NWR Solo Meeting Minutes

February 19th, 2019

Meeting called to order 7:15

In Attendance: Karl & Amy Coleman, Tim Naugler, Crystal Stegman, Aaron Pailthorp, Mike Leuty, Bud Bohrer, Michael Luttmer,Tyler Corbin, Theron Langel, Adrian Martin, Keith Brown, Charlie Morales, Taylour Wargo.

Meeting Location: Juneau Tavern @ Sykart Indoor Racing Center Tukwila

January minutes approved


NWR Board Report (Charlie Morales): February meeting was cancelled due to weather.

Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown): Nothing new to report.

NORPAC Report (Jessy Gauthier): Not in attendance

WWSCC Report (Keith Brown): 2019 schedule is posted on the site, UWFSAE Dawg Dash on April 6th.

Equipment Report (Kevin Dietz): Not in attendance.

Recruitment Report (Crystal Stegman): Tasha M has made cards for recruitment. Should be available to share and distribute at the first event. Cost off a booth at most show events is too much, yet Importmeet booth prices seem reasonable, it's really a matter of potentially conflicting dates and staffing a tent if the opportunity arises. Still talking with the high school shop teacher to bring in kids for the novice school. Speaking of reaching out to BSCC to cross pollinate more.

OLD Business:

Your NEW 2019 Solo Board: Charlie Morales as Solo Director, Theron Langel as Assistant Director, and Taylour Wargo as Secretary.

The secretaries new Chromebook has been purchased!

We are hoping to rent BSCC timing gear for all 2019 BMP events as it's a win-win for both parties, encourages cross pollination, and its cost/time effective to leave the van in packwood! Price is expected to be similar to last year.

Lots of people stepping up for chiefs, and ALL 2019 SPOTS FILLED! Woot woot, great job team. Lots of new faces are taking on new roles, let's support them in these endeavors!

NEW Business:

Coneheads Banquet was on January 26th:

89 coneheads showed up between the hosting parties and the gathering was great, food was well praised but the location felt cramped. Could there be a bigger venue, that host us as well as Bahama Breeze?

SCCA national convention:

Karen Babb received the SCCA’s highest award, the Woolf Barnato Award!

Big shout out to the Lincoln Airport for standing up for the racers, while the Air Force is allowed more real estate at the site for most the year, they are not permitted the extra space during spring nats, nationals, and FSAE nationals. Asphalt will be covering some of the space, but with the rearranging of the nationals configuration, all racing and test surfaces will still be on the concrete, but the paddock will likely be on asphalt. Noise is a concern, with all the racing being closer together. After the cities sound meter was brought out last year, we aren't close to breaking sound yet, so we should still be good!

There is discussion about controlling Nationals entries after quickly selling out 1400 spots last year in under 100 hours.

Charlie capitalized on the opportunity to take the SCCA’s leadership classes/talks to start his year as NWR Solo Director. We are encouraging moral and enthusiasm from the long timers to encourage the novices to stick around and learn the process and system of the day/weekend.

We would like to build and strengthen the team aura and open the lines of communication. We are looking to establish a mission and/or goals for our region.

We are looking to arrange a taskforce for cleaning up our cone trailer. Details next meeting.

North Mason Lions Club is covering food concessions for BMP events!

National Tour theme and planning in the works, we would like to have a jump on it sooner than later! Bring ideas to the meetings or email listing!

Meeting adjourned at 8:27

Happy 75th Birthday to the SCCA as their first meeting was held on this day, February 26th 1944!