SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 2/08/05

Members in Attendance – Bud Bohrer, Keith Brown, Lou Anne Christensen, Karl Coleman, Alan Dahl, Carol Leuty, Mike Leuty, Jerry Lamb, Tom LeCoque, Scott Miller, Shelbi Zigler

Visitors: None

Minutes Review – approved as amended.

Board Report – National Convention was held and John Forespring attended. NWR won National Rally of the Year and Website of the Year for new web-site. There are still some questions how rally is going to work in NWR under new Pacific Rally Group.

Treasurer’s Report – Not much activity in January. Solo bus tabs purchased and reimbursed Karl for his Reno expenses and paid Bremerton Motorsports Park for two dates.


WWSCC Report – UWFSAE event was held, three Slush events (TS, ACE and CSCC) still left to go. Schedule is gradually filling in.


Equipment Report – We have the spare tire for the trailer, still don’t have one for the solo bus. Tom will inspect the trailer and do any needed maintenance (wheel bearings, etc.) before the end of the month.



Region Banquet - 40 or 50 people attended. Great food, a good time was had by all.


Coneheads – FX McRory’s was a lot of fun, good location, good service and good food. Only complaint was that the video screen was dim. 93 people were promised and only 87 showed up so 6 extra meals needed to be paid for. Would like to go back there again next year.


National Convention – Bud presented a very detailed 4-page report on the National Convention. Looks like new Solo II Nationals site won’t be done until 2007. Increase in national entry fees is due to higher insurance costs. There was much discussion at the meeting of the future of ProSolo.


Corvette and High Performance Show – We are looking for a few volunteers to help man this show on February 12 & 13. So far no Solo people have volunteered to help.


2005 Specialty Chief Positions – Abe Douglas volunteered to chief of tech. Trever and Glen are confirmed as chiefs of grid. Brett Spore will be one of the Novice chairs. Bud volunteered at the meeting to be the Novice co-chair. A course chief is still needed.


Event Dates – The following dates are now firm for the 2005 season:


March 5 (Bremerton) MirrorKhana

March 6 (Bremerton) Practice

April 17 (Yakima)

May 14 – 15 (Packwood)

May 29 (Bremerton)

June 18 – 19 (Packwood)

July 23 – 24: National Tour (Bremerton)

August 14 (Bremerton?)

September 4:  (Bremerton)

September 24 – 25 (Bremerton)

October 16 (Bremerton)


We need volunteers for all of the above empty positions!  If you are interested, please contact Jerry Lamb. 

Being an event chair is a very fun position that is supported by several great specialty chiefs, so if you have

even thought about learning how to do this job, you will have LOTS of support.


Discussion of the MirrorKahna ensued. It was ok’d as long as there was an entry cap, the course was approved beforehand and there are no additional expenses beyond a normal event. The March 6th event was changed from a Championship event to a Practice. Yakima event was switched from April 24th to the 17th.


It was suggested that we have a novice school on May 14th in Packwood.


Trophies – Still no resolution on trophies. Brent now has a job but would still like to do the “Cone Wars” trophies. Victory Awards was also approached for ideas but have not gotten back to us. Jerry will work on resolving what will do. Thankfully we have extra time because the first event is now in April.




ProSolo equipment – Jerry is working on a homegrown ProSolo timing system. Jerry estimates the production system will cost $400 - $500 to make not including displays and the like. It was moved and seconded to allow Jerry to spend more money developing the system. Jerry expects to have something coming together in a month to a month and a half. Probably will be three months before the production system is ready.


Prepay – Need to get a PayPal account to support pre-pay. Also need someone to be the manager and oversee it.


Annual Tech – Worked well last year. There was discussion of when to start the annual tech procedure this year, March 6th at Bremerton or at Yakima on April 17th? Keith Brown suggested that we start at Bremerton but will talk to Abe about how he feels. There will be new tech stickers for 2005.


New laptop – Karl will look into getting a good deal on a new laptop as the existing one is getting old, the battery and screen are failing and it won’t support Windows XP.




The meeting was adjourned at 8:56 p.m.