Solo Meeting
February 10, 2015

Gretchen Everett, Tim Weidemann, Bud Boerh. Keith Brown, Dick B, Karen Babb. Charles A. Mike and Carol Luety, Ron Bauer. Jerry Lamb . Tim Stake Amy and Carl coleman.

Last month’s minutes review
Change convention report to next month due to date of convention is middle of month.
Motion to review the novice rule change to make sure we have the document correct.
Motion seconded and passed


NWR Board Report (Karen Babb/Gretchen Everett)
Co-mingle the banquet at emerald downs with race?.
Possible let them know that they can join our banquet. Give them a date that we will have ours.
Contact working on east marginal parking lot. And nothing new on port properties.
Working on getting access to JBLM for event and schools.
Some info was shared on marketing with race and where we are going with it in solo.
Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown) 
Hard drive crash by treasure’s computer still in shop to recover files. More info coming next month. Only thing paid for recently was trophies and bus tabs.

NORPAC Report (Keith Brown) 
Nothing new more coming after convention

WWSCC Report (Keith Brown) 
Jerry  has stepped up to be the president of WWSCC. 

Equipment Report: (Mike Leuty) 
Bus is at kevin’s shop


Practice at Emerald Downs  -  March 7
Event Chair and Course Design
Event Schedule and Format
Discussed schedule for running 3 run groups. And fun runs. Set max limit on entrys. And advertise it.
Course set up time set for afternoon. Check with access time. Tim Weidemann doing course and will be there at 330 so all who can help are welcome.
Carol Luety for safety.

Specialty Chiefs - Still need positions filled
Looking for volunteers for the following open positions:

Course: OPEN
Grid (Street): Keith and Kristi Brown
Grid (NS): OPEN
Sound: Tim Stake
Novice Chair:  Kurt Rehm
Novice Assistants. (4): OPEN dick b. and Bud B.
Novice (NS): OPEN
Registration (Street): Laurie Hyman
Registration (NS): Brent Glad
Safety: Tim Weidemann
Insurance: Gretchen Everett
Set-up/Tear Down (Street): Arika and Brandon Nadeau
Set-up/Tear Down (NS): Caitlin Snell 
Tech (Street): Dieter Beldi?
Tech (NS): Charles Aggenbach?
Timing (Street): Scott Dixon
        Annie Gill
Timing (NS): Charly Spyskma
Waivers: OPEN
Workers (NS): Amy and Karl Coleman
Workers (Street):  OPEN

Event Chairs  - ALL Events open

Practice March 7th: Gretchen Everett
Event #1 (BMP) 4/12:
Regional Pro Solo #1 (Packwood) 5/2: 
Event #2 (Packwood) 5/3:carl and amy chair
Novice School (BMP) 5/23:
Event #3 (BMP) 5/24:
Regional Pro Solo #2 (Packwood) 6/6:
Event #4 (Packwood) 6/7:
Open Practice (Packwood) 6/27:
Event #5 (Packwood) 6/28
National Tour (Packwood) 7/11-7/12: Laurie Hyman?
Pro Solo (Packwood) 7/18-7/19:
Event #6 (BMP) 8/2:
Core Worker’s Practice (Packwood) 8/22:
Event #7 (Packwood) 8/15:
Event #8 (BMP) 10/4:


 New Sound Rules and Process Tim Stake chief of sound.
Slight reduction in limit. New eq.  sound meter and calibration unit.
Necessary Equipment set up on course and static procedures  calibration before every event to make sure we are always going in with the same  baseline.
New meters have data logging. We need another meter so can do the static in tech.
$200 seems to be the cost of another meter that will save to sd card and outputs to excel file. 
Practice will be data collection  test. 
Move to approve $600 for items. Motion pass.

Solo Retreat – Thanks again to those who attended!
Gretchen will provide a write up
Quick Overview
Ability to pay with a credit card Gretchen will explore the needed eq. 
New equipment
Higher entry fee

Bus Drivers get 2 entries at Packwood and BMP (need to vote
motion passes to provide 2 entries for bus drivers.

New Registration order with Workers at the end
Paper throughout registration process.

Need a five year plan to replace bus
How do we start this?
Track what current prices are. And start putting away monies for each year.
Work Party for the bus 

New Timing Display

Committee to meet and discuss
Present solid ideas at March meeting

Pot luck at packwood on sat.

Meeting Locations
Even months – Renton La Hacienda
Odd months – Pegasus Pizza in Kirkland (Rose Hill)
Now on Website and will be posted on FB
The voice of nw region?

Good of the Order