February 14, 2017

Solo Meeting Minutes


Keith Brown, Tim Naugler, Crystal Stegman, Tim Stake, Ron Bauer, Brent Vitolins, Charles Aggenbach, Joey Jones, Bud Bohrer, Tim and Gretchen Weidemann, Karl and Amy Coleman.

Last month’s minute’s review – Approved as written.


NWR Board Report (Gretchen Weidemann) –Race has three events scheduled one at Pacific Raceway and two at the Ridge. They are looking for people who want to run time trials to start attending their events and get some timed track time. Also looking for other racer groups who want to get a run group at these events. The race group is looking for corner workers. They are willing to compensate volunteers the entry fee for one solo event if they volunteer for one of their event. The job entails working a corner with an experienced worker and it would be a full day of track side.  The next event is Memorial Day weekend at Pacific Raceways.

The first Rally event is March 4th. Their events are on Motorsports Reg for people looking for more information. Dirtfish is now the national sponsor for the rally program.

Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown) – increase in fees for the season is going to be $3500 more out of pocket for us to run this season. Discussion, DO we want to increase fee’s to cover the higher expenses? At the current rate we would likely be event at most events. The idea was presented to raise entry fees for the first half of the day $5, but leave the cost of running the second time of the day the same.   Gretchen would like more input from additional members and will put this on the agenda for final decision next month.

WWSCC Report (Keith Brown) – First event is April 1-2, remaining schedule coming soon.

Equipment Report (Kevin Dietz) – Need to purchase new generator.  Keith gave Gretchen the registration for the bus, and we need to update the insurance form for any new driver’s.

Convention report Keith Brown- Session holding successful auto crosses and fun. Pot luck, common car other fun things to go along with our events. Zach Barnes brought up something to think about. STEER, Stop,Talk,Examine,Execute.  This is something to keep in mind with safety while running our events and could be added to driver’s meeting notes. IF you see something wrong STOP the event.

Create NOVICE TAXI magnets for those who are willing to give rides to the novices. And vis-versa. Something to put on the novices cars to show they want instructors, and something that invites novices to ask for rides. Intermediate course walks along with novice course walks.  It was brought up from a member attending our Solo meeting that it would be beneficial to consider looking into a single email account to address novices.  Right now they are receiving communications from multiple people and email addresses that bounce to spam folders, etc.   Other regions have been looking into and testing doing a multi event weekend TSD rally, auto-cross, time attack, or drag race.

Other idea that was brought up was to pair the Top 4 PAX drivers with random draw novices. They take two runs in the novice car. One with pro driving and second with novice driving. Total time of the two wins. Possibly run this in the 4th run group with morning PAX drivers.

Recruitment Report (Joey Jones) – New cards expected this week. Next weekend is the first show of the year. Joey is going. He has been looking into cart tracks to display some of our information. Putting together a kit for handing out at track night in America. Also giving the info out to people about doing the flagging at race events and earning a free auto cross entry.

New Business

Special Event for local non-profit (Brent Vitolins) Brent is interested in holding an event that could foster good will with underprivileged children in our community by inviting them for rides during one of our events.  Possibility for afternoon at one of the three events at Bremerton or more likely the Packwood Open Pratice. At the end of the event give rides on course. Pictures with cars, boy scouts? Local churches?  Big Brother? Hold a fun dinner at the end of the event.  Need to look into the correct way for the waviers to work.

Annual Tech – schedule will be coming. A Saturday at The Taco Time corporate office date. Charles and Dieter running tech again this year.

Check your helmets for expired certification. 2000 are expired. So you must have a 2005 or better.

Class numbers for 2017 – Time to purge, unused numbers,

Generator replacement, 2000 Honda and cable lock, $1200 approved.  Gretchen will work with Kevin to get this purchased before first event.

Old Business

Site Committee Update – Tim Stake visited a couple sites. Angel of the Winds Casino has expanded their parking. 600’x400’ some light poles might be a problem. Tulalip casino is looking like they getting ready to pave a large area.


Cone heads Banquet Update – 25th at Billy Barros.

2017 Season Sponsorships – Season sponsor – Chase Race, Pro Solo - Tight n Tidy, Jim’s Detail for the Novice Program.  Thank you to all of your for your support of our program.

Looking for Specialty Chiefs, Event Chairs, and Course Designers.  First event is April 9th at BMP.

EVO will have opportunity to hold a class June 2 – 3 in conjunction with a Torque Steerers event in Packwood.  

Adjourned at 8:45 pm.