February Solo Committee Meeting Minutes
February 13, 2018

Introductions: No new guests present

In attendance: Gretchen & Tim W., Kevin D., Crystal S., Charlie C., Brett W., Tim N. Tasha M.,
Joey J., Ron B., Keith B, Karl and Amy C. Tim E., Charles A.

Last Month’s minutes review – approved with name correction.

NWR Board Report (Gretchen) – some good stuff coming with the new RE. Working hard getting the race program going again.

Treasurer’s Report (Kristi) – currently have bus insurance until March 31. Need to have corporate entity reinstated before the bus moves. NWR-SCCA. Paid for this month trophies, site fee for practice, tabs on bus and cards for recruitment. Bus insurance is up 1k, might need to look at new provider.

NORPAC Report (Jessy) –no report at this time.

WWSCC passed some new classing for cars not currently classed. Some slight wording change for running a full event in a full day. First event April 7th and 8th.  April 7th in Shelton and 8th at Emerald Downs.
Equipment Report (Kevin) –bus is dry and started today, radios and banners being delivered to proper members. New magnet board in process.

Recruitment Report (Joey) – Tasha is going to be doing an event at THE SHOP on Saturday -Cars and Coffee. Some new flyers under development. E-mails going out to solo people new and old. Need to touch base with the novice team to make sure the year plan is in order.

Convention report (Keith B) - Pinewood derby had 36 entrance. Stock and unlimited class. 
Mike Cobb was evident throughout the event. Lots of good people coming in for communications, IT and website support. Region development has new leadership to help us grow our regions and get more support from the National Office. We have some members that got the full training in the junior cart program, 
Old Business:

Upcoming Open Practices -  First February 25th, second March 18th.
Need a bus driver. Need event chairs. 

2018 Specialty Chiefs –  All positions filled except Tear Down/Set Up. Joel Ferguson has volunteered to be the permanent Chief of Set UP, but this would require another volunteer willing to always do Tear Down.

Event Chairs – Need volunteers for most events.

NT/Pro Solo Event Chairs – Looking for someone to step up and Chair these events. We would like to start early so that planning and begin and the events and be organized and ready to go. 
Update on possible site – the site has been viewed and it seems to be a viable location. Seems to be about 15-20 mins shorter to get to than Packwood. Plenty of room for paddock and course.  A small group will be going down this month to look at the logistics of holding an actual event there. 

New Business: Ladies Day event on July 7th at BMP. Shared cost with clubs involved. Currently have Torque Steerers and BSCC. Weekend memberships will be needed for either club. Entry fees still under study $65 per person that includes membership. Idea is to recruit ladies. Motion to join as a joint club to split the cost for this event with the other 2 clubs. Motion passes.
This will also be a great opportunity to help the newer ladies learn the program and how we run events, so hopefully people will be open to trying new worker positions.
Concessions for BMP – Lions club down to one club to cover all events.  They are going to try and help us with our events, but there may be times when we do not get a breakfast service. They are trying to not burn out the volunteers they still have.  Gretchen will be talking to them later this week and will report back. 

Open Discussion – Brett has begun researching better options for the scanner system.  Possible RFID system. They may be trying this out at the next practice, so everyone should be prepared to use their barcodes.  Street Survivor doesn’t have any place to run another school. Next school is in the fall.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50