Solo Committee meeting


In attendance:

Dick Willy , Bud Bohrer, Tim Irwin, Scott Miller, Doug Mikko, Tasha Mikko, Keith Brown, Ron Bauer, Karl Coleman, Amy Coleman, Tim Stake, Annie Gill, Laurie Hyman, Eric Hyman, Charly Spyksma, Scott Miller, Charles Aggenbach, Brett Wilson, Val Korry, Alyson Bauer, Chip C., Kit Gauthier, Jessy Gauthier, Stephen Hui, Geoff Clark


January minutes were approved


NWR report – Dick did not make last meeting

WWSCC – Voting in Feb. for rules proposals

                                Similar class shifting with respect to street tires

                                Bring council in line with SCCA with respect to income tax

NORPAC – Divsional Solo steward (Keith Brown) is now “divisional solo coordinator” – focus on helping regions with program, best practices, etc. Most regions in NORPAC already have good programs. National will be paying for most of cost of Nat. convention expenses, would like ~$500 to cover other expenses.


Treas. Report – finished with $2800, have about $2400 now after event 1 and novice school costs, slightly lower than 2012.


No Drift report


Old Business

Backup power – Gabe has equipment at his house. Generator is currently missing, may be in trailer at Packwood or hidden in bus.

Generator does not seem to be working properly under load, will test with another generator repair shop.



Tires – Tight N Tidy may be the cheapest, tires range from 800 (Kumho) - 1400 Michelin, Mich. Is highest rated. Tight N Tidy will do mounting with some volunteer help.


Shocks – Bilsteins from TireRack $85/each + $25 shipping, T-n-T will also install with volunteer help


-- Motion made to buy Michelin’s and shocks.


Question came up about buying newer bus instead of nearly $2000 for tires and shocks

Window seals leak

Outside door panel delaminated

Drivetrain is in good shape, chassis worn


Need to fix body issues if we keep current bus


Committee formed to investigate bus options

Tim Stake

Eric Hyman

Charles Aggenbach

Ron Bauer

Mike Leuty (appointed)


Farmtech timing

                No problem setting up to emulate Race America

                Will need special cable end to use current display

                ~$1450 + cost of timing display cable

                Another display would run over $1000

                Would not be a problem to switch over to new display later

                Equipment will be ordered


AED battery and pads need replacement, $375 for new AED battery and pad

-- motion approved to purchase


Keith Brown would like $500 to cover the costs of attending national convention that are not being covered by National.

-- Up to $500 approved to help cover Keith’s national convention costs


Packwood improvement club having crab fundraiser dinner January 18, motion was brought up to provide gift cards or other suitable gifts to help keep the region in favor in Packwood.

                -- $100 donation to raffle, Karl and Amy will choose prize


Question of when the fire extinguishers last serviced -- Eric Hyman will check.


Dick Willy has radios and will check functionality


March 15th - Torque Steerer’s / SCCA ladies day @ Emerald downs needs volunteers – see Tasha Mikko

                SCCA will donate use of timing equipment as trial run for new equipment


Heyward Wagner looking to improve national communications. Annie is local contact for that.



Proposal to update STU/NS4/NS5 classing to balance classes

                -- Much discussion ensued on merits of various drivetrains in various weather conditions

-- All options presented failed

-- Existing ST classing remains same for 2014


Street & Street R classing - passed

                Switch stock classes (S*) to “street”

                Create indexed race tire class (Street R)

                Create Non-stock street tire class

                Open street tire class is removed


Clarify rules on Alcohol / drugs onsite – passed

Clarify, restrict personal transportation devices in grid – passed

Sound rule revision – 98db limit -- passed


GTR in Super Street – passed

Trophies –

Amendment made to restore language for trophies at all events

Remaining rule to enforce budget for tropies – passed

                -- There will be a budget for event trophies


Discussion on using 2013 pax for 2014

                Classes are different than 2013 classes

                Wheel width/diameter will also change indexes

                Rain issues / PAX fairness

                -- 2014 pax values will be used


Karl Coleman presented the “Block Rocker” karaoke / amplifier system as a possible alternative to the PA system. Often the PA is the biggest source of noise at the event.

                -- system is capable of receiving FM, using local microphone, and aux-in

                -- system runs off of a rechargeable battery, someone would have to maintain the batteries between events

                -- at $169 / ea, the quality is not as good as the Peavey speakers, but several could be purchased to cover grid and pit areas.


Voted to purchase 2 “Block rockers”. Karl will purchase




                Keith and Kristi Brown are stepping down as banquet chairs. Thank you for your many years of service in that role.