SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 3/10/2009

Members in Attendance – Gretchen Everett, Mike Leuty, Keith Brown, Charles Aggenbach, Bud Bohrer, Ron & Alyson Bauer, Jackie McInnes, Mark Snell, Joel Ferguson, Mark McCooey, Jerry Lamb, Rick Vomenici, Russell O’Connell and Val Korry.

Minutes Review – A motion was made to approve minutes as written.

Drift Report – They will be holding a Novice School on April 4th. Registration should be up and running tomorrow. They will be accepting fees that day on-site. Originally, there was an event on April 5th at Evergreen, so they were not planning on holding an event, but they may be doing an open practice of some type. Russell is getting the website updated for the 2009 season. Sean is still working on purchasing their helmets. They would like to do this before the Novice school.

NWR Board & Convention Report – Do-Wops Rally was held last weekend. They will be adding motorcycles to Pacific Motor Groups. Big discussion about holding a Club Trials event at Pacific Raceways, but they decided against the idea. Dick told the board that Solo would not be using the Labor Day date. Race cannot use it, and neither can Drift. We could consider running a regional practice, Coneheads practice or perhaps a WW event.  Jackie has volunteered to chair the event if we do something. It is important that we keep this listed as an SCCA event to keep our date on the BMP calendar. There is currently $11,330+ in the region treasury. We should be able to have the audit done no later than the end of April. There are current 997 members.

Treasurer’s Report – Lou Ann is not present.


WWSCC Report – Keith would like to add a new report to the report list, so he can report on his Divisional Steward activities.  The last of the Slush series was held last Sunday with only 81 entrants.  The weather was actually very nice for most of the day, with a short slush coming down right at the end. The course was fun, but was probably a little slippery in the first group since it was only 32 degrees out.  As part of a series, it needs to be voted on for a championship event. So moved.  They will be reviewing dates next week, and they will be holding some events at Sanderson Field.  Not a lot going on with the council since in the off season.  They are determining when the Slush series banquet will be held. Details will be announced as soon as possible.


NORPAC Divisional Steward Report – Conference call last week.  Risk Management is asking that ALL regions review course designs even more this year, especially the run out distance at the finish.  There were a great deal more of these types of incidents last year and they would like to avoid this in the future. Many regions are not filling out the incident reports completely; however our region has done a fine job.  The cost of insurance has gone down this year. New requirement – ANYONE who rides as a passenger MUST fill out a temporary membership form. The word passenger must be written across the top of the sheet for those that are taking advantage of a FREE weekend membership, for this purpose only. They do not have to pay the fee, but we must have their information.  Some regions are using different colored wrist bands, one color for members or those that have filled out a form, and one for those who have only signed the waiver.  Drift implemented this process last year and felt it was successful. It was also suggested that we add this subject to the driver’s meeting agenda. We should also make sure that the helmet wrangler has a clipboard with forms (with passenger already written across the top).  A hard card is now available through the National Office indicating a member has signed an annual waiver.  They will now be holding a test to become a licensed tech inspector. This person will then be the “expert” for the region and would know exactly where to look things up in the rulebook.


National Convention – Joel had the opportunity to meet several Solo people from all over the country. Early on in the convention the main topic covered the hard cards for annual waivers. Those in attendance, who ordered one, received them that day. The waiver cards are color coded for the year they expire, so at quick glance, our waiver people will know they have signed the annual waiver and whether it is current or not. Our region needs to come up with a way to administer these cards for next season.  Most of the other topics that Joel had to discuss were covered by Keith in his Divisional report.







CPR/AED Training – Several of our safety stewards have agreed to take the First aid training class. The class is available for a total of 15 people. We currently have 13 people. Dick will send a note out to the NW autocross list to fill the final two spots.


Novice School – Rick Vomenici and James Wege have volunteered to cover this event.  He is coordinating with our Specialty Chiefs, but is still looking for volunteers to instruct. He will coordinate with the Lion’s Club to provide lunch for the day, and also the event on Sunday. He can coordinate with them to cover the remainder of the season. He will need some Weekend Membership forms. It was suggested that he double check with both Lou Ann and Kristi.  He should also check with our registration chief because there may be some leftover from last season. Rick and Jackie covered several outstanding issues. A motion was made that IF any Novices attending the school goes four wheels off – and have no disabling damage then they will be allowed one opportunity to re-enter the school.  The second time they will be disqualified. 


Events Chairs for 2009 – We still need event chiefs for the 2009 season.  The following people have already volunteered:


April 4th (Novice School/BMP) – Rick V. James Wege

April 5th (BMP) – Tim Irwin

May 2nd (Packwood) Core Workers Practice – Dick Willy

May 3rd – (Packwood) – NEED VOLUNTEER

May 16th (Packwood) Pro Solo – Keith and Kristi Brown

May 17th (Packwood) – Karl and Amy Coleman

May 24th (BMP) – Mike and Carol Leuty

June 20th (Packwood) Pro Solo – John and Laura Kimball

June 21st – (Packwood) Enrique Garcia


July 10th – 12th (Packwood) NT – Joel Ferguson

July 14th – 16th (Packwood) Evo Schools – Keith Brown

July 17th – July 19th (Packwood) Pro Solo – Gretchen Everett and Jerry Lamb

August 15th (Packwood) – Open Practice – Peter Umino

August 16th (Packwood) – NEED VOLUNTEER

October 4th (BMP) – Ron Bauer


Specialty Chiefs – We still need an Equipment Chair.  BIG thanks go out to Ron Bauer who has volunteered to cover the Stock Timing Chief position!  Yay Ron!


Annual Tech – The first annual tech will be held at the BSCC event #1 this weekend.  Charles will be meeting Lou Ann later this week to get the rule books.




Wireless Timing equipment – Jackie has coordinated with Glenn Austin to research a final quote for a wireless timing system.  The information will be collected and presented at next month’s meeting.


Team Competition – Mark Snell presented information to formalize the Team Competition as part of our series. A motion was made and approved to include this in our 2009 season. Another motion was made that we allocate dollars towards season end trophies for each member of the team, in a total equal to what is spent on second place trophies for the season.


Meeting adjourned at 9:02 p.m.