7:22pm                  Call to Order


No guests


Board Report:


Webpage help has been passed on to a new person.  Joe Goeke continuing to help out.


Bremerton user’s council guidelines have been adopted.  (Jack Bailey for contact)


Changing Board of Directors meeting place to Tony Roma’s in Federal Way?  It is a go.


Quarterly membership meeting - Solo Fourth Quarter, October 8th event?


Regional Tax situation coming together.  Gone to filing with agent.  Total back-taxes (93 to 99): $3,000 debt for Solo.


Race: Solo 1 school scheduled.  Low interest, tentative.  (Bremerton.  Getting their own electricity).  They are also $500 - $1000 towards repairing / repaving center between drag strip lanes at Bremerton.


Suggestions are made that we should match Bremerton SCC’s $400 towards repaving of ¼ mile center strip – since it affects us some afterall; and in good faith for BSCC’s efforts in the past.


SCCA Solo2 agrees to commit to 30% of SCCA’s responsibility for this bill, not to exceed $400.


Treasurer’s Report:


Novice school  - big event for this time.  All bills have been paid.  Gross was $1200.  Site fee not yet paid.


Van was purchased this month, for $5400+ 


Paid $84 penalty for cashing in CD for Van.


$5500 decrement in Net Assets for this month.


PC and Quickbooks have been loaded up.  Hasn’t figured out how to get current budgetary stuff into Quickbooks.


Equipment Report:


PA System:  Ron talked to Peavey guy again.  Got price specifics.

Package PA system $299

2 Impulse 200 Speakers $450

Speaker Covers $16.40 (for bad weather)

Speaker Stands $100 (tripods)

New Mic $23

2 Pair of speaker cables $47.88

Total: $936.28

(Not including shipping)


Solo Bus!:  Its here, we have it!  Stored at Brianne and Sean’s in Kent. 1987 Ford E-350 bus.  Was checked out beforehand.  Checkout showed leaks around Valve cover gasket; everything else ok.  One brake-light was out; but fixed before purchase. Possible brake replacement needed, not likely.  Seats taken out last weekend by a dedicated crew of volunteers.  Plan is to have table and timing equipment in back for panoramic view. 


Kitchen counter-top for timing area?  Seats – bid on E-bay?  Charitable donation?


Insurance for bus:  John Forespring, State Farm agent.  Commercial service insurance, $1500/year.  Other option is to register in a member’s name (for less than commercial insurance – by as much as 1/3rd); and have member cover insurance.  Solo would then reimburse them.


Alan Dahl suggests getting someone like Scotty or LJ who has connections with a trucking or transport company with a fleet of vehicles to insure the Solo Bus as just one more vehicle in their fleet, then reimbursing them for the cost.




Ron Babb thinks he’s found a generator that will take care of everything (1200 Watt generator, only weighs 26 lbs.).  One Downfall is that it only has enough gas for 3 hours of running.  Need to get price.  Up to $1200 is approved; otherwise need a re-vote.




Budget for 4-6 more radios to add to our current set; OR buy a whole new set.  Talk about broken radios with Ron and such.  Approx. 30% aren’t working.


DB Meter:


Need since we’ll be running at multiple sites and may have noise concerns.  Coupeville and Port of Seattle both expressed noise level concerns.  Cheap Radio-Shack ones are $35.  We need a tripod system that’s better than this.  Check with San Diego and Oregon to see what they use.



Old Business:


Site Committee Update:


Ron talked with McChord.  Still moving forward with it; but waiting to hear back from contacts at other Military Bases.


PoT:  We’ve got a site until end of April! $1500 covers Friday to Monday.


Tacoma Narrows Airport:  Narrow long area is out, too narrow.  Square area at south end is still being looked at.  Possibly Port of Tacoma has an interest here as well?


Coupeville: Still in consideration.


Emerald Downs and Paine:  Outside chance for later this year; good possibility for next year.


CAROL LEUTY:  We need some large trash cans for hauling away garbage from these sites.


Emerald Queen:  Open for Schools for free?  Needs to be swept. 


NT @ Bremerton:


No chief in attendance.  Trophy address is Ron Bauer’s residence.


No communication from Glen on Hotels, etc.


Novice School, Feb. 26th:


Didn’t go as well as planned, but still went ok.  Looking to restrict entrants more next time; or split up course more.




·         More runs, less change-overs?  Open for debate. 


·         Different food?


·         Stationary grid didn’t work.


·         Took a long time to get going. 


·         Started too late.


·         Organize morning-talk information better?


·         Written information on sign-up? 


·         Instructor planning meeting?


2000 Rule Sups:


Any changes to ’99 sups?


Street Mod changed to “Open Street”.


Timing software references changed/updated.


Added in Sup’ed rules for STS and STR, etc.


Change prohibited tires to reference the STS section of rulebook.


Need to add Jim’s Detail’s other site address.


2000 Schedule:


Not much change. 


Tentative schedule is on SCCA Website.


New Business:


Event #1 – April 2nd:


Unofficially at PoT.  Ron Bauer will probably chair it.  Someone else needs to help organize practice on Saturday.  Noel head this up?


Pyrometer & Novice program:


Skipped due to time constraints.


McKamey / Evolution School:


Still looking for dates and arrangements.  Possibly around Memorial day weekend?  Or June 23rd through 25th.  Bremerton?  E. Queen?  Everett lots hold 2 schools?  Unkown.


Geez School?:


Taught how to use Geez software and G-Cube to determine driving limits, etc.  $250 for a day and a half.  Approx. what McKamey costs for similar time.  40% classroom time.  Also discounts for buying G systems.  Limited to 20 students.  Minimum of 8.


Good of the Order