Notes from the NWR Solo Meeting of 1/13/98:

Visitors: Dan Woodman (BMW M3 last year; 944 this year).

NWR Board: Race has their information seminar 1/31 and "Superschool" 3/14-15, for those interested in getting a racing license. Details are in the NWSCN. One of the Directors at Large, Mike Lawler, has taken on the responsibility of Member Relations. He is responsible for having someone (himself or another Director at Large) personally contact new members after they have received their welcoming letters from the Region and their venue of interest. Those whose memberships lapse will also be contacted. Mike led a similar program very successfully for SFR. About 80 people have signed up for the Region awards banquet, to be held at Emerald Downs next weekend.

Budget: All outstanding bills have been paid. The bill for year-end awards has not been received. The cost of mailings and the facility for the banquet will be split with WWSCC after the bills are paid; Bud will submit an itemized bill to WWSCC. The expense for the Teddy Bear Patrol was questioned. This was the charity for the National Tour this year; the money was raised from the silent auction and door prize tickets. A joint presentation by SCCA and BEAC didnít materialize, so Solo sent our check with a cover letter of explanation.

Equipment Report: Jodi asked if SCCA has a large loudspeaker that they arenít using and would be willing to sell to BSCC. No one seemed to know for sure. Suggested she talk to Ron for SCCA or Doug Braun for BEAC.

Novice Program: Cindi Bell asked for input on what has worked well and suggestions to improve the novice program. Ideas: identify people who can help and answer questions at the drivers meeting and encourage questions; have some way to spot these people when you need them (hat, badge, etc.); have a dedicated novice helper at registration; have a midday novice orientation session; explain how to work course and provide diagram that shows cone penalties (we already have this as a handout); give a discounted membership for novice sportsmanship award instead of a prize; make sure Novice Handbooks are handed out to new novices (didnít get done much last year); make a double-sided handout at registration with the basic information. Other ideas to help event administration included: have something to explain classes; leave registration open longer to answer questions; have schedules available. Cindi is still formulating her plan for the novice program and would like input.

Coneheads: Jodi talked to Angela; everything going smoothly. About 90 signups so far.

McKamey School: Article in Jan. issue of NWSCN; registration will be in Feb. issue. Joe G. suggested putting the registration form on the web page after people have had a chance to receive the newsletter.

Tour and Pro: Gretchen has a decided on most of her chiefs; still needs a worker chief. Dave Bell to do NT course and needs a helper. Joe needs helper for Greg for Pro course (Dan Woodman volunteers). Joe also needs worker chief and a couple of others. Joe is doing a series of articles for the newsletter to explain the Pro concept. Some ideas for Tour/Pro week are karts in Fife and Gameworks. Also hope to provide information about things to do and see for people who donít want to do organized activities. Suggestion to contact Denver regions and see how many people might stay the whole week. Brianne requested information from Grey Line but didnít receive material; has asked again. Brianne volunteers to be the activity focal.

Scoring Program: Bill B. has been doing it himself but has a lot farther to go. He would like help from someone who is intimately familiar with MS Access.

Schedule: SFR and SRR divisionals are tentatively scheduled and the preliminary schedule was passed around for review and comment. Comments should go to Mike. Fordahl Motorsports volunteers to print tri-fold schedule with SCCA, BSCC and WWSCC events.

Car Show: The Corvette and High Performance car show is coming to the Puyallup Fairgrounds Feb 7-8. Val asks again for volunteers (and gets some commitments) to help promote SCCA and Solo. This is a good opportunity to recruit.

Series Supplements: Preliminary copies of the Regional Series supplemental regulations were distributed. Recent decisions regarding passengers and double entries are included. Supplements will be finalized at the next meeting; bring comments/corrections.

Street Touring Class: The new-for-í98 Street Touring regional class which is included in the 1998 Rule Book will cause confusion with our Street Tire class (and probably Street Mod and Street Prepared, too). Suggestion to print a brief explanation of each on the back of the timing cards. Also, timing cards need to be modified to make entering class clearer. Do we want to add some allowances to our regional sups (e.g., headers, chips)? Greg: all the cars heís seen have had these mods. Someone else: since class will compete at Tour and Pro, we shouldnít make changes. Make proposals, if any, at next meeting.

Formula Junior: Another regional class, this for 5hp karts. Primarily designed for 12-15 year olds, but thereís no age limit. Raman, as kart king, should honcho this too.

Next meeting: February 10th.