SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 2/10/09

Members in Attendance – Gretchen Everett, Mike Leuty, Keith Brown, Joel Ferguson, Charles Aggenbach, Russell O’Conner, Bud Bohrer, Rik Vomenici, Jerry Lamb, Ron Bauer, Alyson Moffat, Lou Ann Christensen, Sean Medcroft, and Enrique Garcia.

Minutes Review – Minutes were approved as written, with one amendment – Jerry Lamb was in attendance.

Drift Report – Russell went ahead and ordered the approved radios online for a total of $139.16. The helmets will be purchased this month and ready for the first event.  They will be holding a Novice School on April 4th and their first event will be held on April 5th. Russell had a good time at the NWR Convention.  He had a chance to meet and discuss some things with Howard Duncan. He even had a couple people from out of state that were interested in his drift presentation. There were two drift entrants who attended the Safety Steward training session, so they will be able to help cover events for the 2009 season.  He is still looking for additional dates that may be available to hold drifting events, outside of the ones that have already been tagged at BMP, while there are Solo events being held.  BSCC has also shown interest in allowing drift to hold events in conjunction of their dates as well.  Bud agreed with Dick Willy’s comment that Russell’s presentation at the convention was outstanding!  He also let us know that Howard Duncan is going to try and squeeze this presentation in at the National Convention.

NWR Board & Convention Report – Most of the discussion was around the Convention and the Street Survival class.  They will be offering two classes this year, one for those under 21 and one for those over.  The convention turned out fairly well, especially considering the fact that things were sort of thrown together at the last minute when it was changed to a “NWR” convention, rather than a NORPAC convention.  Howard Duncan was in attendance.  They are in the process of reviewing all of the bylaws. The transition from Lou Ann to Kristi as new treasurer will take a while, since we are also swapping our region treasurer as well, we are going to go through a full audit.  We had several successful seminars given by Solo people at the convention. One course design, one safety steward, and one drift presentation.  Joel Ferguson will be attending the National Convention and representing NWR.  He has already been instructed to get additional information regarding the hard card annual waiver, and also the rulebook waiver.  Bud again raised a point that it seems there are several policies in place for SCCA that definitely lean towards a road racing environment, rather than a Solo environment.  One of those main things would be the cost of insurance. 

Treasurer’s Report – Lou Ann reviewed the transaction for the past couple of months.  Please see her report for more details. She is still working with the port-a-potties company because they believe we owe them money, but she thinks we are all up to date.  This may be connected to the “Smack Down” event held by a separate club. Several people have lodged complaints that there are several outstanding checks that have not been turned in for our season events.  Lou Ann says the checks are in a safe deposit box because she lost her check stamp, but she is aware of the issue and will address it as soon as possible.


WWSCC Report – First slush event was last Sunday, sponsored by UWSAE club.  There were around 130 entrants.  The group felt it was important that UWSAE should understand that they should be more open to listening to suggestions from other more experienced people.  There were small issues (tech stickers, grid lines) that could have been dealt with better if they had listened to suggestions.  Since it is part of a “series” the group voted to include it as a formal event.  The council bought a laptop, since the old one was dead.  Next slush event will be 2/22 at BMP, sponsored by TS.  There will be a banquet associated with the Slush series, with overall trophies for those that ran in all three events. 




Coneheads – Event was a major success.  77 out of 79 registered people showed up. Attendance was down from the prior year, but fairly even with several of the prior years.  Due to a shift in menu items ordered, we spent a significantly less amount of money this year.  We typically do not charge our season sponsors for dinner. Since the profit margin was so low this year, it will be important that we pay WW back for the two prime rib dinners provided to the Fordahl’s. Kelley Picasso will need to create an invoice for a total of $85 and submit to Lou Ann.  Kristi and Keith have a relationship with an organization called “Fare Start” and they would like to research into moving our banquet to them next year.  This is a charitable organization, so we could potentially have the opportunity to write a large check and write it off.  


AED Training – Gretchen has not contacted the Safety Stewards yet, so we do not have a list of those interested yet.  Hopefully, she will do this tonight and get the names to Dick shortly.


Events Chairs for 2009 – We still need event chiefs for the 2009 season.  The following people have already volunteered:


April 4th (Novice School/BMP) – Need volunteer

April 5th (BMP) – Need volunteer

April 25th (Packwood) Core Workers Practice – Dick Willy

April 26th – Enrique Garcia

May 16th (Packwood) Pro Solo – Keith and Kristi Brown

May 17th (Packwood) – Karl and Amy Coleman

May 24th (BMP) – Need volunteer

June 20th (Packwood) Pro Solo – Need volunteer

June 21st – Joel Ferguson

July 5th (BMP) – Need volunteer

August 22nd & 23rd (Packwood) – Jerry Lamb will cover the event on Sunday and Gretchen will cover the practice on Saturday.

October 4th – Ron Bauer


Specialty Chiefs – We need several key Specialty positions that need to be filled.  The top two most important are Novice Chair and Stock Chief of Timing.  Without these volunteers, the events will not run very quickly.  Those interested should contact Dick Willy.  Kevin has volunteered to take over the storage of the Timing van for the season, with the caveat that it will not be covered by his insurance.  A motion was made and approved to cover one FREE entry for Kevin to each event for this service.


Novice Program Sponsor – We are still looking for a sponsor for this program.




Annual Tech - Charles and Dieter are working on organizing this.  They will probably have an off-site session prior to the first event, and will then finish things up at the first couple of events.  Charles is wondering how the rulebook waiver will apply to our annual tech, and also wants to make arrangements with Lou Ann to get some rule books for the first session. She will order a total of 50 to begin with. The group brought up the fact that the Pro Solo program has an annual tech too, which typically required an actual copy of the rulebook.  It will be interesting to see what options they come up with.  The company that Charles is working on with to create the tech stickers now has a printing company that can do adhesive on the front and back.  He will order a combination of both of these so that those with Mod cars are covered as well. 


Meeting adjourned at 8:28 p.m.