SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 2/10/04

Members in Attendance –  Jerry Lamb, Gretchen Everett, Lou Ann Christensen, Keith Brown, Scott Miller, Aaron Pailthorp, Tim Irwin, Alan Dahl, Dick Willy, Val Korry, Mark McCooey, Bud Bohrer, Tom LeCoque, Scott Chytil.  

Minutes Review – Unfortunately the minutes from December were reprinted rather than new minutes from January.  We will have to approve the January minutes at our next meeting. Board Report – The newsletter for January and February will be a combined issue to save money.  The new member total for NWR is now 1490.  This puts us back into the “large” category rather than “jumbo.” Race has some events planned, and Rally will be holding Doo-Wop 3 & 4 March 6 & 7.  The northwest region is considering amortizing the cost of insurance equally between all three venues.  The group agreed that this was a very unreasonable and unfair percentage for Solo to be forced to pay to help compensate the situation. 

Treasurer’s Report – Please see attached.  Some activity in the checkbook.  Lou Ann presented a summary of the year and her projections for 2004.  Several expenses, such as awards, and site fees were higher than we anticipated.  Her projections for income were extremely close. 


WWSCC ReportSlush 2 was just held.  Slush 3 will be held on February 22, not the 29th as stated on the website.  The drifting event proposal has not been approved because there were not enough clubs in attendance for a vote.  Several events have been planned.  Please see the web site for specific dates.


Equipment Report – Aaron followed up with Fordahl Motorsports regarding a case for the display.  There will not be substantial savings trying to order direct from chronomix, or with Fordahl Motorsports.  Aaron suggests the club should order with Fordahl, maybe together with the Porsche Club.  The total cost will be $388 plus shipping.  Aaron also discovered that buying a data cable is a standard type similar to most laptops, so we should be in good shape there.  We’ve got an additional connector now, so a second one can be created for a very low cost.  Aaron gave a demonstration of the display box. A discussion was held regarding the potential this display holds for displaying things such as class position, and pax’d times.  This could be possibly, but would need to be coordinated with Scott and the autox timing program.  Dick Willy suggested that we go back to the “older” procedure of having a couple of people work together from inside the timing van to write down times on the score sheets.  There are several options available to display times.  Joe Goeke has also volunteered to set-up a wireless LAN line that will work with his laptop. A motion was made and approved to purchase a pair of headsets to work with our radios that will make this situation possible.  The group agreed that Joe should move forward with his ideas and we will also talked to Terri Johnson regarding adding two additional people to her work sheet to cover posting.


The bus repairs are now complete and everything should be working fine now.  One of the windows on the side access door is not closing correctly and is allowing moisture to enter the bus.  This should be fixed before permanent damage happens.  Jerry asked for volunteers to help take care of this.  Scott Miller said that he would take a look at it next time he’s there.


NW Region Banquet Reminder – Everyone in attendance had a good time.  Scott Miller won the Mary Pang Unsung Hero award. Congratulations Scott! 

National Convention – Bud presented a four page report summarizing the convention.  The 2004 convention marked the 60th anniversary of the founding of SCCA.  He brought back several items for display and or distribution between other members.  In the Solo report, it was announced that Ron Bauer has been added as a new member to the S.E.B.  STX and SM2 will be full national classes in 2004. Solo sanctioned more than 1200 events in 2003 more than all other venues combined, and had 94,000 total entries.  National Tours averaged 283 entries.  Of the 60,000 SCCA members, 26% register Solo as their primary interest.  Please see the attached report for full details of the event.

Site Report - Scott and Dick look at the White River Amphitheater.  Due to lamppost placement, we would be limited to a 30-second course.  This unfortunately would not allow for a championship event.  The manager was extremely interested in working with us and was very interested in what they could do to help maintain the site and keep it suitable for auto crossing.  Some of the unpaved lots in the back would be much more suitable for our needs.  We of course, would be a secondary concern for scheduling around their current events, and we would be looking at paying a lot less than they would be looking for.  It may be appropriate for a school or practice, but the committee doesn’t see it being a possibility for this season.  Scott and Karl have met with Packwood again, and they seem much more interested in the whole situation now.  They are willing to give us free access for our first weekend, and will also send a 30-person crew to clean up the site before we ever arrive.  Packwood is an incredible site that even has a huge building available for people to pit in!  It was extremely difficult for Scott and Karl to contain their excitement!  This is almost too good to be true!  We would like to hold Event #2 at this location.  It is approximately 2.5 hours from Seattle, but well worth the drive.

