03/11/03 Minutes


Denny Trimble - USAE contact.  Steve Scott and Valerie (soon to be Scott).     

Board Report

Report on the Reno convention, which was very successful.  155 people attended our 50th anniversary regional banquet.  John Forespring will be attending the Corona Rally in Mexico to gather notes and attend some meetings regarding the World Rally.  He will be reporting his findings at the next meeting.   Retention of new members was discussed, specifically the new WRX members.  The past practice of board members calling on new members will be put back in place so that each person should be contacted before their membership is expired.  This will help welcome them to the region and help channel them into the right venue.  A big thanks went out to Val for his dealing with the Corvette Show.  Val is looking for a Solo person to take his place for next year.  Rally reported on Do-Wops 1, 2, 3 and 4.  They’ve got a great new facility with the ability to run a night event.  The region editor would like assistance in providing materials for the monthly newsletter.  BMP is now requiring a 45-day advance payment for all of events and also a proof of insurance.  This is almost near impossible, so we feel we should work with them to be more realistic in the future.


Treasurer’s Report

Please see attached report for details.  Not much activity this month.  The Solo bus has been licensed for the year.


WWSCC Report

Jerry passed around a report of proposed changes to the WW bylaws.  The changes are minor, but bring things closer to reality.  A discussion was held and no major opposition was presented.  A motion was made and approved.  The UWSAE was held and was successful.  No final schedule has been approved yet.

Equipment Report

Karl got a battery sponsorship from Interstate.  They have provided a new battery free of charge and there is a huge improvement in the bus.  The question has now been raised as to whether we need to replace the glow plugs or not.  The actual replacement had not been confirmed, and now that the problem seems to be corrected Scott would like to put those repairs on hold until we determine whether the battery has solved the problems completely.  Nash was not here to discuss the car-charging adapter.  Karl went and purchased a new laser printer from Costco.  Jodi reports that it works great!  She also brought up a new concern.  The timing display that we borrowed from PCA had fallen over in Yakima and we agreed to fix it.  This has now been fixed and Lou Ann has paid Jodi.  Kevin brought up the fact that the bus is running very hot.  He is concerned it will not make it to Yakima.  Apparently it is having a difficult time towing the trailer.  A motion was made to have this looked at.  Scott has volunteered to take care of the situation.  Karen Babb suggested that we might want to replace the speaker cover that was stolen last year.  We used a garbage bag last weekend, which worked okay.  As long as someone remembers to do this, it’s okay.


Old Business


Site Marketing Committee – Scott is planning on extracting the last paragraph of the Bremerton contract and attaching to the Port of Seattle contract.  This may help them feel a little safer, which may get them to schedule events more than a week in advance. 


Novice Program - Kevin purchased very cool tire gauges for Novice Driver of the Event. 


Event Trophies – Jodie got the novice trophies for the first event.  Jodie was thinking that we would have a very basic plaque with a place and a dash plaque.  She is concerned that these are very expensive (about $4 a piece).  She is also concerned that we will be taking away from year-end awards if we spend this much money on each regional event.  A discussion was held regarding how important it is to provide trophies at each event.  A suggestion was made that we purchase enough trophies for the first event and then decide how many people actually attend the trophy presentation and pick up their trophies.  A motion was made to set a budget of $250 for the next event. 


New Business


Rent-A-Student - The USAE club has offered a new fund raising event called Rent-A-Student.  This is a person that could be hired by an autocross entrant for $20.00 to work their course assignment.  A motion was made that we would approve this new process, as long as Nash Johnson, our Chief of Workers, has approved their procedure.  An amendment was made that along with that, it would be necessary for each Rent-A-Student go through a class teaching how to work the course.  A third amendment was also made that Novices will not be allowed to be Rent-A-Students.  The motion with all amendments was approved.



Novice School March 8th - Jodie felt the school was a success.  Almost all of the students returned for the event on Sunday.  She is planning another school later in the year.  Kevin felt that Jodie did a great job running the event, but too much attention was paid to the instructors and not the students.  He felt too many instructors took advantage of the situation and actually received more runs than many of the students.  It is important that we focus ALL of the attention on the students and that instructors should only be allowed to run at lunch only.  The group agreed.  We should make sure that this does NOT happen again at the next event. 


SCCA Event #1 – Neither event chair was in attendance.  The weather was miserable in the morning.  There were several timing issues in the morning, but other than that the entrants had a great time.  The afternoon went well.  They were off-site by 5:00 p.m.  Tim sent a message via Kevin.  He felt that event chairs should each have their own radio.  He also felt it was important to provide enough instruction at the driver’s meeting for course workers.  He also felt we needed to reinforce the fact that people need to pack-it-in and then pack-it-out.  There was far too much garbage left at the site.  Jodi would like to hold a data entry class to help with timing workers in the future.  She feels it would be important to look at providing some type of discount for people who pre-register at future events because it is so helpful to the operations of the event.  A discussion was held.  A motion was made that we charge an additional $5 for each person who does NOT pre-register.  This means that it would be a total of $25 for members and $30 for non-members who show up the day event without registering.  The motion was passed as long as the pre-registration was open until at least 5:00 on the Friday before each event.   We are also going to be testing some new procedures that registration may be able to do to help with this issue.


New timing sensors/equipment – After so many challenges with the timing at Event #1, people felt it was important for us to look at a new laser timing sensor.  Our sensors are currently over 10 years old and do deteriorate over time.  It is possible for us to spend a total of $750 for a package of four new sensors and also the stands we need.  Jodi also suggests that we need additional aligners and cable connectors.  A motion was made and passed to spend a total of $1,000 towards purchasing ALL of the new necessary timing equipment, including the new power supply cable.  Kelley Picasso will make all of the necessary arrangement.


Passenger clarification – The question was raised to clarify the rules regarding passengers at SCCA events.  It was confirmed that the rulebook states that as long as you are finished competing, it is okay to ride with someone.  PAX class entrants are allowed to run any time they would like. 


Event #2 – April 6th in Yakima.  We still need one stock half of the day event safety steward.  We also need an event chair.  Kevin said he would look at his schedule to see if he is available.  We also need a course designer.  This request will be posted to the auto-x list.

Scott Miller has volunteered to drive the bus over.  Jodie LeCoque has volunteered to be added to the bus driver’s list.  Ron Bauer will help Karl coordinate the arrangements with the insurance company.


Newsletter Update Information - Karl needs to send an updated list to the newsletter editor with current Novice Chair information.


National Tour - Scott Miller has volunteered to chair the National Tour.  He is in need of a course designer.  Someone must be appointed by May 2nd.  Keith Brown has volunteered to be the Chief of Tech.  We also need a Safety Steward assistant.  Val said that he would cover this position if nobody else will volunteer.  Karen Babb has offered her assistance for the course designer.  Kevin has volunteered to help with the party and Gretchen will help with registration. 




Kevin would like to clarify that event chairs and co-chairs, along with the bus driver to receive FREE entries to each event.