02/11/03 Minutes


 Steve Roberts, the new list administrator for the NW Autocross list. 

Board Report

Missed most of the race report.  The rally group held their worker party with over 205 people attending.  Was a very successful event and all were pleased. Do-Wops will be happening with four separate events.  They are looking for volunteers to help with the event.  If you are interested in helping out, please send Karl an email and he will forward it to the appropriate person.  The road-racing seminar will be this Saturday at Parkplace.  Greg Fordahl will be a guest speaker.  The World Rally is interested in holding a competition here in Washington State, but it will be a huge commitment over a three-year period of time with a dollar total of twenty million dollars.  Suburu is also interested in this and will hopefully be able to help facilitate the arrangement.  If this were to happen, they will need a total of 2500 workers.   There are a total of 107 people currently registered for the 50th anniversary banquet.  It was discussed that the new logo should be placed on all of our printed materials throughout the year.  All of the profit that may be collected from the banquet will be donated to SADD…. Students Against Destructive Decisions.  We have another new editor for the newsletter.  He is looking for content for the newsletter from all of the venues. 


Treasurer’s Report

Please see attached report for details.  The general deposit on January 31 should read “site fund” transfer, NOT trophy fund.


WWSCC Report

A motion was made and passed that SCCA pay an additional $5 to become a full member of WWSCC.  By becoming a full membership, we now have “official” voting rights.  They are looking for a copy of our by-laws.  We have an opportunity to place an SCCA ad inside the WW rulebook for a charge of $20. Karl suggested that we should place an ad displaying our new 50th anniversary logo.  A motion was made that we place an add showing that logo along with the web address and the SCCA phone number.  The motion was seconded and passed.  The second slush event was last weekend.  It was very cold, but everyone received 5 runs.  The UW group is trying to coordinate a third event for March 3rd. 


Equipment Report

Scott Miller told Karl that the glow plug and the controller should be looked at now that the motion was passed at last month’s meeting.  He apparently was going to make arrangements with someone last weekend.  Unfortunately, he is not in attendance and cannot confirm this information.  Nash Johnson looked into a parallel cable as discussed at the last meeting, but the quote he received was well beyond the $75 that was approved.  He also discovered that a car-charging adapter is available for $15.  A motion was made and passed to purchase this cable.  Jodi did research the purchase of a laser printer.  There is a HP available with good ratings and standard costs per page.  The price range was between $350 and $500 depending on where it was purchased.  She did see some that were less expensive, but feels that a HP has got a better track record.  It is being used on a National level and people are very happy with it.  A motion was made that Jodi can spend up to a total of $500.  The motion was passed.  The first event is right around the corner and it is important for all involved in this process get information to Jodi as soon as possible.      


Old Business


Chief of Specialty for 2003 - We currently have all positions filled except for the stock co-timing chair.  Jodi Fordahl has volunteered to help out with this position.  Thank you Jodi!  Nash Johnson has a conflict with the Yakima event in April.  Dick Willy has volunteered to fill in while he is gone.    


Coneheads – Ron felt that things went very well.  Susan did a great job of getting things set up.  Thank you Susan.  Financially, it looks like we will lose only a total of $500 that will be split between WW and SCCA.  This is in-line with what has been spent in past years.  Susan has already volunteered to take care of this responsibility, along with Karina Miller and Kelley Picasso for the 2003 season.  She has already scheduled the event for January 31, 2004 which is the only date that River Rock had available.  This can be confirmed or canceled later this year.  The trophies were fabulous and several people actually danced after the awards presentation.

A great time was had by all!  Thank you Kevin and Kala for all of their efforts in arranging the music.   Val currently has the old region banner and Lou Ann will take charge of the new banner.


National Convention – Bud Bohrer attended on behalf of Karl Coleman.  Please see attached notes.  A motion was made and passed to approve the additional $53 that were spent due his late entry to the event.   

Corvette & High Performance show - Big thanks go out to Lou Ann, Angela Moffet and LJ Moffet.  The Moffets’ brought their Corvette and were the Solo reps for the weekend.  The SCCA Solo banner was displayed and looked great.  Val is trying to step back from this function a little bit in the future and split the responsibilities between all of the venues.  He has been the contact for seven years and would like a new person to step up and take care of the Solo side of things.


New Business


NWR 50th Anniversary - The event will be held on February 22nd at the Radisson Hotel at Seatac airport.  Steve Johnson will be the keynote speaker.  Attendees will be able to meet the 2003 board and each person will also receive a complimentary champagne flute.  Registration is open until February 15th.  Come join the fun!


Novice Program Sponsorship - Kevin Dietz and Jim’s Detail shop has agreed to step up and sponsor our program for 2003.  Karl is very excited about the upcoming year and feels between Kevin and the LeCoque’s (new Novice Chairs) this will be an outstanding year!  Kevin is very excited to see Jodie and Tom step up to take charge of this year’s program.


2003 Event Trophies – Jodie LeCoque has volunteered to head up this committee.  She has already contacted the Reuter’s regarding Novice trophies and will look into event awards as well.  Kevin Dietz and Gretchen Everett have volunteered to help out when necessary.


Event #1 (March 9th) - The event will be at Bremerton.  Scott Miller and Karl Coleman have volunteered to be Safety Stewards.  We still need an event chair.  Kevin Dietz is interested in the position and will let us know if he is in town that weekend.


Novice Schools - There are two possible dates to hold these schools.  Right now we are looking at March 7 and/or March 26.  These are both Saturdays prior to our currently scheduled event dates.  There is currently an Audi event at Bremerton on March 7, but we may be able to lease Cheney Stadium on the 7th.  There is a huge demand for a school and Jodie is excited to get rolling.


San Diego Tour – The event will be held on March 15 & 16.  Past entrants said it was the best event of the season with a great site.  The parking lot is being re-done and there is a potential that this will be the last event held on the site.


Fontana Pro – March 22 & 23.  This is between LA and San Bernadino. 


Misc. Subjects - Nash Johnson presented a proposed run/work order for 2003 based on 2002 levels.  A suggestion was made that we move the Street tire to run with the Stock category and move Street Touring S and X with the Non-stock category.  Nash will run numbers and send out an email to Karl for final approval.  The group has agreed that Nash can work out the details to keep everything balanced.


A motion was made to allow Jodie to purchase trophies for the first event with a budget of no more than $500.  The motion was passed.  The $500 amount includes the dash plaques. 


A motion was made and passed to authorize the purchase of 100 new small SCCA pamphlets from Topeka.  Lou Ann

will take care of this.