Notes from the NWR Solo II Meeting of 2/10/98:

NWR Board: A Solo II date has been moved to avoid conflict with a Race date. Solo I dates appear to conflict with Solo II most of the time. Rally has an event coming this weekend down near Shelton (DooWop I & II). Orin O’Neill is looking into Web advertising.

Solo II Budget (Bud, in absentia): We have total assets of just over $10,000 before the year-end awards are paid for.

Equipment (Ron, in absentia): Nothing further to report on the timing display. Also nothing on the possibility of P.A. upgrades.

Novice Program (Cindi): She has a partial list of instructor/staffing names from the Novice school last year. Glen instructed, Gretchen lectured about Registration last time, Sharon R. registered students (Reuters will be asked to do Safety this year), Mark McCooey did a technical overview, Joy instructed, Mike did a membership lecture. Those who were here agreed to do their thing again. We'll need to rent the BEAC TV/VCR. Carol probably did Timing last year. Kimball needs to know if the BEAC van is required. Greg F. did Tech, we'll need to ask him. School is April 25th, the day before Regional #2. Need chief of setup/teardown. Instructor meeting will be April 11th, need a location. Joy says have it at her house. Cindi wonders what we should do with the leftover Novice registration cards. Larry Imbeau has volunteered to make a sign for a Novice Registration area; should we have a separate line for this at our Regionals? Mike--you could also have someone who wanders up and down the line and looks for new people who might have questions. Gretchen--this sounds like a good idea. What about getting people into the number log? Bill--we could pull the applicable pages out of the binder and put them at the separate line. Discussion of how to make sure Novices know to go to the Novice line, and/or how to identify them. Cindi has contacted Sharon Reuter about name tags for the Novice focals; she needs to have some budget for this. Sharon said they were about $3.50 each; Cindi needs seven. Motion seconded and passed to approve this allocation. Discussion on what to put on the Novice badges. Cindi also needs to print some supplements for the Novice handbook; Mike--this typically doesn't cost enough to worry about. She needs to get commitments from instructors. Cindi wants to make sure that anybody who volunteers to give rides and instruct knows that the priority is not for them to get practice time, but rather to make sure the students get plenty of help. Bret and Sean volunteered; Cindi will make some calls. Joe suggests that the maneuver practices go in alternate directions, to even out wear on the tires on both sides of the car. The overall format would be similar to last year's. She'd like the classroom presentations to be formatted kind of like in an event, in sequence. Mike--we'll have two more Solo II meetings to discuss this. Is the planning meeting soon enough? Consensus is yes. Planning meeting on 4/11 will be at 1:00 p.m. at Joy's.

Old Business (all): Corvette and high performance auto show: Dave Bell reports that there were lots of people at the show. He distributed maps with the WWSCC Hotline on them. Joe's videos were shown and attracted quite a bit of attention. Lots of conversations. Vintage (SOVREN) was well represented. Linda Miklovic also helped out. Dean Kuhn and Glen Hernandez were the other Solo II helpers during the weekend. Lots of Solo events flyers were distributed. Glen--it was slower on Sunday than Saturday. One thing that was lacking was a schedule of events, but since that hasn't been firmed up there wasn't one available.

National Tour (Gretchen): No changes since last time. Still need a Chief of Workers. All her other chiefs are in place.

Pro Solo (Joe): No progress since last time. He still needs most Chiefs. Need 2 Safety Stewards. Discussion of coordination of SS's last year; Reuters did this. We need a Safety Steward focal for the Pro. Joe also needs a Chief of Course/Workers; this person is a check-off person who has a list provided by National and verifies that workers show up for their assignments (given to them by Denver). Ron Babb has volunteered to coordinate the workers for the Challenge. Craig Anderson is available to work the Challenge, for the price of a dash plaque or other such memento. Some of the positions ("Core Workers") involve entry fee discounts. Volunteers are needed to help set up the site on Friday, and three people are needed to help with Registration. Joe will be posting a notice on the NW autocross email list, looking for people to fill out his list of focals.

In-between-week activities (Brianne): Not lots done yet, Brianne needs to find out how many people might actually stay the week. This might be related to how well we publicize what's available. Activities include go-karting, GameWorks, etc. Mike will contact the ride-and-drive kart guy to see what his schedule is. That Thursday is available for something at Bremerton.

Scoring Program (Bill B): Anna Hedley will be looking at doing some design/development work. Backup plan is to use last year's thing. The plan is to deliver a runtime version and train people to run it.

