Aaron can't be the driver. Discussion about getting drivers for events.

Sponsorship - Tight n’ Tidy sponsoring Pro Solo series this year? $300 for the season. Fordahl might not continue this year, and didn't pay for last year. $1000 for title sponsorship. Discussion about other sponsors, sponsorship, Mike Miller volunteered to investigate. Discussion about event sponsorships.
Packwood - Mike Miller, portapotties and trash for Packwood
Annual tech again this year starting in Packwood.
July 4 date, Mike Miller - opportunity for the region for some kind of event?
Video experiment at last weekend's event.
Tasha - Marketing for getting and retaining novices? Business cards?
Budget for region?
Adjourn at 8:35p