SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 2/13/07

Members in Attendance – Gretchen Everett, Bud Bohrer, Mary Lee, Randy Ayers, Keith Brown, Jackie McInnes, Tom LeCoque, Jerry Lamb, Kevin Dietz, Brian Norton, Jess Lynch, Tim Irwin, Greg Fordahl, Jodi Fordahl, Val Korry and Scott Miller. 

Minutes Review – Following changes it’s Jim Julow – not Jelow.

Board Report – $9,000 in the bank - $5,000 of that belongs to Solo from the reimbursements we should have received for our National Tour.  Taxes are ready to file March 1st.  Double nationals preparation is on track.  Time Trials discussed changes in their fee structures.  Convertible roll bar requirement in PDX events has changed.  Factory roll-over hardware is now accepted.  Rally held their awards banquet.  Doo Wop is the end of February in Aberdeen.  Rally Cross will be held on March 17th.  I-5 clean-up on February 25th all volunteers are welcomed.  BMP reminded us that NO open fires are allowed.  A BMW program called Street Survival is being sanctioned by SCCA.  Aim is to improve teen driving skills not competition oriented.  Port Orchard Comfort Inn will provide discounted rooms on weekends when SCCA has BMP scheduled. 

Treasurer’s Report – Not a lot of activity this month.  She has purchased stickers and rulebooks from National Office.  The stickers will be sold for $1.50 and rulebooks for $20.00 each.  We received 600 wristbands instead of 6,000.  She will take care of this before the start of the season.  She was also informed that the region actually made money from the NORPAC Convention, so she is going to propose that the region reimburse our members for giving seminars rather than the Solo venue.

WWSCC Report – Everyone had a really good time at the Coneheads Banquet last Saturday.  97 people attended with everyone that paid showing up.  Keith is asking for feedback regarding the screen/projector set-up.  Since we couldn’t use the screens that the restaurant has they rented something from an outside company.  Everyone felt the set-up was fine.  Two slush events have been held and the third and final will be in two weeks.  Regular season starts in April.

Glenn has made the transition over to the new server for the mailing list.  Thank you Glenn for all of your hardwork. 

Equipment Report – Brian would like to know if there is anything that we need to begin the season.  He is aware of batteries, and post-it notes.  The bus still needs a radio, which he will take care of in the next couple of weeks.  Everything that has been repaired is working well.  The tabs expire the end of February.  Lou Ann has the invoice and will take care of it and contact Brian to hand over the new ones.



Operations Chair – Dick has volunteered to be our Solo Chair, not just cover administrative activities.  

Coneheads Banquet – The event was a huge success and fun was had by all in attendance.  Thanks to Keith and Kristi for all of their continual hardwork. 

2007 Specialty Chiefs – 

Course – David Lewis

Waivers – Erika Cowan will covering Stock.  Still need non-stock.

Equipment – Brian Norton

Timing – Glenn Austin and Enrique Garcia

Workers – Keith and Kristi Brown

Scoring – Jodi Fordahl

Registration – Jason Spore or Dick Willy may be interested

Tech – Mary Lee has volunteered to cover the stock half of the day.

Grid – Glenn may be interested.

Trophies – Amy Olson

Novice Chair – Jackie McInnes and Chris Kmetz 


March 25 (BMP) – Jake and Shalyn

April 1 (BMP) – Joel Ferguson

May 19- 20 (Packwood) – East/West challenge to be run by a NWR Member only. 

May 27 (BMP) – Gretchen Everett – Jodi Fordahl

June 23- 24 (Packwood) – Scott Miller; Event – Jerry Lamb will cover the practice on Saturday

July 14 – 15 (Packwood) – Amy and Karl; Event – Ron Bauer will cover the practice on Saturday.

July 22 (BMP) – Mary Lee/Randy Ayers

August 18 – 19 (Packwood) – National Tour

August 25 - 26 (Packwood Pro Solo) - Keith and Kristi Brown

September 2 (BMP) – Dick Willy

October 21 (BMP) – Jackie McInnes/Kevin Dietz 

National Tour (Packwood) August 18 – 19 – Still need an event chair.  Jackie is willing to help someone out with the event activities, but she is going to be out of town for a majority of the planning time so she will need someone to handle everything while she is gone.   

Pro Solo – Keith and Kristi Brown will chair.  Kristi has already lined up several of the Chiefs.  Jim Daniels is considering whether he is willing to design the courses for us this year.  The Nationals requirements are more stringent this year.   


Corvette & HP Show – Was held last weekend.  Thank you to Lou Ann for covering Saturday for Val Korry.   