Regional Series Supplementals (Mike): Should we go with Street Touring as it's been published and will be in the rule book Appendix? The class will also be offered at Tours and PS2's, so if we make amendments we'd have to be sure people know that they don't apply at those events. Kimball--we could have separate awards that the Region gives at those events. Bill--he doesn't think we should make changes to the National rules. If they want a more extensively altered car, they could be picked up by Street Mod. Kimball--Hondas with headers would end up running against the Pantera and its like. Mike--if this class had not come along, we could make sub-classes of Street Mod. Since it's here, it seems to take that position in the structure. We've been seeing dilution of the people we have already. Greg--at the Tour they can run CSP with things like headers. What about class name? Street Touring will be ST/STL. Street Tire class will now have a T suffix, like PAX has an X suffix. For example, a BS car in Street Tire would be "BST".

Sponsorship (Mike): Orin O'Neill did not succeed in contacting Greg. The Region says there's no problem putting advertising on our Web page; Orin was supposed to talk to Greg to find out what Greg had in mind to help set a fee schedule. Alan--you can structure the fees per month, per "hit", etc. Mike--the Region wants to receive some payment for advertising on its Web page. Joe has been working on the SCCA Solo content to make it look "different" from Alan's WWSCC effort. He plans to add a PAX information/calculation setup. Greg will try to contact Orin. Mike--he would have liked to have this cleared up by now so dash plaques and schedules could be ordered.

Schedule (Mike): One of the late-season dates has been moved to accommodate the Race folks. Torque Steerers would like to take the 9/27 date which SCCA has vacated. Solo II will take the Torque Steerers date the first Sunday in October (10/4). AAS is questionable for whether they want to do their WWSCC event. Miata club is also talking about doing something different, and might like an earlier date. They could switch with AAS (which means that AAS would be in May). It looks like the first SCCA event will remain March 15.

New Business (Mike): There was a Divisional Roundtable in Reno in January. The NorPac Div series is tentatively set; there was also discussion of running L classes in different groups from the Open. SFR, SRR, and the NWR Tour will be the three events in the series. Katie Elder suggested coordinating advertising. Katie is asking Bill for a mailing list of people who went to our Tour so she can put together an overall mailing list. Howard Duncan talked about karts and their use for membership recruitment. Regions are encouraged to personally contact new members. Costs and family are things which are causing members to leave. Junior karts help address the family activity situation. There is definitely interest in karts. The arrive-and-drive program will be run by a private company; he offers karts for rental and sales, and a couple of regions are buying Junior karts to use as rentals. Greg is going to be borrowing one for 30 days to try to get some publicity for them. Raman Sarin has agreed to shepherd the Junior kart program here too if the equipment situation can be resolved. Mike--we should probably have a structured approach to training, like Cal Club does. The overall kart approval process has been streamlined by National Office. Discussion of Street Touring and its name; it's intended to tie into other venues and perceptions of manufacturers.

National Convention (Mike): Not many small seminars at this one. Membership appeal and retention was a big subject; we have ideas on how to do better at making new people feel welcome and retaining those we have.

Series Trophies (Reuters): Sharon and Wayne couldn't be here tonight, but they asked that we discuss awards for the Regionals. Do we want to do the same thing as last year? Consensus is that this worked well. The boards will be distributed earlier, perhaps around the 5th event. Stand-ups for the Novice classes seemed to be well received.

Chiefs of Specialty (all): Program would establish an overall Chief for each area of Specialty, who would be responsible for knowing who likely chiefs for events are, and for training new people to work these positions at events. Should the COS be directly responsible for designating event specialty chiefs? Greg--the event chair would make the phone calls to find event chiefs, and refer each one to their overall COS for consultation and help. If nobody can be found to do the event chief job for a particular event, the COS is the "fallback position" for the event chairperson to call on to get the job covered. Mike--the idea was to spread out the responsibility, make the job easier for the event chair, bring new people into the specialties. Cindi--it's a mentoring job, so the event chair doesn't have to train people or worry about whether each chief knows his job. The event chair will find the event chiefs, each of which can contact the applicable COS to find out who knows how to work in that area. We need COS's for Course Design, Registration, Tech, Workers, Timing & Scoring. Bill--we need to have one for Grid too. Discussion on the need for a Grid chief. Need to have the row order and timing card collection routine nailed down too. Consensus is that this would be good. Volunteers should let Mike know.

Event chairs (all): We need one for 3/15. Other events can wait but that one can't. If we don't get a volunteer here, we can ask on the NW autox list. Jodi volunteers for the Memorial Day weekend event at Bremerton.

Miscellaneous (all): The Canada folks have secured a 300x1500 site which is primarily concrete. We don't know any of the restrictions (e.g., noise) or when they'll run there. More info later.

PAX class trophying (Glen): Do we want to trophy PAX deeper, e.g., giving anybody who qualifies for a year-end trophy an award? Discussion followed regarding when this changed (we used to do it that way). Somebody who trophies in PAX probably would have taken a year-end award in a regular class if they were there. Mike--this would just be the year-end award depth; event awards would remain the same as they’ve been (i.e., per the rule book).

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.