Feb 12 meeting started at 7:11


Aaron Pailthorp, Brent and Kelly Picasso, Denny LaPlante

Board Report

NWR/SCCA is an official non-profit organization. As of Dec 2000 – 1279 members, Dec 2001 -  1547 members. NWR Region is named Best Large Region for the 6th straight year. Race – Double National (including Solo I) will be at Pacific Raceways Memorial Day Weekend. Rally – Feb Rally is cancelled, March 2-3 is their first event. Bremerton Motorsports (the new Bremerton User’s Council) wants to cancel our current contract and replace it, but SCCA said we’ll wait for the new contract. Prices will go up to $475 per day vs. current $190, but it includes sanicans and garbage. High speed events are $750 because it includes the whole site. Region will start donating to charities. Accounting will be more detailed. Bylaw changes were proposed and will be sent out for a vote of the membership.

Treasurer’s Report

Paid $380 to Port of Bremerton for WWSCC event, which will be reimbursed. Detailed report will be next month.

Equipment Report

FM Transmitter was purchased. It is a kit that needs to be assembled. It takes 8 hours to do this. Antenna kit was also purchased which needs to be assembled. Aaron Pailthorp, a licensed HAM operator, will volunteer to assemble these. Brent Picasso volunteered as a backup. Trailer information from Mike Leuty’s research was passed out with details on prices and options. Two vendors were presented – Haulmark and Interstate. Trailer Committee appointed – Wayne Reuter, Greg Fordahl and Mike Leuty. PA, speaker, microphones, cords and timer were stolen from the bus on Jan 25. Equipment was not insured. Board suggested that insurance is not worth adding (current insurance on the bus is only for liability). Kevin Dietz described the theft (he has video and security equipment) and does not think this is related to racing and is unlikely to reoccur. The van wasn’t parked in the back (where it is virtually invisible) like it is normally.

Old Business

National Convention – Dick Willy reported. National insurance is increasing. Driving outside of the event property affects site availability. Waivers have to be witnessed by an SCCA member. Minor waivers have to be signed by both parents. SFR runs 800 runs per event as does Atlanta (where they run 4 runs). NWR runs 600. Efficiency of events are important. Suggest compiling a log of event efficiency. Expensive shocks for stock competitors was discussed.

Conehead Banquet went well. Lot of people talked to SCCA booth at Corvette and High Performance Show.

2002 Supplements – Street Tire rule was amended to correct an inadvertent error. Street Tire eligibility does not include the STS 17.3 restriction on tire width.

New Business

Practice info was passed out and discussed.


Novice School discussed.  Michael Lee organizing. Hope to put on two schools. Need a non-Stock Pro driver to be a novice co-chair.  Please let Michael know if interested.


Chiefs of specialties: Dick Willy – Chief of workers; Chief of Tech – Joe Goeke or ; New chief of timing and registration needed. Jodi Fordahl to continue onsite scoring. Steve Atwood expressed an interest in timing and scoring chief. Lots of chiefs needed.


Gretchen Everett will continue as insurance focal if enough advanced notice is given for each event.


Timing Cards: Always get the money before handing out a timing card.


Class Groupings: Dick Willy will be working on this.  Needs a special report from the SCCA timing database.


Novice School.  Same course for school used next day, just backwards.  School at north end of Bremerton, Practice is at other end.  Trying to make it so someone helping in the Novice school can also get some time in at the practice course.  Lots of instructors have offered to help.  Lunch will be provided for Novice school.  Students and teachers will get entry into event on following day.  Jeff Winchell creating an online registration page for Novice school.  Checks can be mailed.  Michael Lee trying to get access to large tent for a ground school for the Novice school.


Event Chair for Event #1 needed.  Contact Porsche Club for JA Circuits timer if necessary.


Chief positions are getting sloppy and need to be focused better.  Maybe a Chief school to go over what is necessary for an event/chief.  Make sure there are extra people available for each position so that workers can be cycled through to get course walks, cars teched, etc.


No Series sponsor yet.


Continue with Novice Trophies?