SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 1/8/2008

Members in Attendance – Gretchen Everett, Dick Willy, Mike and Carol Leuty, TJ McGeary, Val Korry, Amy and Karl Coleman, Drew Hanft, Kim Littke, Keith Brown, Jerry Lamb, Ron Bauer, Fast Mike, Russell O’Connell, Tim Monk, Mark McCooey, Kyle Freiheit, Jackie McInnes, Chris Kmetz, Lou Ann Christensen, Enrique Garcia, Dieter Beldi.

Minutes Review – Minutes were approved as written.

Board Report – Since the actual minutes were lost I cannot report exact details on this report.

Treasurer’s Report – Information was presented and discussed.


WWSCC Report – Since the actual minutes were lost I cannot report exact details on this report.



WOTY & NOTY – Since this was not discussed at the December meeting, Dick Willy sent a request out to all core workers asking for nominations.  The numbers were compiled and the awards were nominated by the votes he received back via email.


Coneheads – Everything is coming together nicely.




Election of committee chairman – An official election was held for the Solo Director and Assistant Solo Director position. Dick Willy will continue on in his position, and we would like to welcome Jackie McInnes on as his Assistant.  Thanks Dick and Jackie!


Event dates (review) – We would like to thank all of the volunteers who have volunteered to cover so many of our events in 2008.  The schedule will be as follows:


4/5       (BMP)    Novice School                Jackie McInnes & Chris Kmetz

4/6       (BMP)    Event # 1                      Jackie McInnes & Chris Kmetz

4/19      (PWD)   Pro 1                             Jerry Lamb

4/20      (PWD)   Event # 2                      Dick Willy

5/26      (BMP)    Event # 3                      Gretchen Everett & Jodi Fordahl?

6/7       (PWD)   Core worker practice      Kyle Freiheit

6/8       (PWD)   Event # 4                      Joel Ferguson

6/28      (PWD)   Pro 2                             Kim Littke & Drew Hanft

6/29      (PWD)   Event # 5                      Amy & Karl Coleman

7/29      (BMP)    Event # 6                      Enrique Garcia

8/15-17 (PWD)   NT                                Jackie McInnes & Chris Kmetz

8/18-21 (PWD)   Evo School                     Keith & Kristi Brown

8/22-24 (PWD)   Pro Solo                        Keith & Kristi Brown

8/31      (BMP)    Event # 7                      TJ McGeary

10/19    (BMP)    Event # 8                      Aaron Pailthorp?


Event fees and SCCA Weekend Memberships – A decision was made to keep our regular SCCA membership fees the same as 2007.  We will be increasing the cost of non-SCCA members by $5.00.  This means that a non-registered, non-member will be $40. 


PAX Index 2008 – A suggestion was made to change the PAX index for GS.  A discussion was held and the group felt that this would be inappropriate, so no revisions will be made.


Specialty Chiefs Needed – We are looking for volunteers to cover the following positions:


Timing – Both Stock & NS.  Kim and Drew have volunteered to cover the NS half of the day.

Tech – Stock. Dieter has volunteered to cover the Stock half of the day.

Grid – NS. Karl Coleman has volunteered to cover the NS half of the day.

Course – Chris Kmetz has volunteered to cover this position.

Course Workers - NS. TJ has volunteered for this position.


Pro Solo Series – Tight n’ Tidy has agreed to sponsor the Pro Solo Series for a total of $300.