SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 1/13/09

Members in Attendance – Gretchen Everett, Amy and Karl Coleman, Mike Leuty, Glenn Austin, Bud Bohrer, Val Korry, Charles Aggenbach, Keith Brown, Russell O’Connell, Jackie McInnes, Joel Ferguson, Dieter Beldi, Jerry Lamb.

Minutes Review – Minutes were approved with one change. Kelley Picasso will be staying on as the WW treasurer for 2009.

Drift Report – Not a whole lot going on right now.  Russell is starting to recruit people for key positions for next year. He is working on getting appropriate volunteers to cover as “drift” safety stewards.  So far, four people have been approved. Sean Medcroft is working on purchasing the helmets that were approved in December.  They still need to purchase the radios that were discussed last year.  After researching the options, they found some that are $30 a pair.  They would like to buy four pairs.  A motion was made and approved to spend a total of $150.  Drift events for 2009 will continue to run in conjunction with Solo BMP events.  They may also be able to piggy-back with a few other clubs. They are planning on running a novice school the same day as the Solo Novice school.

Board Report – No report, Dick was not able to attend the meeting.  Val did let the group know that Howard Duncan will be attending the NWR Convention.  John Forespring will be replacing Kevin Dietz as Board Member at Large for the remainder of the term.

Treasurer’s Report – No information presented. Lou Ann was not present.


WWSCC Report – Coneheads banquet is on Saturday.  The first event of the slush series will be February 8th at BMP.  The next event will be on February 22nd by TS, and the final event will be sponsored by ACE and held on March 8th.  Online registration is currently open for the first event.  Keith recapped the rules proposals that were voted on last month.  The rule regarding unaudited results being posted prior to the start of the second run did not pass as written.  There was a revision made and the rule is back again for review.  The following wording has been added:  The rules steward (should be event steward) may be able to override this rule based on equipment failure or if acts that may occur beyond the control of the administration happen.  After a discussion, the group felt this rule had too many loopholes and it was not strong enough to force the wording “must” onto each club.  The new motion did not pass.  A round of applause was given to Keith and Kristi for all of their work to organize the Coneheads banquet. Zane Kenney has volunteered to be the 2009 WW secretary. Kudos to Zane!




Packwood Lighting – Dick received the invoice and sent a copy to the Oregon region, so hopefully they will pay their fair share.


AED Training – Keith has spoken with four separate organizations.  The cheapest one does not do AED training.  The fire department will provide FREE CPR training, but people MUST live within the area the fire department exists.  Red Cross was the most expensive at $55 per person with a maximum of 10 people per class.  The American Heart Association has a four hour class for 15 people with AED and CPR training for $600.  American CPR 10 people $470, plus an initial fee of $100.  Any additional people would be $47 a piece.  The Life Saver training group has a four hour class for 10 people for $355– any additional people would be $39 each.  Kristi has taken the training through Life Saver and thought the class was good. It seems that the Life Saver Class is the best way to go.  We need to determine who will be attending the class.  The group agreed that we should start by offering positions to the SSS. Gretchen will contact our group and find out who is interested.  Then we can fill in the remaining slots with any additional key people who are interested.




New Solo Treasurer – Since Lou Ann has been elected as the region treasurer, she will no longer be able to cover Solo as well.  Kristi Brown has volunteered to take over her position.  Thanks go out to Kristi Brown!!! A motion was made and approved to vote Kristi into this position.


2009 Chiefs – Events Chairs for 2009 – The following people have volunteered:


April 4th (Novice School/BMP) – Need volunteer

April 5th (BMP) – Need volunteer

April 25th (Packwood) Core Workers Practice – Need Volunteer

April 26th – Enrique Garcia

May 16th (Packwood) Pro Solo – Keith and Kristi Brown

May 17th (Packwood) – Karl and Amy Coleman

May 24th (BMP) – Need volunteer

June 20th (Packwood) Pro Solo – Need volunteer

June 21st – Joel Ferguson

July 5th (BMP) – Need volunteer

August 22nd & 23rd (Packwood) – Need volunteers

October 4th – Ron Bauer


Specialty Chiefs - Need Chief of Waivers, Stock Chief of Timing, NS Chief of Registration (Jackie thinks that the Mikkos may interested in taking this position), Chief of Novice, Chief of Equipment.  The secondary issue in this situation is since Brian and Jess will not be Chief of Equipment, we will also need to get the bus off of their property, and come up with a place to store it for 2009.


SSS Training/NWR Convention – There will be a training class held at the NWR Convention on Saturday January 31st.

The cost will be $15 for those that are interested in attending only the SSS Training section of the convention.  A motion was made and approved to cover the cost of $15 for each of the volunteers up to 10 people that will be attending specifically for the purpose of receiving their license to cover Sol events.  These people will not be able to eat of the goodies during breaks, or attend any of the additional seminars.


Annual Waiver/Hard Card - Some people have received correspondence from National office explaining this new program.  Bud is concerned that competitors with “race licenses” or “corner workers” will not be expected to pay the $10 fee for this card.  Bud spoke with Howard Duncan regarding this specific situation a couple of years ago.  Bud feels this is another way for the club to subsidize the racing program which offends him tremendously.  Bud has written a letter to Howard Duncan addressing the situation, and hopes that it will be discussed at the Convention. Several in the group felt it was not inappropriate for the race “corner workers” to receive this benefit for free since they work extremely hard and receive no payment. 


Dash Plaques – In 2007 we purchased 100 for each event.  In 2008 we purchased only 50 per event, and we still had 75 or 100 leftover at the end of the season.  We tried to stop producing these a couple of years ago, but everyone felt that there was not enough discussion to make that decision.  A motion was made and seconded tonight to allocate zero dollars towards this for 2009. We will no longer be producing dash plaques.


Novice Program Sponsor – A discussion was raised as to specifically what is the requirement for this sponsor. It will be important to come up with guidelines that will be completed by said sponsor.  Dick will discuss options with Jim’s Detail shop and see if they are interested in continuing in 2009.


Donations for the banquet – Full Throttle Bottles would like to donate a $5 gift certificate and a key chain for each year-end trophy winner for the 2008 season.  A few in the group felt that the banquet was not an appropriate venue for this type of advertising. Those few also felt that a general prize donated for the raffle, such as a full season entry, would be a better option.  Others in the group felt that although this was a soft form of advertising, Erika’s general intent was to provide a prize for those competitors winning trophies.  A vote was taken, and the group decided that this type of donation would be acceptable for 2008.


Meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m.