SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 3/13/07

Members in Attendance – Gretchen Everett, Dick Willy, Keith Brown, Kristi Brown, Jackie McInnes, Amy Olson, Glenn Austin, Tom LeCoque, Mark McCooey, Jodi Fordahl, Joel Ferguson, Aaron Pailthorp, Enrique Garcia, Tim Irwin, Scott Miller, Jerry Lamb, Mike Leuty, Mary Lee, Bud Bohrer, Alan Dahl, Fast Mike, Kyle Freiheit, Dieter Beldi, Joe Sim, Mark de Regt, David de Regt, Annie Bauer, Lou Ann Christensen, Charles Aggenbach.  Mark D. Visitors: Corey Coenig.

Minutes Review – Approved as written.

Board Report – Legislature meeting regarding noise decibel levels was held on March 9th or 10th.  Dick has two emails from John Forespring that have all of the details that Dick will pass out later.  It may be possible that our type of competition is insulated from these proceedings as we are not considered ORVs.  BMP should be unaffected… stay tuned for more details. They currently have $8746 in the bank - $5,000 should still belong to SOLO.  PRG now has 60 members.  The next litter clean-up will be a Sunday three months from now.  Race had a good event.  They are trying to do inventory for tax purposes and their next event in April 29th.  The next version of the newsletter is now completed. 

Treasurer’s Report – Paid invoice for Specialty Chief Jackets, and our annual awards.  Gretchen was reimbursed for her Norpac Convention expenses.  We have paid for the Solo Bus tabs and the rental fee for new timing computer.  We earn $14.57 interest in our savings account.  The region still owes us $5,000 which should be transferred to our new Bank of America account that has now been opened.  Lou Anne will keep the old account open for the next month or so because we still have outstanding checks. 


WWSCC Report –  Season is getting ready to start.  The final slush event (ACE) was held.  Things went fairly well as there was a very light turnout.  There was heavy rain for most of the day.  The slush banquet was last weekend with about 25 – 30 people in attendance.  Free pizza, pop & cake were enjoyed by all.  The UWSAE event will be the first championship event in late April.


Equipment Report –   Brian was not in attendance.


Novice School Report – There are three spots still available.  The class is capped at 50 students.  Jackie is still looking for more instructors.  She is also looking for a timing focal.  She mainly needs the display and is not sure whether we will actually be using the computer or not.  The entry fee for the school will also include the first event on April 30th. 




Event Chairs - We still need chairs for the following events:


May 19th Practice (Packwood)

August 18 – 19th National Tour (Packwood)

October 21st Event #8 (BMP)


2007 Specialty Chiefs – Thanks to this year’s Specialty Chiefs:


Course – David Lewis

Waivers – Tim Irwin

Equipment – Brian Norton

Timing – Glenn Austin and Enrique Garcia

Workers – Keith and Kristi Brown

Scoring – Jodi Fordahl

Registration – Jason Spore and Brianne Green

Tech – Mary Lee and Charles Aggenbach

Grid – Glen Hernandez

Trophies – Amy Olson

Novice Chair – Jackie McInnes and Chris Kmetz

Safety, Insurance, Sanctions – Gretchen Everett


Course Designers – Still a few openings for course designers, especially the Pro courses.  Please contact David Lewis if interested.




March 25 (BMP) – Jake and Shalyn

April 1 (BMP) – Joel Ferguson

May 19- 20 (Packwood) – East/West challenge to be run by a NWR Member only. 

May 27 (BMP) – Gretchen Everett – Jodi Fordahl

June 23- 24 (Packwood) – Scott Miller; Event – Jerry Lamb will cover the practice on Saturday

July 14 – 15 (Packwood) – Amy and Karl; Event – Ron Bauer will cover the practice on Saturday.

July 22 (BMP) – Mary Lee/Randy Ayers

August 18 – 19 (Packwood) – National Tour

August 25 - 26 (Packwood Pro Solo) - Keith and Kristi Brown

September 2 (BMP) – Dick Willy

October 21 (BMP) – Jackie McInnes/Kevin Dietz




New Treasurer Laptop - Unfortunately, the treasurer’s laptop has died. A motion was made to spend up to $1200 to purchase a new one.  The group requested that Lou Ann shop around to get the best deal, not just automatically spend that much money.  A motion was made and seconded.


Three Run Competition – Dick Willy introduced himself to the group and gave a detailed clarification of how this committee works and what we must do to ensure that we are upholding the bylaws and rules of the SCCA organization.

He feels that at last month’s meeting a mistake was made by introducing the change we made to the way we are scoring our competitions for 2007.   The change did not follow our historical policy of introducing new rule changes at the December rules meeting.  The floor was opened for discussions that would help us all understand the history behind how and why we got to the point we are at right now.  Several points were raised – low attendance levels, economical influences, the fact that we lost the core Kent site, the increase in traveling necessary for running in Packwood because we don’t have many different sites.  Dick also reminded the group that after reviewing the numbers from last season we had a total of 157 novices with 75 novices running ONLY one event.  This is a nice reminder that although it seems we have a ton of novices running on a regular basis very few of those people run on a regular basis.


Dick would like to make the following recommendation – The group votes to overturn the rule that was adopted at last month’s meeting and that the topic be tabled until the 2007 December rules meeting.  There is nothing officially written that explains the difference between a rule and a policy but the bigger issue is what precedent are we setting by randomly changing rules outside of our “regular” December rules meeting?  A motion was made and seconded to recede anything that was decided at the February meeting regarding the number of runs that will be used to score events in the 2007 season.   It was also discussed that rules should be voted on by SCCA members ONLY.  A vote was taken and there were 15 people in favor of the motion and 9 votes that opposed.  The motion passed. 


A second motion was made and seconded that all annual competition based rules be presented and voted on at the predefined December rules meeting only.  A discussion was held and points were made that we cannot make a rule stating that we can’t make a rule when necessary.  It was also pointed out that this motion only covers “competition rules” and not safety or administration issues.  A question was raised as to what the definition of “competition rules” actually was.  A discussion was held and no clear definition was decided.  A motion was made to table this motion and discussion until next month’s meeting to give people an opportunity to come up with that definition.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.