SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 2/14/12

Members In Attendance— Fast Mike, Gretchen Everett, Jodi Fordahl, Bud Bohrer, Val Korry, Dick Willy, Charles Aggenbach, Kevin Dietz.  Guest: Travis Boyle.

Meeting Minutes-  Minutes were approved as written. 

NWR Board Report -  No one here that was in attendance.

NORPAC Report (Keith) -  Keith was not in attendance. 

WWSCC Report (Keith) -  Keith was not in attendance.

Drift Report -  Russell was not in attendance. 

Treasurer Report (Keith/Kristi) - Report was distributed for review.


Specialty Chiefs - Dick has contacted all of the current Specialty Chiefs and will confirm who is interested in volunteering again for this season.

Event Chiefs - We are currently looking for volunteers. Fast Mike has volunteered to cover #2 in BMP.

Evo School -  June 9th and 10th in Packwood.

SCCA National Convention -  A motion was made to send Keith Brown as our representative to the SCCA National Convention.  Total cost is $945. National office will be covering the first $500.  The motion was made and approved to covering the remaining $445 of his expenses.


Resolution to propose - current “runs scored” rule  be in place through 2014, moved by Dick Willy. Dick would like make the following proposal  “If approved by the Solo Committee in three successive monthly meetings, the current 2012 rules regarding the number of runs scored will in effect through the 2014 season.  If adopted, this resolution may only be rescinded by the vote of the Solo Committee in three consecutive monthly meetings.”  Motion was made.  The motion was not seconded and has been taken off the table.

Street Survival School - February 25th for the teens.  Sunday February 26th for the adults. Very low attendance right now.  Please try to help spread the word and get people aware of what’s going on.  The event will be held in Bremerton.  The cost is $75 for an eight hour course. 
Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.