SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 2/8/11 (not approved)

Members In Attendance— Tasha Mikko, Charles Aggenbach, Mike Leuty, Russell O’Connell,  Tim Irwin, Glenn Austin, Joel Ferguson, Mike Miller, Peo Orvendal, Karen Babb. Visitors:  K Yoshida, Levon Bagolasaryan

Meeting Minutes- The minutes were approved as written.  The only question that was raised was “which half of the day is Street Tire going to run in now that it is all one class rather being split into two halves.

NWR Board Report (Glenn) -  Regional banquet held on Saturday.  Very lightly attended.  There is concern from the board level as to whether or not  they will continue this banquet.  They are questioning why 
Solo pulled their events banquet from this one and created the Cone heads banquet instead? They feel that our lack of support is only making the banquet fail all the more.  They are interested in speaking with Keith & Kristi about how our experience went at Fare Start.  The Race group is continuing to fail on a financial level.  The region loaned them enough money to cover the cost of sanctions for this season.  The question was raised from one member as to whether it might be beneficial for the Race group to run some type of cross promotional event with the Solo group.  This may get some transition excitement from our group into the Race program with a PDX event, or a Time Trial event.  The consensus of the group was that this was probably a worthless cause.  Our regional membership is fairly stable this year.  We actually had more new members this month than we lost. 

WWSCC Report (Keith) -  Keith was not in attendance.

NORPAC Report (Keith) -  Keith was not in attendance.

Drift Report (Russell) -  Russell apologizes for not attending last month’s 
meeting, or sending a report.  He wanted to thank K, and Levon for attending this meeting.  They are some of the very first drift program entrants who have shown an interest in being involved at this level.  BMP has deemed that Drift is no longer allowed to use the South end of the site at all.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.  Thanks to Glenn, the program has gotten three events that will utilize the North end.  He is suggesting that another group may want to hold something on the South end to help compensate the site fees.  Russell has been working on a drift novice school for sometime later in April.  He is working with Keith to try and secure a two-day weekend in Packwood.  The website has not been updated since last year, but he plans on doing that in the next week or two.  There is a users meeting for the new track in Shelton coming up on February 19th, so he has tried to obtain an invitation to help bring up the Drift program.  He has an email into the original company to try and finalize the issue with the outdated helmets, but if they will not negotiate a solution he will have to buy new helmets.  He has been working with Greg at Fordahl Motorsports to get new ones before the start of the season.

At the December 
Solo meeting it was decided that we could only afford to send one person to the National Convention as our representative, and Keith was chosen as that person, so Russell has basically stepped out of trying to put on a seminar at the convention.  He felt that since we wouldn’t pay for the airfare and hotel, and the National Office was on such a tight budget that pursuing it would be pretty pointless.  He has also learned that there is someone in the Spokane area that is his carbon copy.  Young, enthusiastic, involved with Motorsports in general and wants to adopt a Drift program in that area.  Holding a school in Packwood would allow their involvement on a training level, so this increases his interest in holding it at that location. 

Treasurer Report –  A detailed report was presented and discussed.


Additional Timing Display status -  Jerry was not present to discuss.

Pre-Registration/Pre-Payment for season -  No one has contacted Brett Wilson or Kristi Brown regarding the list of entrants who have prepaid for the entire season.  This needs to be coordinated.  Glenn will contact Brett to see if he can setup a prepayment option on our registration site.   It was also addressed that a clarification needs to be made that someone paying for an entire season must be required to be a current SCCA member when they purchase the full years entry fees.  If at the time of the event, that members’ SCCA membership has expired they will still be required to pay for a weekend membership just like at every other event.  This information will need to be added to the Supplementals and also added to any information advertising this new option.  This option in non-refundable and non-transferable.


