Notes from the NWR Solo II Meeting of 01/12/1999:

Guests: Eric, Scott, and his wife.

NWR Board: SIR Lawsuit, owners lost so Rockstad stays for more than two more years. Race workers are having another tire wall tying party at Bremerton on Feb. 6th. NWSCN will probably have new publishers, looks like it will be Brian Horne. The Jan. and Feb. issues will be combined, and that will be the last one under the current publisher. Brianne will try to get the Coneheads flyer to NWSCN for the next issue. Brian publishes the BMW and MG car club newsletters. NWR Banquet had 30 people signed up as of last week. Linda Miklovic is the contact. Joy can also take signups tonight.

Budget report: Bud distributed a comprehensive year-end write-up. Item 1 and the first spreadsheet show that we have about $***. Bud did move some things around to maximize our interest. The Tour, Pro and McKamey school were big income generators. December interest looks high; it’s to get the balance correct. We earned over $*** in interest. Some of what was reported as expense was really transfers. Income was about $***, expense about $***. Each Regional event also made a profit. Numbers shown do not include the $*** per entry allocated for year-end trophies. Intermediate school also made money. 1998’s event income was noticeably larger than the previous year’s, entries were up, number of events was up. Fordahl Motorsports paid the second half of their sponsorship, thanks Greg & Jodi. Bud is going to work on better forecast of per-event income versus expenses. He’s anticipating an 8-event series in 1999, and 8 other events including schools, practices, Tour, Pro, McKamey. Discussion followed regarding budgeting, software, etc.

Equipment: Ron reports by proxy that we don’t have any changes in the equipment status. Joe suggests that the Region purchase or lease a laptop to experiment with use at Registration, Timing & Scoring, etc. We’d need a focal/"guardian" who would make sure it went where it needed to be. This would let us experiment with various applications to see if they are efficient. Discussion on vans, timing trailers, etc.

Computer: Scott Chytil has agreed to update our Region version of the results software. It will be standalone and focus on the idea of doing both events and a series. A lease would offer the option of trading it in on better stuff so the outdating problem wouldn’t be that big of a problem. Joe will look into computers. Karen suggests we compare the cost of leasing over a couple of years. Ron comments that we’d need to make some improvements in the BEAC van to support this. Glenn asks about equipment expansions to provide split times and printouts at schools.

Novice Program: Bret is going to-chair with Cindi Bell. Sean Green also says he’s available. The Novice school is booked for April 24th, that’s the first big thing they have to deal with.

Old Business:

Year End Trophies - committee met last night. Trophy fund is approximately $***. The trophy committee’s first choice comes out to $***. Option #2 comes out to $***. This does not include about $*** for the perpetual awards, but does include engraving and trophying all the way down in PAX. Both nominated styles are desk clocks. Sharon indicates that she might be able to come up with something else if she knows the budget and the number of trophies. First place is $*** or $***, there are 60 trophies of which 35 are first, 25 are other. Moved/seconded/passed to go up to $*** for trophies. Larry comments that we could end up with a higher amount if we don’t watch out. Ron suggests we use $*** as a ceiling. Sharon comments that the $***/entry was always a guideline not a hard-and-fast rule; we’ve typically also thrown in the sponsorship money. Joy amends her motion, and the group agrees that $*** is the limit. The committee will talk with Sharon and finalize things.

Corvette show - Val needs somebody from Solo to take care of Solo marketing at the booth, which SCCA has part of. The date is February 13th and 14th. There may be room in the display for a Solo car. We need 3 people per day. Location is the Puyallup Fairgrounds, in the building which functions as an Exhibition Hall (warm and dry). We need videotapes and such to exhibit. Glen comments that typically SCCA has a really good location. Approximately 30,000 people will be at the show. Bud is willing to work, as is Mike Riley. Dave Bell also indicated a willingness in the past. Mike L. says he can put a notice on the nw-autox email list.

Coneheads party - send your money to Gretchen, she’s collecting it. Most of the envelopes are stuff and ready to mail. Thank you to the envelope stuffers at this meeting.

New Business:

Street Touring - National is going to offer 3 ST classes, adding STR and STU (ST with R tires, and ST-unlimited). We need to figure out if we want to offer all three of these. Tours will have all three as supplemental classes. This year we had enough people to trophy two in both ST and Street Mod. Discussion on substituting STU for Street Mod; we need to see the rules first. Bob indicates that STU has only listed ST cars which are modified beyond the ST rules. Perhaps it would be better to keep SM and direct STU people that way. Bill B. comments that the Region should run whatever National is using, and it doesn’t cost us that much. The Street Mod question should be answered separately. Motion (Joe) to run all of them and see how it goes. This would just add STR and STU to what we have now. Motion passes.

Chiefs of Specialty - in the old days we had two alternating "teams" covering the chiefs of specialty positions. Larry volunteered for Grid, Susan for Registration, Carol and Ron for timing. Still need more.

Tour and Pro event chairs - Joe is willing to chair the Pro. Ralph Elder is willing to be the Chief Steward for the Tour. Gretchen is willing to be the Assistant Chair for the Tour.

NorPac Divisional Convention - Div. Safety guy Jim Wilson presented a set of paperwork for Tech use, which provides for a more thorough inspection and verification program. His forms are available for evaluation by whomever is our Tech Specialty Chief. Jim recommended that our Novice school cover all the inspection points of Tech, and perhaps Tech could have a separate area for Novice Tech. Also on Safety, Andy Andrews of the Solo Safety Committee will be making a new tape and we may wish to buy one. The Reno Divisional will be at Stead AFB, on very smooth asphalt. Mike L says it’s about the size of Kent but with no obstacles. This is booked for the second weekend in June. San Francisco is still working on a date, and is trying to get Crows’ Landing. Snake River’s event is the last weekend in August. Howard Duncan gave a presentation on the new Pro Solo format. Pro Series can have no more than 2 drivers (1 in O and 1 in L, or 2 in O). If 2 in Open, only 1 can qualify for the Challenge. Rick Brown has retired from the SEB and our own Mike Leuty is the new lucky dog.

National Convention - Mike L is going, Joy is going, Val is going, Karen is going. Mike moves we subsidize Val for $***, Karen for $***. These people will be expected to provide reports and ask questions. Seconded and passed.

Regional series supplements - the latest draft is out, including the Time Only class. We need to amend the ST item to say "classes". Also need to add the BFG G-Force R1 to the exclusion list. Discussion on the G-Force KD, Greg thinks it should be on our exclusion list. If we put the general term "G-Force" in the list, that covers both. Discussion on extending the "crossover rule" to cover WW Prepared cars as well as Improved. That’s approved.

Sponsorship for 1999 Regional Series - Greg was here so we asked if he’d like to sponsor our series this year as last year. He says yes. We could bug Joe to update our web page to link to Ron also asked him if he could do printed schedule cards; Jodi can get this done if someone makes camera-ready artwork for her. Sizing is such that the panels end up being a business-card size. Since Greg’s buying, he determines what schedules will be on there. Most people appreciate having all the local series included. Glen recommends that someone from the Novice program approach Kevin of Jim’s Detail.

1999 schedule: a tentative copy was distributed. It shows changes since the last version. WWSCC Event Number 3 might want to move from its conflict with the Reno Divisional, or go away. August dates moved because of the Boise Divisional. Discussion of the second Novice school, which conflicts with Boise. McKamey schools are booked for June 4/5/6, potentially 3 of each Phase I and Phase II.

GOO: Divisional Series results are available.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.