Schedule/Event Chairs   

#1 March 7th (BMP) Chair: Scott Miller,

#2 March 28 (Packwood) Need event chair,  

#3 April 4 (Yakima) Chairs: Karl Coleman, Kevin Dietz,

#4 May 23 (BMP) Chair: Jerry Lamb,

#5 May 30 (BMP) Need event chair,

#6 August 15 (BMP) Chair: Aaron Pailthorp,

#7 September 5 (BMP) Chair: Tim Irwin

#8 October 10 (TBD) Chair: Gretchen Everett  - Lou Ann will help cover registration for this event.

#9 October 24 (TBD) Need event chair,


Novice School – Date will changed to May 22, once we determine if #2 will be held at Packwood.

Practice/School – May 22 (BMP)

National Tour – July 21 – 25 (BMP)


Coneheads   Fun was had by all attending!  Thanks Karina, Susan and Kelley.  The group agreed that the food was much better than we had at the golf course is past years.


Car Numbers – Tim Irwin has been working with Kim from Crazy red head racing/Fordahl Motorsports to develop packages that would be available for sale at our regional events.  There would be a $350 initial investment if the region were to handle it.  Registration could sell the packages.  The group agreed that this was a great idea, but we want to get a few events under our belt and increase our cash flow before we begin.  This discussion has been tabled till a further meeting.



Annual Tech – The SEB has approved an annual tech on a regional level.  Keith has made a proposal that NWR introduce this for 2004.  The inspection guidelines shall follow those published in the August 2003 Fast track and included in the 2004 rulebook.  Annual tech will be limited to stock class, STS, STX and possibly some street prepared cars.  The annual tech process will only be available for experienced drivers that have competed in at least 5 events in each of the past two seasons.  Any time you make a modification to the vehicle, it must be re-teched and it will be the responsibility of the driver to be honest about the situation.  A suggestion was made that we remove the eligible class listing, open it up to all classes as long as the driver is eligible.   A motion was made and seconded.  Keith will now determine the date for holding the annual tech, which will be held someplace other than regional event #1.  Kevin has volunteered his shop, and Jodi also said that Greg would probably be willing to let us use his shop.  More than one session will be held, the first will probably be held on February 29th. 


Event Procedures – Mike and Carol were not in attendance and Jerry did not have a hard copy of the information.  This discussion will be held until the next meeting.


Event Pricing – Scott Miller suggested that we come up with a different pricing structure.  He felt it might be simpler to just charge based on being registered or non-registered.  He was reminded that it was also important to offer a discounted price for SCCA members.  Some felt with current fees for insurance, participants, etc. it may be an appropriate time for a fee increase.  A discussion was held covering many different options, such as eliminating regional trophies, looking for lower costing sites, getting more sponsorships for National Tour, etc.  The group agreed that we should do more research to come up with ways to cut our operating costs before we raise the fees.      

Event Attendance-  A discussion was held regarding ways to help increase our average attendance.  Jodi suggested that we bring back the tri-fold paper schedules.  This would include our sponsors on the front side, and our schedule on the backside.  Jodi will talk to Greg to see if he interested in covering this for the 2004 season.  The schedule would also include our website and hotline number.




To help eliminate all of the misc. numbers, cars, etc. in the current database, Jodi felt it might be necessary to delete all of the information in the database and start clean for 2004.  Her main concern is making sure that people who have had the same number for the 20 years do not loose their number.  The group felt this was an appropriate concern, but an effective solution was not determined at this point. 


The meeting was adjourned at 9:38 p.m.