Bus Maintenance -  The bus needs to be emission tested so that we can get the tabs renewed.  Mike  Miller will coordinate with Keith Brown and Kevin Dietz to pick-up the bus and hand-off the proof of passing.   Big thanks go out to Mike!  He is continuing to prove why he was awarded the Novice of the Year award.   Glenn and Shane have been discussing the holes that are currently in the floor of the bus.  This is a hazard as the holes are large enough that a chair leg could collapse through.  Mike Miller will take some photos of this damage. There were several suggestions brought up like using grid flooring from Ikea, or the plastic flooring  used for garages.  This product is easy to cut and install and fairly efficient in terms of cost. It is also made for this type of environment so it’s tough and water proof.  You can find this product at Costco.

Site Fee and Entry Fees -  Our site fees are increasing at BMP. There has also been mention made the site fees for Packwood are also increasing, but we need to receive some additional information regarding that situation.  If our region is currently making a daily donation to use the site and if someone feels we should increase this donation, then that should be a topic of discussion.  If Hampton Mills has decided to implement a more official site fee, then this should also be presented to the group as well.   A brief discussion was held regarding raising our entry fees, but after looking at the event recap reports and seeing that we have not lost money on any of our regional events,  this is definitely not the time for an increase.  The economy is not strong enough and we will lose members relative to the percent of the increase. The group agreed that actually advertising more should be considered before we raise our fees.   A motion was made to table any discussion about raising the entry fee, until the treasurer could be available to participate in a discussion.  
Increased Membership Support - As new Novice chairs, Kimm and Joel have committed themselves to creating a more warm, and welcome environment.   The group felt that this was going to be an incredible step up over past years and everyone was very excited.

Sponsorship Fees - A discussion was raised as to when and how the invoices for 2010  and 2011 would be presented to our season sponsor.  The group felt that just sending an invoice for the upcoming season was not appropriate. Instead someone should actually produce a proposal that had a fee schedule, and a list of expectations of what that sponsor should expect for their money.  This type of proposal would create a better value proposition for our region, and also for the potential sponsors.  Glenn has volunteered to create a proposal covering potential future sponsorships, and will work with Fordahl Motorsports to see if there is an interest in continuing the relationship in 2011.

Hot Tees-  Mike Miller has developed a relationship with a company called Hot Tees. This company can create t-shirts on demand which include design fees, and different apparel types and colors.  They are interested in working with us for the National Tour and Pro 
Solo event.

Annual Tech -  Charles is working with Dieter to determine some scheduling options.  He will also work with Kristi regarding  three rule book purchases.  A motion was made that to help cover costs of stickers, and other necessary handouts a $5 charge will be charged to get your car done annually. 

Event Chairs -  We are currently looking for event chairs for the 2011 season.  We are still looking for volunteers to help cover the following events:

Novice School (BMP) 4/9 - Kimm Jensen & Joel Ferguson
Event #1 (BMP) 4/10 - Tim Irwin
Regional Pro 
Solo #1 (Packwood) - 4/16
Event #2 (Packwood) - 4/17
Core Workers Practice (Packwood) 5/21 - Gretchen Everett
Event #3 (Packwood) 5/22 -
Event #4  (BMP) 5/29 -
Regional Pro 
Solo #2 (Packwood) 6/25 - Karl & Amy Coleman
Event #5 (Packwood) 6/26 - Karl & Amy Coleman
Event #6 (BMP-Southend) 7/9 - 
Open Practice (Packwood) 9/24 -
Event #7 (Packwood) 9/25 -
Event #8 (BMP) 10/16 -


Specialty Chiefs -  A big thank you goes out to those people who have already volunteered to cover positions for the 2011 season.  There are still a few openings - we are looking for Chief of Course, we are waiting to hear from Ron Bauer to see if he is interested in volunteering again as Chief of Timing for this season.  
Event Run Groups between Packwood and BMP - As was necessary with last year’s schedule it was proposed that we swap the run order  for a few events to ensure that there is an equal AM/PM breakout for the Stock and Non-Stock run groups being held in Packwood.  A decision was made that we will swap the order for events #5 (NS AM - S PM) and #6 (S AM - NS PM).  This will need to be announced very clearly on the schedule, on the website, and any other event advertisements.