Notes from the NWR Solo II Meeting of 2/9/99


Guests: Brian Norton, CS MR2

Board Report: Race has a sponsor for their series. There was a second tire wall party in Bremerton last weekend. It rained off and on and they eventually ran out of bolts. Race is having difficulty with gathering workers. They are trying to change the image and will be referring to workers as "race officials". If anyone is interested in learning more about this, they can contact Ron. A class is available. The Solo membership meeting will be held at one of the last two events of the year, most likely the October 7th event. Static clings with SCCA information and website have been created for display on vehicles. Brian Horne has become the new publisher of NWR newsletter. The format will remain similar for a while, but we may see changes in the future. A change will be made in the weight of the paper with a better quality end result. The region is considering updating the tri-fold color flyer that was developed by Bill McClarty.

Budget Report: Checking report shows no activity, only interest credited for this month.

Bud presented his draft of the 1999 annual budget, which is due to the board by April 7.

Dan Miklovic NWR Treasurer wrote to all the venues indicating his intent to establish a finance committee and provide a chart of accounts for Solo. Bud edited the accounts to clearly represent Solo activities and placed all expenses in two primary accounts -- Operations and Events. He also added a dictionary to define the contents of each account. His "Events Worksheet" shows a budget for all 17 events in 1999 (regular events, practices, schools, etc.) Bud reviewed his 1999 Solo Budget, which includes $1200 in Solo Equipment for the purchase of a laptop. Bud finished by requesting questions and/or concerns from the group. Dan Miklovic has requested that each venue provide a list of their current assets. Bud will need a group of volunteers to collaborate on a list for Solo.

Equipment Report: Ron and Karen Babb are both in San Diego no update available.

Joy Kreick found a 6í plastic table for $50. She suggested that we purchase a couple of them now before are they no longer available. Tim Nevins suggested we also purchase folding chairs. The tables and chairs will help with Registration and also for computer operator if laptop purchase is made in the future. Brianne moved that we make the purchase. Val seconded. Move passed to spend a total of $200 on 2 plastic tables and 4? chairs. Val will make the purchases.

Novice Program: Bret was not in attendance. Sean Green reported that he has talked with Kevin Dietz who has agreed to once again sponsor the NWR Novice Program for 1999. Kevin has decided he will no longer be awarding gift certificates. He had only two redeemed during 1998 season. He will be providing a bucket of cleaning items. Sean and Bret have proposed that the Novice Award recipient must be present to win.

A discussion was held with the group. Some felt it wasnít fair to make the A.M. entrants wait around until the end of the day. It was suggested there be both an A.M. and P.M. winner. Sean will discuss idea with Kevin. Kevin has also donated a full detail or window tint for Novice of the Year winner. Sean and Bret are looking for Novice Instructors for the Novice schools and also Novice Focals for the year. Please contact either one if you are interested. Glen noted that Jimís Detail now had a website and suggested we look into a link from the NWR site. The first Novice School is scheduled for April 24, the day before the first SCCA event.

Old Business: Year-end Trophies - Ron spoke with Wayne and Sharon. Everything has been finalized and they are moving forward according the discussions at last monthís meeting.

Corvette Show - Dave Bell has made arrangements for the BEAC television set and video tapes. They have all the volunteers they need to work the booth. Linda M. is gathering SportsCar to be handed out at the site. They would also like to hand out schedules with important telephone numbers. Everything seems to be in order.

Coneheads Party - There are currently 82 people signed up and everything is confirmed with Latitude 47. Brianne is trying to get a final head count to the restaurant. If you havenít signed up yet, please do so.

Computer/Software Update - Joe reported that there is a huge range in the cost of available items. At around $1,000 older more outdated technology is available. Starting around $1200/1300 you get into some newer technology and right around $1600 you start to see some decent hardware/software that will actually have a decent life span. He also looked into purchasing a warranty and needs to do some further research. Jodi suggested that we pay special attention to the display. It seems that most leasing options are basically purchasing plans for financing over the next three years. Joe feels that we will have good options available with a budget between $1600 and $2300. He recommends that we purchase a decent size hard drive, and modem, two batteries plus a DC power supply (one that runs off standard converter). He feels a case will help protect the laptap and can be purchased fairly inexpensively. Joe recommends purchasing a Gateway with a $1600 budget. Joe also suggested that the person responsible for Timing & Scoring and/or Season points be responsible for the laptap. The group agreed that a $2000 budget including taxes should be enough for all necessary purchases. Joe agreed to keep this budget in mind and bring a final recommendation to next monthís meeting for a final vote.

National Tour Chief - Ron reported that we still need one. Gretchen has volunteered to be the assistant, she and Mike both agree that someone new needs to learn the responsibilities. If anyone is interested please let Gretchen or Ron know.

Specialty Chiefís - Ron has most of these positions taken care of. He still needs a CO-Chair for Registration with Susan Collicott and CO-Chair for Pre-Grid. Please let Ron know if you are interested.

Event Chairs - We need Event Chairs for all 1999 events. With the new Specialty Chiefs format, this should be a much easier task. Please let Ron know if you are interested.

New Business: An Open Practice is scheduled to take place on March 14 after the Weather-or-not event. Ron asked for suggestions and or specific ideas on the event format. Mike Leuty suggested charging $2.00 per run with requirement to volunteer to work in another group. Group discussed. Ron announced that whomever volunteered to focal the event would be given the opportunity to decide the format.

McKamey School - Scheduled for 6/5-6/7. Phase I and II will be offered over the three day period. The fee has been increased to $175 which Ron says is the average throughout the country. There will be an article with full details in the March issue of SportsCar. Mike Leuty will be handling this event again and will take registration via US mail only, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

National Convention - The SCCA National Convention is being held in San Diego this weekend. Mike, Joy, Val and Karen will all be in attendance. Please give them any questions or information you would like to have presented.

BEAC Timing Vehicle - Someone asked if there has been any discussions regarding a new timing vehicle because no one knows how long the current van might last. Kimball reported that the BEAC might be interested in discussing the idea if SCCA is interested in joining causes. Kimball also reports that internally BEAC is very busy at the moment, but discussions have been brought up regarding purchase of a new vehicle rather than fixing up the current one.

Novice incentives - Mike suggested the idea of providing Novice incentives above and beyond the bucket of goodies prize. One suggestion included a reduced fee, such as a $5.00 off coupon for the competitor's second event. Craig Anderson suggested a discount on a NWR SCCA membership. Someone also suggested we develop some type of frequent driver's card, which offers special incentive to novices who compete in a required number of events.

GOO: Kimball has pointed out that the BEAC portion of the current schedule being handed out does not specifically point out the BEAC events are for BEAC member only.

We need to remind people of this.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.