SCCA Team Competition – Mark Snell is administering a season team competition for this season.  This is not being run by the region, so if you are interested in participating in this program please contact Mark directly.   

Pro Solo Series – Alan Dahl said that he is not willing to do anything for this series.  Jerry wrote up a set of rules.  We may not all agree with his rules, so we need to hold a discussion to cover this. Anyone running just the National event will not be included in the points.  Some of the rules include the following; 32 people in the open challenge, 8 people in the Ladies challenge, and 8 people in the Bonus challenge.  No more than 8 per class allowed in the challenge.  A discussion was held as to whether or not there should be a PAX class and how this will be administered.   

Site Etiquette - At the first slush event in Everett there was a blatant smoky burnout in the pit area.  This person was not an actual competitor but was with a group of people who were.  Scott did some research and discovered that this person was not aware of the rules and felt that this was “absolutely reasonable” behavior based on his past experiences with auto clubs.  Scott has been watching the forum list and the Scion club has actually been attacking this person for fear of getting their club ousted.  Scott feels that we should be doing something to help explain very clearly what our expectations are while they are on private property viewing these events.  Whether we hand something out or just place a sandwich board at the waiver gate, he feels that something should be done to address this issue.  Keith Brown felt that this was really a WW issue for events that are being held on the Everett.  Jerry reminded the group that we should also have something made up for Packwood that reminds people to stay on the correct side of the cones, no burnouts, no-alcohol, etc.  

Packwood – While Kevin, Amy and Karl were looking at properties in the Packwood area they heard from one of the locals that there people who are not pleased with the amount of noise that is being produced by our racing groups.  They felt that to help ensure our opportunity to continue racing at this site we should enforce some type of db limit to control the noise.  After a discussion Greg Fordahl suggested that we bring a sound meter to our first event and test the cars that are currently running, so that we are not just randomly coming up with some number.  To measure this, the meter should be 50 feet from the car running at full throttle.  It was also brought up that we should consider the PA system. We should watch how the speakers are being placed and also think about dropping the speakers down by about 3’ which would help.   

Three Run from Competition – Kevin proposed that we go to a format similar to what is happening in Oregon and only count the first three runs for the day’s competition.  He realizes that he strongly disagreed with this when it was discussed in the past, but after thinking about it now he feels it’s really a good idea.  As long as any runs beyond the first three are not recorded it would not be a problem for the scoring software.  Moving to this format would help expedite the audit process, and also get the trophy presentation going sooner.  It was discussed that a competitor would still be responsible for working their entire session whether they chose to take all of their runs or not.  A formal motion was made to change to a three-run format with only the first three runs counting towards the final competition score for all SCCA championship events.  A long discussion was held.  A couple of people felt the timing of this vote was not appropriate as the motion was made outside of our “typical” rules meeting in December, but the majority felt that as long as the vote was taken before the first event it could still be added to our 2007 supplementals.  Another suggestion was made that this become a policy rather than a rule so it would be left up to each event chair to decide the number of runs counted, but the group felt that if this change was made it would only be fair if it was done at every event, and not left to a random decision.  A vote was taken and passed and this new procedure will be administered starting at the April 1st event.   

Annual Tech – The first annual tech will be held at Jim’s Detail Shop in Sea-tac on March 4th between 10:00 a.m and 2:00 p.m.  Appointments will be made every 15 minutes.  Mary will announce this information to the public group. 

Novice School – There will be a Novice school held on March 31st at BMP.  The ground school will be held the same day as the school, there will be no prior day activity. Pre-registration will be required, there will be NO on-site registration.  The cost will be $50 per person and will include entry to the event on April 1st. 

Trophies – It’s time to start thinking about trophies and Amy would like to confirm that Fordahl Motorsports and Jim’s Detail shop will continue being our region sponsorships.   Both Kevin and Greg agreed they will be back for the 2007 season. 

Evolution Schools – There is now a timetable to participate with the new ownership and they are asking for some specific information.  They would like to know which classes we would like to participate in.  Keith asked Kevin to clarify what the “Extreme” class details. Kevin felt this class was still very new and hasn’t been finalized enough that we can be comfortable offering it. Keith feels that we can easily fill two Phase Ones, two Phases Twos, and one Challenge class.  

Safety Stewards – We are definitely in need of additional Safety Stewards.  We will be holding a school in March anyone that is interested please contact Gretchen Everett.  Gretchen will put together some criteria on who is eligible to be a Safety Steward and will make an announcement to the list.   

Meeting was adjourned at 9:04 p.m.